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Year-round language courses abroad - frequently asked questions

I want to study at the University of Cologne (I'm 19 years old) - where to start preparing for admission?

Most often our clients start studying in Germany with language centers and schools - this is the key factor in preparing for admission. We will help you to contact our partners and choose the best educational institution, collect documents and fill out an application, pass all the entrance examinations, get a student visa. The process of entering is multistage and takes a lot of time, but we are always in touch with you and help in solving any issues.

We are looking for a good school in Cambridge with English language courses, especially interested in the winter holidays (for a duration of 1-2 weeks). In addition to language lessons, it is necessary that the program includes excursions and recreational activities, it is desirable that the camp was attended by guys from Russia or Russian-speaking staff. What are the options for a child of 14 years old?

There are a lot of such programs on our site - only the bulk of them are conducted not in Cambridge , but in other cities and centers. Perhaps you should consider the option of learning English in a teacher's family (note the Home Language International program).

I would like to find a quality English course for adult beginners: I'm 35 years old and English has not been studied before. I would very much like to get to Ireland.

Of course, in Ireland , as in the whole of Great Britain , there are a great number of language schools and courses with programs of varying degrees of complexity - it is not difficult to choose an option for a beginner.

But we draw your attention that getting an Irish visa is quite a complicated and long process, especially for adult students. You must fully pay the entire course until the moment you apply for a visa, as well as clearly argue your desire to learn the language: that is, to indicate weighty personal and career motives, and not just "I want to teach for myself." For example, you can indicate that you plan to work in a foreign or international company, claim to be promoted, want to go abroad for a long course of study (for example, a higher or second higher education). There is also a danger that if you do not have at least basic English, then in visiting language courses in Ireland you may be refused: the visa officer may find that if you have not learned the language before, there is still no special need now. Similar problems can arise with obtaining a general British visa.

In case of refusal, you are likely to be offered to begin to visit language courses in Russia . We recommend that you learn English in more hospitable and easy to visit countries, for example, in Bulgaria or in Malta .

I want to find language courses of sufficient duration to be able to live in London. What schools and courses can you recommend, what is usually the duration of study and its cost in such cases?

Our consultants are ready to find the right educational institution and course for you. Based on your needs - you have set out them fairly clearly. For initial acquaintance and a preliminary choice you can address in section of our site, offering language schools in London . For example, we can advise you: London School of English , Hampstead School of English , Frances King London (Kensington district), OISE London , Global London College , St. Petersburg. Georges International , UIC English Central London .

We would like to choose language courses for adults (35 years) in Switzerland: French-speaking part of the country is interested, ideally - language centers at universities, I would like to start in October (if possible). The level of knowledge of French in our country, alas, is zero. Are there any variants of programs lasting from 3 months?

If you have a zero level of French - then courses at universities you can attend only in the summer, the rest of the academic programs are designed for at least an initial or intermediate level of language proficiency. You can find descriptions of several centers that we recommend for your situation: OISE Paris , LSI Montreux , Verbier Language School VLS .

We are looking for courses for my son (finishes 11 class). Need an English language program in England for the autumn holidays - preferably a week, but you can also 2 weeks.

There are many such offers! We can offer you several options for language centers and camps in different regions and cities in England : arrivals are held in October-November on Sundays, the minimum duration is just a week. For example, the ideal option is Bell St. Alban's .

Are there programs for learning English (advanced level) for a child of 15 years? Interested in the autumn vacation in London, it would be an ideal option.

In the suburbs of London is located an excellent popular international center Bell St. Alban's , OISE Newbury - there are a lot of options, you will, from which to choose. We also recommend to consider the possibility of learning English while living in a teacher's home - to study the language at an advanced level is an excellent option. Remember that a British visa is issued for at least 3 weeks, so this issue should be taken care of in advance.

My language level was rated as Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate, but I feel that until now I have not completely overcome the language barrier and I have difficulties with lexical stock of words (the vocabulary is clearly insufficient). Can I find suitable courses with such a base in Malta? Interested in two-week programs (but it can be longer), I can start in October or a little later. Are there any offers with the best combination of price and quality?

We can definitely recommend the language centers EC Malta and InLingua Malta - they are among the best in Malta and offer effective, balanced programs (including starting in September-October). Registration of a visa to Malta takes about a week and should not make any difficulties.

Do you organize training online?

Yes! Our specialist is ready to select for you a remote program with a British teacher, training is conducted via Skype.

I am a 3rd year student in Finance and Credit, studying English and German (but do not have international certificates that confirm the level of knowledge). Can I transfer and continue studying at the University of Munich?

Yes it is possible. We should start with language training - admission to universities in Germany and especially translation will require a TestDAF certificate with good points. We can arrange for you a trip to intensive German courses , we will help you collect all the documents and fill out an application.

Please advise, the language center near the sea or the ocean, with the possibility of a beach holiday! Interested in learning French, summer holidays; I'm 19 years old.

First of all, we recommend you language centers in the famous and popular resort of Antibes - a wonderful beach holiday and full language immersion you are provided! For example, Antilles atoll .

Are there English courses at Oxford University? Can a 15-year-old child study there, are there any summer programs? If this is not possible - advise, please, a good analog.

Directly Oxford as a university language courses in the summer does not organize, only hands over its premises to other institutions and language schools. Training in them is qualitative and effective, but they have no direct relation to Oxford. We can advise you the centers of Brasenose College , Bucksmore , St.Clare's Oxford , Kings Summer Oxford , Jesus College Oxford , we will highlight OISE Oxford Eynsham Hall (camp on the basis of a magnificent old mansion, almost a real castle).

I want to enroll in long English courses in Canada - for six months - two years (with living in a family). I'm 40, a citizen of Uzbekistan, a higher philological education, there are two Schengen and two American visas. How to start preparing for a trip?

You will need a long-term student visa - the process of obtaining it is quite complicated, but in your case it is possible. You must convince the consulate in the following:

  • The course you need is only available in Canada
  • You have a sufficient amount for your long studies and residency (the cost of tuition is paid in full even before the application for a visa is filed)
  • Your family (if any) will also have funds while you are away
  • In your homeland, you have a stable and reliable source of income.
What do I need to know in order to learn English in Canada?

You can see our catalog, section " Language Centers of Canada ". Please note that the process of obtaining a visa can be quite long (2 weeks - 4 months). If visa issues are too difficult for you, we can recommend courses to you in the UK , USA , Ireland or Malta - they are not inferior to Canada in terms of quality and efficiency.

What English courses in England do you recommend to consider: age - 18 years, level of English - Intermediate?

There are a lot of good and rating schools, it is devoted to a whole section of the catalog on our website. We can advise you on the excellent London centers: Frances King , OISE London , SKOLA , OISE Oxford , OISE Cambridge , Burlington School of English , UIC English London Greenwich .

I'm looking for English courses in England for adult students. Specify, please, the cost with all fees and visa costs - the program is needed for 4 weeks with accommodation and meals in the host family.

You can choose almost any city and region of the country - everywhere provided and group, and individual courses. In our section of the catalog, dedicated to language courses in England , you will find many offers and compare their cost: for your convenience we specify the number of weeks, type of residence, all additional fees and expenses.

What spring English language courses can you recommend for a 15-year-old student for a vacation? Mostly England is interested.

There are excellent effective courses for the Easter holidays: pay attention to Alexanders College , Bell St. Alban's , Sprachkafe London , Ardingly College . You can also consider year-round language centers - OISE Folkestone and many others.

I want to choose a language course in Malta for April-May - you need to learn English from scratch, for beginners.

Among the quality, proven schools we can mention InLingua Malta , EC Malta , Linguatime Malta , Chamber College Malta (Chamber College Malta). If you are just starting to learn English , choose the classic General English course: its minimum intensity is 20 lessons per week, we recommend choosing 30 lessons so that the language progress is faster and more significant. Our specialist will help you to more accurately choose the right program, focusing on your age, wishes for accommodation, academic requirements.

I plan to study French in France practically from scratch - what kind of program and school can I choose for my son (7 years old) to come with me?

Similar programs are in the center of Accord (Paris): they are designed for summer training. At any time of the year you can study English, living in a family of a native speaker-such programs are provided in many cities of France and Switzerland (where French is also very common).

What courses can you recommend for the spring break in Britain (a student of 18 years old)?

Most language schools and centers accept children from 16 years old, so you have huge opportunities to choose from! For your age, we can advise General English or Academic English. Courses are available at such reputable schools as Frances King , OISE Cambridge , OISE Oxford , OISE London ; You can also consider international colleges - St.Clare's Oxford , Bellerbys Brighton , St. Georges International, UIC English Central London , Burlington School of English , Embassy London , etc. Our specialist will be happy to find the best option for you.

I'm looking for English language courses in Malta or in the UK, the preferred duration is 2-3 months (no visa yet). I'm 26 years old, knowledge level is Pre-Intermediate. What can you advise me, what is the cost of such programs? Is there an opportunity for home schooling, with living in a teacher's family?

First you need to decide on the purpose of learning English and then choose the right program: it can be academic or business English , preparation for the IELTS or TOEFL , Professional English exams. Also, you need to choose the appropriate intensity of lessons for you (20,25,30 or more lessons per week) - the price of the course depends on these parameters. From budget options we can advise you InLingua or EC (Malta) , OISE London (UK), language colleges in England at a sufficient distance from London (this has a positive effect on the price). Home schooling in the family of the teacher you can choose in the UK and Malta, this possibility is presented quite widely - but keep in mind that its cost will be higher (since individual, rather than group, classes are organized here). On average, you can count on the cost of 1000 euros per week - this is the amount for the landmark, of course, it can vary depending on many factors. Pay attention to the program Home Language International .

In order to obtain the desired visa, you need to confirm your financial solvency and the availability of a stable source of income, to argue your desire to study English abroad in the chosen country.

I want to choose a program of studying English in England for 2 months. To me of 26 years, it is officially employed with enough high "white" salary, two higher educations. I did not get a British visa, but I constantly draw up the Schengen visa, and there were never any problems with consulates and embassies. I'm looking for an ideally mixed program: colloquial and business English, group classes in small groups and individual lessons (at least 5 a week). With regard to accommodation - the question is in comfort, not in price. Preferably the residence (separate studio with kitchen and without meals), with cleaning and linen change, ideally - the opportunity to bring guests. I can also consider the option of renting an apartment or apartment. Consult, please, on cost.

A suitable program is available in the London school of English , Hampstead School of English London : the standard version includes 10 individual and 15 group classes (classes of 6 people). In addition, you can book other programs: business English, professional English, preparation for IELTS or TOEFL and others.

Our specialist will help you find the right accommodation option based on your clear requests: standard apartments that meet your requirements cost an average of 1200-2500 pounds per week.

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