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Eugene Sh. (Student Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle, 18 years old)

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I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Smapse for the well-organized training!

I took the Abitur course at an excellent prestigious school Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle : I needed Abitur , since I want to continue my education at a German university in Berlin, and this exam is the most Simple and reliable way for admission. The gymnasium justified all my expectations: it is very thoughtful, attentive and persistent education, the Germans are traditionally pedantic - "to eat" and it was simply impossible to get lazy at us, every day we studied a large layer of information on different subjects. Excellent training program in foreign languages: I took Russian as a foreign language, I have been learning English for a very long time, all basic training is conducted in German, and additionally as an elective I took Spanish - it turned out that it is not difficult at all and very beautiful, pleasant in pronunciation. For admission it was necessary to pass the exam for knowledge of German - I was worried if my knowledge would be enough, but the happiness that I applied to Smapse in advance, even before joining Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle: we chose summer courses for me, affordable and very Effective. Thanks to this preparation, I passed the test almost perfectly - I was surprised that everything went so smoothly and even easily.

Smapse, thanks! If you want to study abroad - contact this company, just recommend it to all friends and acquaintances! And summer courses, and foreign schools, and universities - specialists are engaged in everything, so you can be sure that you will be picked the right option.

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