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Ekaterina Avilova (Student of Queen Ethelburg's College (Queen Ethelburga's College))

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The Queen's College of Ethelburgs I chose to take the A-level course: I used to go to study and language summer courses abroad , so I already had something to compare with . The education system in England is not at all the same as in Russia, and it impresses me personally, that's why I planned to enter the British university.

The Queen's College of Ethelburg was pleasantly surprised, yet how! The incredible size and beauty of the campus, which seems to have everything at all! Pools, riding arenas, shooting gallery, park with fountains and sculptures, football fields - everything! And what are clean and modern rooms in the hostel here! At the same time, most buildings are very old, teachers know their history well and often tell interesting historical facts - it's very pleasant to study in such a situation, you immediately feel yourself at least a student of Hogwarts!

The A-level course is quite complicated, but I chose for myself familiar and interesting subjects to me, so this complexity only stimulates to do more. A huge library, teachers and a computer class are very helpful.England children do a lot of self-study, there is no such constant cramming and retelling of textbooks as in Russia.

I say thanks to the company Smapse , which organized my trip. Very qualified, professional specialists: never was such that they did not know the answer to my question. They helped to collect all the documents, apply to the school, kept in touch during the flight and during the stay - while they do not have this usual huge commission for enrollment, they spend it generally free of charge (apparently working with schools directly). I rate five and I can recommend to friends!

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