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Andrei R. Review of studies in England (Manager)

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At the language courses in London, I studied at the Frances King School , which is next to the Gloucester Road subway or South Kensington. Lived in the same district in the student residence.

Road to school

The road from the residence to the school took me about 20-30 minutes on foot. It was possible to go by bus, but he had to wait, then he was in a traffic jam, so it did not turn out much faster. By the standards of London - it's very, very, very close. When later I entered the university and lived in a rented apartment, it took me an average of 2 hours a day to spend an average time.


The residence can not be occupied by those who are under 18 years old. Therefore, if you do not have 18, then you have to live only in the family, well, or you can choose a boarding school, for exampleAbby College London . Here pupils study and live in the same building. You can still live on the school campus. Such small houses designed for groups of students, but in London there are no such. For example, one of the most worthy colleges of such a plan isQueen Ethelburgs College , located in York.
So, I lived in an English student dorm. Of course, this will never be compared to our Soviet hostels. Here at the entrance there is a reception. On the sides weigh plasma TVs, talking elevators, which we have in good business centers set. In the basement there is a laundry room with washing machines and dryers, and a small gymnasium.

Each floor of the hostel is a long corridor carpeted with carpet, on each side of which are rooms. Also on the floors are common rooms - common rooms. There they are going to talk to the students, watch tv. The rooms, of course, in the residence were tiny. Each room had 2 beds, two tables with chairs, two closets, a shower room with a toilet and a sink. The residences have their own rules. It is not allowed to have a friend or girlfriend stay at your place for a night. After 12 nights, there should be no stranger in the rooms. If you want someone to stay, pay, like in a hotel. Although, even if someone remains, it is unclear where he will sleep. Places negligible! Also, in addition to the bedroom and the room, there is also a kitchen at the disposal of students. The kitchens are not bad and are designed for 3 small rooms or for 6 people. In the refrigerator, the shelves are numbered and each student knows where-what-who.

My roommate was an Italian, about 30 years old. A good guy and we quickly became friends. He was my guide to London life. It seems to me that in the first 2 weeks I met all the Italians living in the district. They were students, doctors, restaurant managers, models, and so on. Actually it was cool and interesting. In general, all this atmosphere has to constant communication, new acquaintances. People here quickly enter your life, but also quickly out of it and go out. At schoolFrancis King was in many ways a good and carefree time. Learn the language, get to know different people from all over the world. You walk, you play football. 10 years have passed since that time, and I am still friends with some guys from France, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan.

Sports in London

Before moving to England, I was worried about how I would play sports: playing football, going to the gym. I can reassure everyone who worries. Here the sport culture is developed at the highest level, football fields are indoor and outdoor, artificial and natural in parks for all who it only may want. Gyms of any level, tennis courts, hockey grounds, horse riding, rugby and much more. Here the veloped movement is developed, the run is promoted. It is absolutely normal to meet running in the central London quarters disguised as a sports office clerk.

Restaurants, cafes, prices

They say that England is expensive. Yes dear, but again, depending on what to compare. Earlier, when the pound was at the level of 50 rubles, it was not even bad. The bus ride cost 2 pounds, a day card for all public transport - 5. To eat in McDonald's about 6 pounds, in the coffee house - 7-10.
The cafe in London is my weakness. I can not write about my favorite Pret a Manger. Before, after, during class, it's a sin not to go to Pret and not take your favorite cappuccino with anything. Under something I understand sandwiches, rolls, baguettes, croissants, etc. If you were not there, be sure to stop by and try the Ham and Cheese croissant! It's the best croissant I've ever tasted. There are awesome salads and soups, and everything is ready, simply, lies before you on the shelves. In Moscow there is a parody of the Pret-Prime Cafe, but Prime, frankly, is worse.

When they say that there is bad food in England, I categorically disagree. So those who were in England did not eat anything there and where they were. Everything is here: Russian cuisine, Argentine restaurants, Lebanese, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Greek, and other. And in supermarkets the variety of food is enormous. Of course, it is different from ours, but there is something that is not here. There are also so-called corner shops - small shops where you can buy any small things, including SIM cards on the phone.Mobile communication in England , in my opinion, is inexpensive. And you can call abroad in general for a penny.

Transport in London

Public transport here, in my opinion, is better developed than in any other where I was. Convenient metro, buses, taxis at every corner. Their two-tiered buses (double deckers) - this is generally a miracle. You can climb to the second floor and go to admireSights of London . Everywhere at the bus stops the maps are pasted, and you can see which route the bus number is on.

At first it is not clear, but you quickly get used to it. Well, if you do not like all these buses and metros, then all London taxis are at your disposal. I'll notice that it's not necessary to be cabs, there are a lot of companies that you can use just by calling their control room. Travel by such a taxi on call will be 2 times cheaper.

Naturally, there are also car rental companies in England, if you are confident in your ability to drive on the left, you can rent a car of any kind: from small cars to charged Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini.

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