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Sergey V. (Father of Nikita, a student of 16 years old)

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The program IB was selected for training in the private Buckswood school: we plan to receive a son in a foreign university, but we have not yet decided which country. We bow to Switzerland , since business schools there are some of the best in the world. Specialist Smapse in this case advised to choose the IB course, because it is accepted in all countries of the world, after all, the international baccalaureate.

The program is rather complicated, all subjects are studied in depth - both compulsory and optional. The son chose foreign languages ​​and the economy - in the future he will help with admission. At first I complained about a huge number of homework assignments, but then I got used to it, but now I'm one of the best in the class. We believe that such academic rigor is good: the students do not mess around and truant, but are diligently engaged, because they will also have an independent work in the university.

The Buckswood campus is beautiful, children have everything they can wish for. In his spare time, his son plays football, mastered tennis and golf. You can take individual lessons, do more professionally (which we do). Nikita feels very comfortable: the school has a lot of foreigners (he said, more than half), so there is no language barrier or lack of restraint. Teachers treat everyone with equal care and affection, do not distinguish between strong and weak, on the contrary, the lagging children themselves are drawn to leaders. In general, the atmosphere is very warm, friendly, almost family: the director of all students knows by name and by name, is always ready to talk and help with friendly advice. I sent a lot of photos from the hostel - of course, no comparison with the Russians: everything is clean and new, very cozy, in moderation is spacious! For our part, we are very pleased that with the children there are always either teachers or educators - we are confident in the safety of our son, we keep in touch with the administration, we receive full reports on his progress.

In a word, and the chosen Buckswood school, and the work of Smapse, which helped us from and to, is excellent! After entering the university, we turn to them - it's true, most likely, it will not be a British university, so we will choose.

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