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Olga Samonova (Mother of student Cheltenham College)

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Cooperation with the company, we started with a positive. Unfortunately, we already had a negative experience with another Russian educational company: incorrectly selected the school , and the results of the training were completely different from what we expected.

Smapse specialists immediately showed themselves to be more qualified and experienced professionals, more attentive: they quickly understood our difficult situation and took up its decision very quickly, because his son was in the UK, and the fate of his further education had to be decided here and now. The most important thing is that in selecting a school - to analyze the features and differences of each small unique student, to determine competently its merits and strengths, and here the company Smapse was on top. We did not receive such an individual approach before. It was also encouraging that the young specialists themselves have experience of studying in Britain, which means that they know firsthand all the subtleties of English education, they are personally acquainted with it and can give really qualified advice.

To transfer to a new schoolSmaps we have formed a list of requirements from the educational institution, as well as wishes and recommendations from the experts personally, and we did everything exactly, this list was very useful to us. We are completely satisfied with the professionalism of the employees, their readiness to work, easy communication and productivity of the process.

We think that in the future we will continue our cooperation with this company, thank you!

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