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Andrei R. Review of the trip to the United Arab Emirates (Manager)

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I was in the Emirates a sufficient number of times, and I had an impression about this country, which I would like to share. A couple of times I came there for work and several times just for tourism: with friends and with my wife. I like the UAE, and most importantly, I feel comfortable there. But, in addition to the obvious advantages and advantages of the country: skyscrapers, sparkling and shiny, expensive cars, luxury yachts, I would like to talk about my personal experience, which goes beyond the boundaries of common stereotypes and glossy landscapes.

For me, the most comfortable months in the Emirates are October, November, March. The UAE is first of all good because it takes 5 hours to fly from Moscow without interchanges, and I managed to get tickets for inexpensive tickets (for $ 250 dollars both ways). Fly is better not to rest in the summer. It's very hot there, about 40 degrees.

Taxi in the Emirates

As I said earlier, I In general, like the Emirates. The scale of the buildings, the huge shopping malls, restaurants, skyscrapers, the sea. All this is beautiful, cool. Everything is large here. But, there are many "BUT" when you get to know more closely with "emissaries". The country is Muslim and, accordingly, the laws and traditions here are also Muslim. If Dubai is considered the most tourist place and here all more or less evropezirovanno, then coming out a little for its side-altars or a little after driving away from the center here everything will be impregnated with a real oriental aroma. What I mean? Let's start with a taxi. This is the most popular form of transport in the country and, as in Moscow, taxi drivers are mostly citizens of the near abroad, so you will not find taxi drivers in the UAE either. Do not confuse. Arabs here are at least wealthy people. Local drivers are usually Pakistanis. With fucking English. The travel here is on the counter, and they gladly hire you on a long route.

Beaches in the UAE

We go further. Beaches. Of course in Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are well-equipped city beaches with restaurants, running tracks, locker rooms and sports facilities. There are a lot of foreigners here and in principle everything is available. But. Let's say you are not on the central city beach near the expensive areas. Suppose you are in Sharjah, Ajman, Russellheim and, suppose you are a girl. If you are located somewhere on the city beach in your best swimsuit, wait for the gathering of the public in your honor. Remember Emirates - this is a Muslim country. Muslims do not walk in bathing suits and do not particularly expect the same from you. Also, dear girls, well, you will delay with your short shorts. Well, make life easier for yourself and your men. If someone does not pay any attention to you, or can direct his enthusiastic gaze to your ideal feet, others: ardent adherents of their culture and traditions, can displease you with a finger, resent, staring. And if you are 'lucky', then you will also collect the audience. Here it is, glory!

Ramadan. Food. Roads

As it flew to the Emirates, when they had a post. During the day (before sunset), no one eats. Hence all the consequences that follow. Food in cafes, restaurants can not be bought. All closed. The hotel can eat, in the city there, you need to wait for the sunset. So, if you came to these days to give a shopping spree, then be guided by the fact that the food will really have to "get". But with sunset everything will change. The shopping center will again look like anthills. Kafuks and restaurants will start to fry again. The food here is delicious, varied and to her I have no complaints! Portions are usually large. I note that I somehow ran into an unremarkable eatery in Ajman and chose a fish with rice and vegetables, as shown in the picture in the salted menu. The cook gave me some fresh fish to choose from, probably from the tips of my fingers to the elbow. It cost all this business of dollars 12. I finished eating it after three days at home.

By the way, here's another note that I was able to live in the emirates and in expensive hotels and cheap, and in an apartment with friends. When I was staying with friends, I was taken to the local fish market. We went for shrimp. Real, human shrimp. What we call in Russia - royal shrimps, they have so - seeds. In such markets, in addition to fish, you will also find vegetables, fruits, and drink coconut milk from freshly ground coconut. But, unfortunately or fortunately, I can not give you the smell that's there. I especially do not have fun when someone in the kitchen is cooking something fishy, ​​and then there is a fish field. In general, see for yourself :) Boats sail, then all this is thrown ashore, there it is laid out, in the same place and sold. Why not? Minimal transport, rent, no taxation.

I generally liked the system of trade in the Emirates. Humanly. In the country there are no animal transport taxes, as we do, and as a result, cars there are 2 times cheaper. In the domestic market there are barter exchanges for a number of goods. For example, old car tires from the UAE can be exchanged for rice, etc.

Another feature of the Arab Emirates, it seemed to me, is a country for car owners. There are wide expressways, crazy interchanges, multi-storey car parks. But, let's say you walk. Would you like to go out. How do you run this high-wei? Yes, they develop pedestrian zones, embankments. But while they are concentrated in the central areas. Leave a bit behind the center, and from all these skyscrapers there will be just dust in the literal sense. There are a lot of old small buildings, sand shades, the absence of sidewalks or their emitting. A lot of garbage and sand.

Tour industry of the UAE

We go further on the minuses. We were like friends in Dubai. The hotel was a travel agency, where the representative spoke beautifully in Russian. I think there and it was calculated it was all Russian. Well estessno we went there to ask the price, so to speak. Booked a fishing trip, a bus tour of Dubai and, what do you think? Correctly! Crab hunting. Just paid attention to the name and somehow all of us were attracted to it. So, under no circumstances do not go on a hunt for crabs! Clean divorce. We were told that we should wait at 12 outside the hotel. In 12 there was nobody. And at 13, too. The dusty bus pulled up at about two o'clock. We stupidly stayed 2 hours waiting in the hotel lobby. I understand that the driver drove to other hotels and collected all the people. Next 3 hours in this bus at a temperature of 30 we do not know where to go.

Crab hunting

Then, without exaggeration or understatement, I tell everything as it is. We came to a lousy three-star hotel in the middle of nowhere, and we were told to wait another hour and a half, as our boat left. Well, of course, we could not get out of Dubai for 2 hours. As you already understood, we spent 3.5 hours in expectations and drove another 3 hours. If you are ready for this, then go ahead to hunt for crabs, they are waiting! The biggest attraction of this entire trip was, probably, an abandoned plane on its way to its destination. Further disappointment swept waves.

It's already getting dark. Nerves from constant expectations handed over to all. Constantly someone in the ochered rushed to call a taxi and leave this place forgotten by God, and the fluttering aunt-guide tried to calm us and persuaded to stay. The boat sailed. It involves a man of 30. First, the previous crew was unloaded from it. This previous crew went to take off their saved vests in the allotted corner and the shoes given to them. And what would you think? Our guide told us to dress all this after other people. I recall, on the street +30, all this was not washed. Sanitation zero. There were girls who until the last refused to wear it, then from hopelessness they went to wash the sneakers with vests in the toilets. In general, we were equipped, but I never wore a vest.

We sailed in the dark for about 30 minutes. Everything around black is black, and I do not know how our "commander of the ship" was oriented there, but we confidently swam forward. Then the most interesting. We stood up. And they told us to jump out. I thought that we had to swim somewhere. But no, we jumped out, and under the feet is the earth, the water was barely on the chest, or even less. We were divided into groups of 5 people. Each group was given a lantern tied with a 5 meter rope to the boat and 2 spears per group. In general, it looked like something idiotic: 3 people pull a rope with a lantern, shine on the bottom, two plait with spears, try to "dunk" the crab, but there is no crab! Each group on either side of the boat pulls it in its direction, someone periodically screams: crab, crab! And the hunters "spit" the crab with two spears, and his tiny shell flies to pieces! What are the promised dinner of freshly caught crabs, what they promised us at the tour agency. God grant that at least one of these crabs remains a target.

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai

I will change the subject a little in the positive direction. What did you like? I liked the water park in Dubai. I think he is worthy to visit him several times. Especially it is good for the company. Here, too, you can lie and sunbathe on a deckchair near the water, as many ladies like, and it is possible and with shouts "Bl *************" to fly from the tower to the tube on the so-called inflatable pill. So, if you are a lover of active time, then take everyone's hand, and go to Wild Wadi. There is an artificial wave, where you can learn to surf, but people usually have a lot of standing in line. Inside there is a cafe, so with hungry you will not stay.

United Arab Emirates from the bird's eye view

In the Emirates, you can look at cities and landmarks from the ground, from water and air. In the next tour of the same Dubai, you can go by bus. If the budget allows, you can ride a boat, yacht, ship, go fishing. This is cool, and Dubai itself looks chic. And if you want to look at the castle of the sheikh from above, then forward to Ras Al Khaimah to fly by plane.

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