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Questions on obtaining visas for training abroad

What is the reason for the large number of denials in a British student visa? After all, many colleges and schools invite foreign students actively - is the embassy not interested in foreign students?

A visa invitation from an educational institution is , in fact, not a guarantee of obtaining a visa - the last decision is made by a visa officer. He will assess how likely you are to violate visa regulations after completing the course and during studies - for example, whether you plan to reside in the UK , work without proper authorization, etc.

Can I with your help apply for a visa for a child in Switzerland (educational, long-term) and not to come to the embassy personally?

The Swiss embassy requires a personal presence when applying for a study visa. We will help you collect and translate the necessary documents, and also record for a convenient time for the interview.

If my child studies in another country, can I get a long visa for living together with him?

Alas, visa and border services do not provide such an opportunity. You can give the child to a boarding school where he will stay and be constantly supervised by a specialist - so you can visit him at any time convenient for you (but the school recommends visiting on weekends), having received a usual tourist visa.

The exception to this rule is Great Britain . Here the parents of a child under 12 years can stay with him on the basis of a temporary long-term visa - but on the day when the student turns 12 full years, this privilege becomes invalid and the parent's visa ends.

Recently received information that if the child does not know English well (below the average), then it is impossible to obtain a student visa for the academic year: you first need to take a language course, return to Russia and only after that apply for an academic year. Is it so?

If it's a British private school , it's true. Since April 2011, the British government has established new rules (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies): a student visa for study is issued only for a specific training course in the chosen institution (this can be A-level , IB , GCSE or other programs). In this case, a visa is issued for the type of Child Visitor, and only after returning from a language course such as Child Student.

I read that if a child studies at a Swiss international boarding school, his parents receive a visa for unlimited visits to Switzerland and the Schengen area for the same period. It's true?

No, this is not possible.

Does Swiss Embassy take a passport if you issue a study visa?

If you make out the standard Permit B, then no, the passport remains with you.

Recently, a few months ago, I was refused a US visa, since my sister has been living illegally in America for several weeks. Is it worth trying to get a British visa (going to study in England) or is the probability too small?

Most likely, if you properly complete all documents and prove your reliability and legality of your intentions - the previous refusal will not become the basis for rejecting the visa application (especially since it was received from another state).

I work as an English teacher and have repeatedly accompanied groups of schoolchildren in the UK on training and vacations. Recently we gathered in a new excursion trip (three adults and six children), processed the documents through a travel agency: the documents were in the embassy for about two weeks, and just a day before the departure, there was a refusal - without any explanation. Can we appeal in this case? Can I submit documents again? Will the money come back to us?

Now all reasons for refusal are given solely in writing - this document should be based on further decision. Perhaps the visa officer was confused by your proportion of pupils and teachers. In any case, keep in mind that an appeal is a lengthy process and can take several months, which means that the travel time is inevitably to be postponed.

An exception is made for students who have received an unambiguous and solid invitation from the chosen educational institution, as well as for students who have already completed the preparatory course and have studied for at least 3 months.

How big are my chances of getting a British visa if one refusal already was? The documents were handed over on November 2, and already 16 were refused - the officer was not sure of my reliability. The thing is that at that time I did not have my bank account, I opened the current account and took money from friends. I was assured that after receiving a certificate from the bank, confirming the satisfactory state of the account, I can withdraw money (and give loans to friends). So, I filed the documents on November 2 (the money was on the account), and on November 7 I withdrew the amount and left my debt to my friends. The visa refusal is argued by the following: I opened the account on October 19 (it's true), but the money was withdrawn on October 20 - and this is a lie! What do you think that can be done in my case and is there any way to get a British visa?

If you want to get a short-term visa for departure to study - you can get a visa by correctly completing the documents and opening an account with your own funds, enclosing compelling documents. Once again, carefully read the document on the refusal of the visa: there are prescribed all the details and conditions for obtaining a visa in the future.

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