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Ananyev A.V. (Father of student Cheltenham College)

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Our cooperation with Smapse began exactly one year ago, in October 2015: we wanted to leave your feedback even earlier, but we decided to make sure that our assessment was correct and wait until October 2016.

Our son from September 2013 studied at the English school and was to finish the 8th grade. But alas, something went wrong: our attempts to address our primary educational agent and somehow change the situation did not yield anything. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the company we chose initially is very, very large and they simply can not follow every incoming student, his progress and comfort. And maybe, for them the main thing is to arrange the admission of a new student and get his commission from the school, who is going to figure it out.

The appeal to Smapse turned out to be very successful already from the very first visit: the dialogue was established very quickly, the specialists immediately understood our situation, joined the work and quickly picked up the strategy for solving our problems. They were pleasantly surprised by their indifference and speed. We decided that the 8th grade son would finish at another English school. Together with the specialist Smapse, for more than one hour, they chose a new school for us, and finally settled on the 3 most suitable options. Smups promptly found out all the details, clarified all the requirements of schools, conducted tests for our son - and after analyzing the results we were able to finally stop at a beautiful school atCheltenham College .

Thanks to Smapse for your professional work and invaluable help in difficult situations!

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