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Anastasia and Eugene Smelov (Parents of Daniel's son, 17 years old)

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After we decided to send the child to the British university , the task was to prepare it competently for admission - a school with an English bias and language courses (even abroad) is good , But a full stay in an English-speaking country is quite another matter.

Our child was still in school, and Smapse specialists (they asked them on the advice of friends) immediately advised us about the A-level course. It's something like a senior class, only training is more complex and in-depth, and subjects choose yourself. Plus, the A-level certificate is very much appreciated, and the child, most likely, does not even have to pass the entrance exams.

Chosen together with specialists Smapse Cambridge Tutors College : reviews are excellent, high place in the national rating, beautiful photos (looked directly on the site of Smaps), and near London. Long received a British visa, it was not so simple - but here thanks to Nikolai from Smapse, who constantly explained the difficult moments, helped to make out the documents. The company, surprisingly, conducts enrollment and admission free of charge, unlike their Russian counterparts setting large commissions.

The son is very pleased with his studies and the chosen college: although it is difficult for him (they teach him conscience, walk, or not be lazy), but he has become much more confident in his English and knowledge. Now it's exactly possible to enroll in an English university!

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