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Valentine. Visa to the UK on your own. (University student)

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Well, I decided to share my experience in obtaining a visa INDEPENDENT in the UK for the second time.

After receiving a visa withg SMAPSE I decided to try it myself. 

To begin, we fill in the electronic questionnaire. And it's better to specify your e-mail correctly, with a small letter. You receive the secret code and don't understand where it'll be needed. We print out the questionnaire and put a signature on the last sheet. It seems to be simple. But not everything is simple, that is difficult. Next, the website will offer to set the date and time of submission of the application. By that time all the pieces of paper will have to be collected already! What papers? But these: link to UK visa requirements. Print this online confirmation. We prepare the paper carefully and bring the originals together with photocopies. In addition, the documents should be translated into English. Contacts of professionals: translators from Russian into English .

On translated papers it is necessary to write to whom it was translated and the date / time of this translation. Also, you need to provide some more additional documents. The guys from SMAPSE can answer what is needed.

We also carry my 3.5 * 4.5 photo on a light background. 

Take all the documents to the visa center. In addition, you need to provide biometric data. It's fingerprints and a digital photo. After 5 to 28 days you will receive the results. A letter with congratulations will come to your e-mail.

Then we take away the documents ... although nobody will refund you any money for the fees, but you will still take the check ... they will demand it. All such stuff must be completed in 3 months before the departure date.


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