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Naina J., studied at EC New York (Architect)

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That's just about to write a review, a few months after the trip))

Once I woke up at three o'clock in the morning, I began to sort through the contacts of the group, read different information and moved from one group to another, without knowing what I was looking for, and suddenly I saw an announcement that a discount was offered for study in New York. I left my room and fell asleep. Here is the link tothe group of the company of SMASS . There are a lot of interesting things to learn abroad, although all the information is also on the site.

The next day the manager called me, he informed me about the conditions and told about the EC school in New York , I became interested and decided to take a risk, paid for my studies, especially without checking anything and thought that if it was a chance, it would all work out)) So it all happened, just before the flight I asked the guys from SMASS to send all the coordinates of the school and flew.

I went to look for school only a week after arrival, I arrived a little earlier to see my relatives) What was my surprise when I only read there that this is the famous Times Square))

When I arrived there, I was certainly very pleased that the study that I had repaid was in the heart of the capital of the world. The school is well-known and has many branches! I was happy!

Of course, there were complications:

  • Making insurance in the school
    To begin training in the EU language center , the mandatory requirement was the availability of insurance. It was possible to have either your own insurance, or to arrange school insurance. I needed to pay for it urgently, since without it I was not allowed to start my studies, and since it was expensive on the spot, a representative of the SMASS company very quickly organized it for me and sent it in electronic form, for which I am very grateful to him !!!
  • Misunderstandings with the number of hours of instruction
    I paid for a month for 20 lessons per week (group classes). But when I arrived, I was given a timetable for only 15 lessons per week. Naturally, I was puzzled why I was cut off my paid watch. It turns out, as it turned out, the school reduces the number of lessons, if the group is less than 7 people. During my arrival, the group did not get more than 7 people, and therefore the school automatically assigns the group the status of "mini" and in such groups the classes are considered more intensive, so the school has the right to reduce the number of lessons. In solving all the issues, I was assisted by a representative of the SMASS, he also negotiated with the school administration. Yes, the first week had to deal with a reduced schedule, but from the second week the number of lessons increased.

The obvious advantages of language learning in the United States:

  • Teachers, students and Level of teaching
    Everything was at a very good level. The place itself was inspiring to study! I'm very glad that I got by accident on this site and went to study. Now I dream of going back to school, only for a few months! Thank you very much, it was unforgettably and more efficient a thousand times than if I had studied in Russia, because there it is still supported by practice at every step!

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