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Irina S. (Mom Sonia, female student Tasis school London)

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My daughter is studying at the English school Tasis school with the help of the company Smapse : I want to express my gratitude to them for organizing the trip and the entire learning process.

We definitely decided that we will study in the UK , and still leaned towards London: the daughter is very active, curious, interested in art, cinema and theater, so she wanted to give her maximum opportunities for walking around the capital , For, so to speak, cultural enrichment. We must pay tribute to the fact that the school itself organizes a lot of leisure and sightseeing activities: children constantly go somewhere, visit places of interest and famous places, shops, and constantly gather groups for this or that city event. In short, even if you are confused, teachers and educators will find you a lesson.

The daughter of the school is comfortable: despite the fact that there are almost no Russians (but I generally think that it's good for the development of English), she communicates with a bunch of guys, made new friends - in the school report The teachers note her friendliness and activity. In general, reports are an indispensable thing, we would have to introduce this in Russia on a permanent basis: it prescribes not only progress and behavior, but also the recommendations of teachers, educators, sports coaches, comments on the child, advice on future development. I'm very happy with the pedagogical approach in school - Smapse have chosen for us a great option, so I say thank you.

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