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Valentine. Visa to the UK on your own. (University student)

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Want to fly to the UK? Aye, yes for the visa!

Well, I decided to share my experience in obtaining a visa INDEPENDENT in the UK for the second time.

After receiving a visa from by Smaps , I decided to try it myself. In addition, I used to play in English and, in principle, I did not have any experience.

To begin, we fill in the electronic questionnaire. We write everything as it is ... you will deceive, you will remain in Russia to beat the bucks! And it's better to specify your box (black) correctly, because your (with a small letter, because you are many, and the UK visa center, respectively, one), the secret code will come there, we do not know where, and it may still be needed. We print out the questionnaire and put an autograph of Shainsky on the last sheet! While everything is simple. But not everything is simple, that is difficult. Next, the site will offer to set the date and time of submission of the application. We do this at ease and fun, but considering that by that time all the pieces of paper will have to be collected already! What papers? But these:link to UK visa requirements. Print this online confirmation. We prepare the paper carefully and bring the originals together with photocopies. In addition to the money thrown out for a photocopier, you will need to fly into a penny, since the documents should be translated. Translate naturally to English! And not at home with a dictionary, but a professional should do it. Contacts of professionals in their field:translators from Russian into English .

On translated papers it is necessary to write that for the bird this translated and the date / time of this translation. At this our English friends do not stop and ask to bring some more accompanying papers ... what? I do not understand! I can not answer! But the guys from Smaps can. Ask them.

We also carry our photo card! Only not from your birthday or the wedding of a neighbor, but as on a passport! And you need a freshman! It is better to go and take a picture ... on a light background. Without grins and 3.5 * 4.5!

Now stomping into the visa center! You'll come earlier, you'll snap semachki on the street ... what if you're late, it's not indicated, but it's better not to experiment .. with you grabbed a passport that still acts with clean pages in the number of two, a questionnaire with a photograph and, of course, Of the appointment. Not tomorrow's or yesterday's expired!

You ask me about the amount of the visa fee - it's like the weather, when you pay, then you will know ... Today, the ruble rate is this, tomorrow is a shakoy .. I think it came out 150 bucks for tourism for half a year.

Biometric parameters are also needed from you. Despite the strange combination of the words "biometric parameters", everything is rather unpretentious .. it's fingerprints and a digital photo. After all that between you was (you and the visa center) you are patient, if you are patient, or impatient, if you are impatient WAIT! You can wait as long as you like, more precisely from 5 to 28 days, of course, workers. And only then a letter with congratulations will come to your e-mail box (if you gave all the same correctly)! "We congratulate very much, but we will not give a visa" or "we congratulate and give you a visa".

Then we take away the documents ... although nobody will refund you any money for the fees, but you will still take the check ... they will demand it .... And all these fine deeds-delishcha should be turned this way for 3 months before the date when you want to set foot on the land of the kingdom!

And, of course, where do you carry these documents, and then where do you get them from? I served in Moscow, so here's the address of the UK Visa Application Center in Moscow: 2 Syromyatnicheskiy lane 1(see on the map)

The nearest metro is Kurskaya or Chkalovskaya. How to get from the metro station Kurskaya see on the map

How to get from the metro station Chkalovskaya look on the map

[ 999.40]

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