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Maria T. (Mom Sophia, female students Cottesmore School)

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My child went abroad for education with the help of Smapse, studying at Cottesmore School. Of course, at first it was very scary and exciting: the daughter was only 8 years old, and at this age to leave alone to a foreign country ... But she adapted very quickly: she calls often, her voice is cheerful, she talks about the new school and friends in awe. We visit her every vacation, and on summer it will fly to us. However difficult it may be for us, we understand that good (namely, British) education is a gift for her future.

The school was chosen as a wonderful one: on the one hand, there is a strict discipline, constant supervision of children, a 24-hour guarded closed territory (Cottesmore School - boarding school, that is, children and study, and live on campus). On the other hand, the teachers are very friendly, patient, tactful: they explain how the daughter says, it's interesting, they always arrange games, skits, songs, so that the children do not get tired.

Thank you to Smapse for the professional organization of our studying abroad! I myself could not have done it right, and the guys helped me to choose and arrange everything, and provided significant psychological support: they told me about other students (including younger children), showed testimonials and photos - if everyone succeeds, then we will !! Thank you!

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