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Robert N. (Father Nicole, students Haileybury School)

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With Smapse , we collaborated when we arranged for the eldest daughter to travel to study in England . Of course, at first it was scary, it seemed that all this was complicated and expensive - but we liked the approach of the consultants very much. We did not immediately begin to impose any services and advertise some schools - we listened to what we want, what we appreciate, what we would like to see in school, what kind of education a girl is planning to receive in the future, and only then began to look at options.

Great Britain we preferred right away - well, where else are the best schools located ? At this quality education is really not a pity money. Smapse us also helped to collect and prepare all the documents (some we translated directly from them, there is an additional service), even wrote to the consulate and booked us tickets. They were very surprised that all the help they receive from them is free, usually in educational agencies it's quite expensive: they explained to us that the company works as a partner and not as an intermediary, therefore, it does not take a commission from customers. This really saved tens of thousands of rubles, an approach unusual for Russia.

Let's say a little about the school Haileybury School, because in general we are satisfied with the choice and can recommend it. We like that it is a classical boarding school with its own rules and regulations, mandatory form, strict discipline and rules of conduct: after all, when you send a child abroad for a long time (and a minor daughter, passes a program for GCSE middle classes), you want to be confident in Its security. We regularly receive electronic reports on her behavior and academic performance, teachers' recommendations, so that we can be calm. The only thing, the daughter does not particularly like the Sunday Mass in the church (the Catholic school, and visits are mandatory) - we are a secular family, irreligious, but, after all, this is only once a week, and nobody calls for Catholicism there. The main thing is that the Haileybury School has excellent quality of teaching, comfortable conditions, good hostels and teachers.

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