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Oleg and Ksenia Radogovy (Parents of Diana Radogova, 11 years old)

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When we were choosing a foreign school abroad for the daughter, we decided to looked through all the rankings to choose the best. SMAPSE specialists helped a lot: they know everything about educational institutions abroad, there are a lot of opinions, photos, etc. We chose The Queen's College of Ethelburg.

The daughter was a little afraid of the language barrier, but there were so patient teachers, attentive attitude, that in a couple of weeks she did not experience any difficulties. The campus is beautiful, excellent living conditions - she constantly sends photos. Photos do not fully convey the entire scale of the institution. 

The territory has its own stable, gyms, swimming pools, sports fields. For children there are rest rooms, play areas.

The program is quite complex - but we see that the daughter is doing well, the college constantly sends detailed reports with her educational success to email. We are really happy chosen the school for our daughter. Now, she wants to continue her education abroad. 

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