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Secondary education in private schools in England - topical questions and answers from our practice

My son goes to the 9th grade (turns 16) - we plan to transfer him to a British college, then to enter the English university. What exams await him in college and how to prepare for them? When do I need to apply to book a place?

In order to enter the English college in time and start training with the whole class, the application must be submitted in September-October of the previous year. Each college can independently establish the order and quantity of entrance examinations: these are usually tests in mathematics, English, science; They can be handed over directly to the educational institution, the British Council office and the accredited centers in Russia. Examinations are held from October to February, of course, the students are informed in advance. We can provide you sample tests over the past years so that you can get acquainted with their structure, evaluate the complexity, and also test tests are always considered in the preparatory (language and academic) courses.

We want the son to be educated in an English university: he is 15 years old, finishes 9th grade. Where should I start?

The best and most effective option is to enroll in the UK pre-university program : they are three-year (just 15 years) and two-year (16 years). These courses are organized in a variety of British boarding schools, private schools and international colleges; It can be the famous A-level or IB course. Having received good grades during the completion of the preparatory course, you will create an excellent background for admission to the selected British university .

Our children finish school, they want to study at the same British university together in the specialty "Economics and Management". Tell me, is it best to start with the Foundation program? What is the best way to proceed, which procedure?

Our specialists will help you find a university and college, based on personal needs and the needs of children, to pass the Foundation course - this is really an effective pre-university training option . Usually, the course of the child is enrolled after checking documents and paying the fee, then (after receiving an invitation from the college), we begin processing visas. Consultant Smapse will explain in detail for you each stage and will give advice on any issue.

I plan to enroll in a British university for a biological faculty (I consider top-end options like Cambridge). I'm 15 years old, finishing 9th form of the Moscow gymnasium. Which college or school should I choose best for full-fledged training?

You thought about getting on at the right time - profile preparatory schools just take students at 16 years old. You can pay attention to international colleges - see the relevant section of our website and, if necessary, our consultant will help you navigate in the variety of offers.

Our son ends 11th grade and wants to continue his studies in the UK. Can we, in order not to spend an extra year, immediately after the 10th grade enter the preparatory courses (A-level or Foundation)?

If the son at the beginning of the school year (in September) is already 16 years old, he can claim a place in the IB or A-level program, and the Foundation accepts children of 17 years. If you consider training options for 15-year-olds - it is worth paying attention to the Pre-IB or Pre-A-level.

I am 16 years old: the level of English is rather average - I do not think that it would be enough to enter a British university ... I'm interested in IB (International Baccalaureate) programs: what is necessary for admission? Specify, please, the length of training and the timing of the application and the cost of the program.

To enter the IB (International Baccalaureate) course, you will inevitably need a good command of English (above average) and good academic performance. The approximate cost of the course is 27,000 pounds (it can vary depending on the chosen educational institution), and the duration of study is 2 years.

We are looking for a son (14 years old, in English speaking and writing, a high level of knowledge and training) a good private school in the UK, want him to get secondary education abroad. What is the order of our actions?

The approximate course of action for admission to the British boardinghouse is as follows:

  • We collect a package of documents: a report card with grades for the last 2-3 years, a characteristic from the last school, a letter of recommendation from the teacher of English (if possible - from the class teacher), as well as an essay written by the student about himself
  • We select the appropriate educational institution for you, focusing on your capabilities, goals and needs
  • We find out the peculiarities of entrance examinations and tests; We can show you examples of testing from past years so that you can objectively assess their complexity and your level of preparation
  • Determine the date and place of writing exams (this can be done directly at school, in the UK, in Russia - in accredited centers or in the British Council department)
  • We send the application and documents to the school, which already decides on enrolling the applicant
  • Then we begin the process of issuing a visa, collecting and translating documents (an invitation will be required for the visa that the school sends to the student). You can also arrange for you a guest visit to the selected campus, so that you once again personally convinced of the correctness of your choice.

We always stay in touch with you - with your parents and with your child - helping to solve any problems and responding to any of your questions.

We select a private English school for a son (8 years), the term of study is 2 years. The son has been engaged in chess and swimming for a long time (I do not want to interrupt my classes); English is confident enough, the level is above average.

Do not worry about the additional sports development of the son: almost all private schools in Britain , especially the top-rank ones (from the list of 500 best) have a rich sports infrastructure on the campus. Usually these are spacious pools (the length of the tracks is standard, 25 meters): you can do it simply for pleasure, attending optional trainings, or you can participate in a school swimming team and take places at national championships and competitions. The same with chess: electives are available in almost all boarding schools, there are also institutions with serious clubs - for example, the school Oakham (the corresponding club here was patronized by Garry Kasparov himself!).

To enter the British school and study well in the future, you need to confirm your level of knowledge with tests in English and mathematics.

Is it possible for a child to start studying at an English private school for 5 years? Which institutions accept these babies?

Schooling in British schools does begin with 5 years - but this applies to day schools, public schools, and not boarding schools , this option is acceptable for UK citizens. If you still want the child to start training at this age, you will need to settle the issue with your stay in England for a long time: then the son will be able to attend day school and live with you. The appropriate level of training is called Pre-Prep.

Is it possible to send a 15-year-old child to the GCSE course at Warwick School? Heard repeated good reviews, so they chose this school.

In this case, the preparation for admission must begin now, in time for September, the new school year. Like other prestigious private schools , Warwick School enrolls foreigners on the basis of introductory written exams: necessarily in mathematics and English, most likely - in the natural sciences (chemistry, physics, biology). Contact our specialist - we will pick up a good preparatory course for you, help you to collect documents and, if necessary, translate them, we will show examples of introductory tests for the past years. In your case, you can not lose a minute of time!

We want to arrange the training of my son (11 years) in Winchester College - in order not to lose time, we want to start already in September this year. Can you help with admission, visa issues? Specify, please, what will be done to us and what will be the cost.

Of course, we are ready to help you! Smapse company provides all the specialized services for admission to foreign educational institutions: our enrollment services are free of charge, since we work as partners, not intermediaries.

Usually the process of preparation and admission takes several months, ideally a year before the expected start of studies (September-October). We send a package of documents and completed applications to selected schools, and institutions appoint the dates of admission tests. Specifically, at your request ( Winchester College) can clarify the following:

  • Winchester College accepts children from age 13 (exclusively boys)
  • The package of documents should include a description from the previous place of study, a report card with grades for the last three years, characteristics from parents and teachers (in priority, the teacher of the English language)
  • We can pick up the preparatory courses for you at an English school, so that the child is ready to study at Winchester College
  • The cost of training you can specify in the profile of each institution represented on our portal - we specify not only the price of the term, but also the necessary additional costs and contributions
  • Yes, we provide visa support to our students - we will help you to collect documents, translate necessary, we will write for an appointment at the consulate at a convenient time.
We plan to give our daughter a secondary education in London. Now she studies at school with in-depth study of English plus she is engaged with a tutor (native speaker). Is there a possibility of admission after the 7th grade? How much?

Given your conditions, the girl can quite claim a place in one of the prestigious English and London schools . For example, Abbey London (this is the only guesthouse in central London), SKOLA , CATS London , Duff Miller College, Lansdowne College . First, we together with you will choose the optimal private school, prepare a package of documents and send them to admission commissions, we will pass the entrance exams. The cost of schools can vary significantly, but we would advise you to orient in the amount of 45-48 thousand dollars for the academic year; More detailed rates with all additional contributions you can see in the description of each school in our catalog.

Can I send my daughter to study in England (a child of 14 years) and herself live with her, or should I pay attention only to boarding houses, with accommodation?

If you want to live in England with your child, you need to take care of obtaining a visa (investor or worker). According to the British laws, your daughter is already considered old enough for self-study at a boarding school (studying and living on the territory of one campus). Inside the school, children are constantly under the supervision of educators and educators, and their complete safety is guaranteed.

My daughter wants to continue her education abroad, we are considering the United States and Great Britain. Now the girl finishes 9th grade (15 years), she knows English very well, almost freely - we have a lot of certificates and certificates from olympiads and competitions. We live in Khabarovsk - how often can I communicate with her? Will the child be safe and supervised during boarding school? What is the cost of training? What are the prospects for her after graduation?

The approximate cost of studying in a prestigious British boarding house costs 27-30 000 pounds: the cost can vary depending on the chosen educational institution, so more exact figures with additional contributions can be found in the description of each school.

If a daughter receives a secondary and higher education in Britain or the US , she will have a huge choice of job opportunities: foreign diplomas are highly rated around the world. In addition, she will know English already at the level of the carrier, so work in an international company or corporation will not be difficult.

Boarding schools usually allow children to regularly contact their parents by phone, Skype or e-mail - high-speed internet is usually available in the territories. You can absolutely not worry about the safety of the girl: on campuses protection constantly works, children are under the care of teachers and teachers. If you are worried about a long flight (and students from the Far East - Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk - usually fly to London with a transfer in Moscow), you can order a special escort service en route, and during the flight, the transplant and waiting flights of the girl Will be under the supervision of adults.

The child finishes 9th grade (15 years old) - wants to continue education in Britain: English does not know well (but goes to intensive courses), up to 8th grade, she studied German. Is there an opportunity to enter after grade 10, will we have enough time to prepare?

In order not to lose valuable time, you need to start active preparation (both linguistic and academic) as soon as possible. Ideally, it is worth to go through preparatory courses at an international college in the UK : so the child can get used to the new academic and linguistic environment, adapt to the local educational system. To save time and effort, please contact our specialists - we are ready to answer any of your questions and solve any difficulties that arise.

We have already visited English schools with a fact-finding visit and have chosen Sevenoaks. Can you clarify for us the number of available seats for the upcoming school year? Of course, we are ready for the preparatory courses and will try to pass the entrance exams as best as possible.

If you are sure of the quality of the academic and language training of a girl - of course, it makes sense to immediately submit documents to the selected Sevenoaks and wait for a positive response from the admissions office. When working with Russian schoolchildren, we always recommend to insure themselves and send applications to several schools: this helps to clarify the child's chances of admission (since the educational programs of Britain and Russia are quite different). As a result of the submission of documents it becomes clear which schools the girl will be able to attend for the next academic year and which courses (and with what conditions) she is ready to take.

I want the child to study in Britain after reaching the age of 7, but his English is practically at the zero level. Are there private boarding schools ready to accept us on such terms?

In your case, we strongly recommend that you finish your primary school (good, rating) in Russia and immediately begin your education in the UK , that is, go abroad at 11 years. Otherwise, the entire first year of study, the Russian student will spend on learning English and only in the second grade will begin studying academic subjects with his classmates. Also, if you start training right now (from seven years), the child will most likely not be able to write correctly in Russian, pay attention to this fact.

I want to arrange training in the UK for my daughter: as soon as she turns 7, send her to a prestigious women's boarding school (primary classes, of course). Our family has Israeli citizenship. Can we work with your - Russian - company? Will I have to fly to Moscow to sign an agreement? Where will my child be able to obtain a British study visa - perhaps we will have to spend some time in Moscow?

Absolutely not necessarily: we can work with you remotely. Thanks to modern means of communication and the Internet, we will be able to exchange with you any necessary information and conclude a contract - Israeli families are already among our clients. You can even not visit Moscow for entrance tests and tests: usually examinations can be held at the closest branch of the British Council or directly at the school where you plan to study (of course, we will help you with the choice).

You can also solve the visa issue in Israel, we will help you to solve all the necessary questions, we will show you how to collect and translate the required documents.

Tell me, can I send my son to study in England, if we have Cypriot citizenship? He is 16 years old, finishes 9th grade on the British GCSE program, and A-level would like to get directly in England. Ideally, choose a school near London.

Your procedure is approximately the following:

  • We collect a package of documents and choose together with you a suitable school
  • Preparing for the GCSE exams - you need to get high enough points and pass the entrance exams of the chosen institution well
  • At will (and we recommend) to go to England on a fact-finding visit to personally inspect the campuses of selected schools and make the final informed, measured choice.
We are looking for a qualified, professional tutor for a girl of 16 years. Basic requirements: Perfect knowledge of English (ideally, and additional foreign) Documented work experience with adolescents at least 5 years. Knowledge of the basics of adolescent psychology: certificates and diplomas, additional education or refresher courses. The experience of his students entering the top universities of the world. Wide outlook, Skill is interesting and boring to give information Knowledge of the basics of etiquette Active life position and the ability to find a common language with adolescents. Such a specialist is required very urgently! In a year our daughter plans to enroll in one of the best universities in the world - we choose among Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and other top institutions. It is necessary: ​​To carry out the test for professional suitability, to determine its interests and possible specialties for admission (taking into account the original natural data of the child, talents, abilities and ch

To begin with, you are a little wrong imagine the process of entering a foreign university. Russian schoolchildren must first take a preparatory course lasting 1-2 years and only then submit documents to priority universities. That's why now the girl should pay attention to a good center of pre-university preparation with the A-level or IB programs (this can be an international college or a classical boarding school ).

In addition, there is a very low probability that there is a native speaker who, in addition to strong language training, can equally professionally conduct courses in mathematics, science, economics and management, etc. Usually high-class teachers stop only on their specialization - and teach it really high-quality, so that the level of training corresponds to foreign educational institutions.

In more detail the process of admission, you can outline our specialist and give you a proper plan of action.

What is the average cost of studying in England (private school, for a trimester)?

The trimester of a high school will cost approximately 6,000 pounds, and the senior at about 9,000 pounds. The cost depends on many components, so we recommend that we look at more detailed prices in the description of each educational institution.

We are in search of a private school in England for the youngest daughter (4 years). The child has already started learning English (it is clear that from the very beginning): I would like to start training as early as possible, ideally to pick up a school in London or in the suburbs of the city (up to 1 hour by train or train). What schools can you advise - maybe there are any rating options for young children? Is it possible for a parent (at least one of two) to reside in England for the duration of the child's education, what kind of visa is required for this and how to get it? Specify, please, the cost - and training, and your services.

Let's start with the last question: our services for enrollment and admission are completely free, as we work on the basis of partnership, not mediation, and do not take a commission from you. The cost of training in the day school is 3-5 thousand pounds for one trimester - the amount, of course, approximate.

Our consultant will provide you with several suitable schools based on your requests and requirements - you will be able to choose the appropriate option before entering into an official agreement with us, and in the future we will work in the chosen direction.

There is no official rating for primary schools, usually the successes of high school students are assessed. Essential is the fact that the percentage of junior students accept the most top schools . The most important fact on admission is a good knowledge of English: with poor knowledge, getting into day school will be almost impossible, because in them additional lessons (for example, "English as a foreign language") are simply not provided - foreign students should study on an equal basis with British subjects . Therefore, we recommend that you consider boarding schools , perhaps with day offices.

Parents (namely direct relatives, not grandparents) can live with the child on the basis of obtaining a long-term multiple visa - its validity period must coincide with the length of the child's education. To obtain such a visa, you need incredibly convincingly to prove your financial solvency, that you have the financial ability during this time to support yourself and your child in England . Approximately, you must confirm the presence on your account / accounts of at least $ 120,000 for 1 year.

Is there a suitable English school for a child of 13 years with a low level of English?

Yes, there are such options - we agree to choose the best educational institution for you. It is good that the child has reached the age of 13: the children of this category do not pass state exams after the first year of training. The child will be able to learn English the whole year very intensively, partially replacing general subjects with language lessons, and then catching up with his classmates.

Our son has excellent academic performance and finishes 11th grade (in October, turns 18 years old); There is a certificate FCE (English), several times went to summer language camps in the UK. Can he continue his studies in the UK in engineering specialties, studying mathematics, chemistry and physics? In addition, they are interested in good summer schools, I want to send my son again for a vacation.

Schools in Britain do not divide into groups like Russian - there are no linguistic, physical, mathematical, humanitarian and other institutions. You should pay attention to schools with a general good rating, you can also consider international colleges (here it is worth to assess the results of graduates in the last 2-3 years in priority disciplines). Information on how graduates take tests in mathematics, physics and chemistry will help you determine the quality and level of teaching of these subjects.

In order to ensure that summer vacations also help prepare for enrolling in a prestigious school, we recommend such trusted centers as St. Petersburg. Clare's Oxford (but here children are only 15-17 years old), OISE Newbury Hall or Queenswood , Abbey London , Concord College (summer camp), Bishopstraw College , Taunton Summer School .

We want to give our children (9 years, finish third grade) the opportunity to continue their education in England. Is it possible to enter after the 4th grade or do I have to start now? We are looking for a good, prestigious boarding house with a friendly atmosphere and cohabitation of both children, preferring joint education (and boys and girls are our twins).

We recommend that you take into account the following important details in preparation for admission:

  • Ideally, wait for the moment when children will be 11 years old: so they will be able to learn the spoken and written Russian language well enough, and already acquire good knowledge of English (with the help of a tutor or preparatory courses). At the same time, state exams will be given only two years after admission, so that children will have time to get used to the new educational environment and to tighten up academic skills.
  • At the same time, you can prepare for admission and apply to priority schools right now. Starting in the near future, you can already prepare for the written entrance exams - usually tests are offered in English, mathematics, natural science and logic. As an example, we can show you examples of introductory tests from previous years, so that you can assess the level of preparation of your children, the degree of complexity, and pay the most attention to the most difficult moments.
  • Since children aged 11-13 enter middle school instead of high school, the initial cost of training will be slightly more affordable - you can target a figure of 22,000 pounds for the academic year (per child). But the high school will be more expensive (about 32,000 pounds), and there are additional costs (a deposit for tuition, uniform, guardianship, admission fees) to which you need to be prepared.

We are ready to choose for you the best educational institutions that best meet all your needs, wishes and opportunities.

My daughter wants to study in the UK - now she is 12 years old and she is studying in the most ordinary comprehensive school. Is it possible to enter a good boarding school in our case? How good should knowledge of English be?

Take into account that the daughter will communicate and learn only in English for a few years, completely immersed in a new language atmosphere, so the knowledge of the language should be at a very high level. If you want to fulfill her dream, tune in for a very serious and intensive training: you will need tutors in English, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry.

A child of 15 years old (finishing 8th grade, the level of English is good, even above average) wants next year to study at a British school (start in September). Can we get in time with the preparation and documents before the start of the new school year, or is it better to allocate an additional year to the preparatory courses?

British boarding schools , like international colleges, accept foreign children on the basis of their overall academic performance and level of knowledge - it will take exams in English, mathematics, logic and some other areas. We can provide samples of tests for you in the past years so that you personally can assess the level of the child's knowledge, see the complexity of assignments, compare the willingness of the student with the level of testing.

If you are sure of the quality of your training and good knowledge - you can go now and in the fall to start your studies in England ; If in doubt - it's better not to hurry up and take delivery for the next year. Do not forget that places in the most top-rated and popular schools are booked in the first place - although there were times when vacant places were suddenly vacated and our best students had time to take them.

We select the top, prestigious British private school for the son of 14 years - what options can you advise?

The choice of such institutions for the boy is huge! Contact our specialist and we will find the best options for you based on your needs, capabilities and goals.

Now my son is on summer courses at Milfield School - he likes it, and I would like to arrange his further education there. How can we extend the student visa, what is the sequence of actions?

Most likely, the current visa for a child is short-term - for further education, it will take a long-term student visa to be issued (this takes slightly more than 4-5 weeks). We can help you with enrollment in long-term educational programs in England - you can not always guarantee that it will be Millfield School (it depends on the number of vacancies and academic requirements), but we will try to organize for you the most convenient option, if necessary, Alternative.

The son has finished 9 class (16 years), we live in Latvia. He speaks English very well, excellent academic performance in all subjects, from interests - mathematics and programming, he even studies in a specialized school. Which college in the UK will you advise in order to complete a two-year training program before the university? I would like my son to go to Oxford or Cambridge.

For your son, almost any top-of-school school (TOP-200) is suitable - they all provide wonderful, comprehensive, effective training programs, and you can choose according to your taste. In these schools, always 10-30% of teachers are graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, which emphasizes the quality of educational services.

We want to educate our son - first in a foreign school, and then at a university. We consider England and Switzerland. My son is now 15 years old, finishing 9th grade. What options can you advise?

Approximately your order of actions is as follows:

  • Write test exams to reveal the level of knowledge (English, mathematics, natural science)
  • Intensive preparation for admission (language and academic courses of good intensity, tutors)
  • Passing the entrance examinations to a particular school (you can rent it on the premises of an institution or in accredited centers in Russia)
  • If possible, a fact-finding visit to selected schools, an inspection of campuses and the adoption of a final decision.

This algorithm will be true for the selection of educational institutions in England , and for Swiss schools. To get acquainted with the variety of options you can in the relevant sections of our catalog, select for yourself the vying priority options and discuss them with our consultant. If the level of knowledge of the language and subjects is high enough - no doubt choose national schools, if you doubt the level of preparation, pay attention to international colleges (they are more suitable for training foreigners).

We want to send my son to school abroad at age 13 (now he's 11) - when do we need to start training?

Most students take entrance exams about 10-12 months before the expected start of studies in September, an additional stream of entrants is observed in February-March.

Can you pick a school for a girl finishing 9th grade? Ideally, an educational institution (school or college) should be located in London, an economic bias and an affordable price are mandatory.

In England, colleges and schools are not divided into categories that are usual for the Russian - there are no humanitarian lyceums and physical and mathematical classes, so there is also no college with a clear economic bias. You can create the right orientation of the training by selecting suitable subjects for the final A-level course (it lasts 2 years and is offered to children of 16 years planning to enter universities).

The cost of colleges with this program is about the same - it's about 33 000 pounds for the academic year, the price difference does not exceed several hundred pounds. You can save by choosing the minimum duration of education: instead of a two-year A-level, enroll in a one-year Foundation after grade 11. The only nuance is the Foundation is not adopted in all universities, which limits the choice of educational institutions for higher education. You can also reduce costs by choosing a training institution not in Cambridge or Oxford (in London, too, very high prices), and small towns in rural areas.

We choose a good English board for a boy of 14 years - what could you advise? Is there an opportunity to visit the campus with a preliminary excursion, ideally even a few schools? What is the cost of your services?

Our enrollment and admission services are completely free of charge: we work with educational institutions represented on our portal, as partners, not intermediaries, so we do not charge you a commission.

It's great that you are considering the option of visiting the campus before starting your studies! Of course, we are ready to organize for you such a trip: it is the best way to independently inspect the proposed conditions and their comfort, security and equipment of the territory, talk with the director and teachers, and see the rooms of the common residence. Consider, of course, that a personal visit to the school is not at all a guarantee of admission to it.

Our consultants are ready to pick up for you several optimal options, suitable for your capabilities, needs and goals. We closely follow school ratings, listen to feedback from our students (you can view them and independently on our website), we communicate with representatives of educational institutions in order to be able to clarify all the details for you and answer any questions.

Can a daughter start studying in England on the A-level program? She is already 16 years old (finishes 9th grade), mostly we consider rating private boarding houses.

Yes, this option is possible - but there are many subtleties. Firstly, there are a number of fundamental differences in the Russian and British educational systems , and sometimes the gap of Russian students reaches almost two years in comparison with British children. We would advise you to carefully prepare (both linguistically and academically - for basic school subjects) and enroll in the 10-11 grade of the British school . If you are most confident in your abilities - apply for admission to the 12th grade class, but here we can not guarantee successful enrollment: such cases are rare.

I want to send a private pension to my nephews in England (boys are now 12 and 14). We live in Kazakhstan - how can you organize the whole process?

We are ready to work with you: today practically all working questions can be solved remotely, with the help of e-mail, Skype, messengers and mobile phone. To begin with, we recommend that you take a trial exam to determine the level of knowledge and language training of boys, to which school it is necessary to file documents in order not to be refused. Then begins a more focused, intensive preparation for admission: ideally begin classes in preparatory courses or with tutors, not only in English, but also in basic school subjects (mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics). It's great if you manage to find a native language tutor: so the training will be more effective. We can give you test samples of the past years to get acquainted with their structure and understand the level of complexity, saw gaps in the preparation of children and paid more attention to them.

Simultaneously with this preparation we together with you choose educational institutions, being guided by your possibilities, needs and inquiries. In addition, we can arrange for you study tours to selected campuses, so that you personally appreciate the conditions of accommodation and training, talked with the director and teachers.

We also help you with visa issues: we will clarify the terms for obtaining and processing a visa, the required package of documents (if necessary, we will carry out a professional translation).

After the end of the 10th grade, we want to send the child to an English boarding house for the IB course (the international baccalaureate, as we understood). Is there such an opportunity and what is needed for this, is it possible to not finish before this IGCSE? Or is it better to enroll in the IGCSE at age 16 and only then on the IB course?

You can apply immediately to IB after the end of the 10th grade in Russia, but only if you are completely confident in your abilities and level of preparation - you will need to show yourself very well at the entrance exams.

Each institution independently establishes the order and composition of the entrance tests, there is no clear standard for this. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare, focusing on the GCSE program , on its complexity and depth. We are also ready to provide you with examples of past testing so that you can personally assess the level of your preparation and the complexity of the assignments.

When choosing a school, focus primarily on official ratings: our experts will help you find the best option.

We plan to enroll the child in the English university, and first - in the English private school, now my son is 9 years old. The boy is quite capable and intelligent, enjoys sports, shows excellent academic performance in mathematics and literature, but here is the level of English is average. Are there any good schools for him? Is it possible, with your help, to find a suitable tutor? What are the costs of training? Under whose tutelage will he be on the territory of England, so that they do not have to worry about his safety and comfort?

You have chosen the right course of action - in order to subsequently study at an English university , it will be ideal first to finish English private schools .

The question is that all schools establish different academic requirements and entrance tests, so you need to be as ready as possible and bring the child's knowledge in line with the educational system of the UK . As a rule, if the child is doing well in the Russian school, then special problems should not arise.

Most British schools accept foreigners on the basis of a boarding house - here on the campus the children are constantly looked after by educators and brought up, and the territory is guarded around the clock. In addition, minor children studying in the UK should have an official guardian: they are usually appointed from among former retired teachers. Guardians are always respectable, repeatedly verified and law-abiding citizens, who are selected by a special guardian agency (this service costs about 5-6 000 pounds per year). The cost of training in a good private boarding school will be about 22,000 pounds (the amount, of course, is approximate).

To fully prepare for admission, we recommend that you contact the tutor; Also, we can provide you with samples of introductory tests of past years so that you can assess their level and compare with the child's level of knowledge.

We can offer you to pass test tests, similar to the introductory tests of the past. So you can assess their level of difficulty and compare with their level of preparation.

We are looking for a good boardinghouse in the UK for a daughter (9 years). What options can you offer? There are a lot of questions and I want to get the most complete and up-to-date information.

All educational institutions represented on our portal are our direct partners - we are confident in the quality of their work provided by the level of service and comfort and can safely recommend each to our students. The choice will depend only on your preferences, capabilities, goals and needs. As soon as the schools are selected (we can mark a few priority options for ourselves), we will specify in them the number of vacant places and requirements for entrants, we will prepare the student for introductory tests. You can ask any of your questions by phone or e-mail, as well as contact our consultants directly during a visit to our office - we will help you resolve all doubts and will do our best to make studies abroad closer!

We want to arrange a son in a private school in the UK. Now the child is 12 years old, he is studying at a regular Moscow high school in 6th form, last summer he already attended summer language courses in England. What program do you recommend for a child of this age? What schools can you advise, and how much will they cost?

You are very concerned about the issue of training: many private British schools accept foreigners as at 13, so you have enough time to prepare and collect documents. After we clarify your requirements and wishes, as well as conduct test examinations for the child, in order to reveal his level of knowledge, we will be determined with priority schools for admission. Each institution establishes its own standards for applicants and its composition of entrance examinations and examinations. The present exams are surrendered mostly in October-November, for the second stream there are dates in January-February. The cost of training usually ranges from 30-35 000 pounds for the academic year - you can find more details about prices in the description of each school (for your convenience, we indicated all additional costs, fees and surcharges).

I'm looking for a good, prestigious and rating school for my daughter in England. Need training with a dramatic bias - she plans in the future to enter the Gillholt School of Music and Theater. Now the girl is 15 years old (in June she turns 16) - what options can you advise us to start your studies in September?

For initial acquaintance you can get acquainted with the descriptions and ratings of schools on our website to determine the first favorites. Additional advice will be provided by our specialist, will help with the choice, will outline the strong places and advantages of each chosen educational institution. In order to enter a good private school , you need a strong preparation - both linguistic and academic (in basic subjects): since the girl will be enrolled at a sufficiently adult age of 15 years, the requirements for her will be quite high.

My daughter dreams of studying in England. Now she is 14 years old, since 5 years she has been studying English: now the level of order is Upper Intermediate, many times she won in contests and at different olympiads. What do we need to do to enter a really good and prestigious school? How and how long are the documents for admission and guardianship issued? After completing her studies, will she be able to pursue higher education at a British university? Also specify, please, the cost for the academic year.

In short, the order of your actions is this:

  • Together with our consultant select suitable schools
  • Pass the test exams to reveal the level of knowledge of the child
  • We prepare an intensive training program in English and basic academic subjects
  • In the selected schools, the real entrance examinations are being surrendered (be prepared also for a personal interview and interview)
  • Definitely determined with the most priority school
  • We start issuing visas, collecting documents, booking airline tickets, etc.

Approximately the process of preparation for admission takes from one year to one and a half years. Given the good, comprehensive training, the girl has many chances to get a higher education in almost any university in Britain - especially if she passes a preliminary program in a British school or college.

The average cost of training is 40-45 000 pounds per academic year (training, accommodation, meals plus additional and pocket expenses).

I'm in high school, but I would like to finish my education in Velikiye kirta. I am looking for a good private school for pre-university preparation: a theatrical bias is desirable, since I plan to enter a profile university. What options can you recommend for a 16-year-old entrant?

In order to subsequently successfully enter the University of Britain , we advise you to pass a good pre-university preparation in an English school (1-2 years). Among the most prestigious and popular options we can mention CATS London , Abbey London , Bellerbys Brighton , Queen Ethelburga College. It is worth paying attention to St. Petersburg. Christopher School Letchworth , Saint Michael's College England , Dulwich College , Abbotsholme School .

The son graduated from a 9-year secondary school in Russia and is now completing secondary education in England under the A-level program. Is the information correct that the A-level certificate is invalid for Russian students, if the 11th grade was not completed at home? Will the son be accepted into the British university or will it be necessary to remotely finish the training courses in Russia?

Do not worry - this information is not true. British universities do not pay too much attention to the certificate of a school-graduate of 11 classes, but the A-level certificate for them is very valuable. To get additional confirmation, you can contact the tutor or mentor, the principal of the school where the child is currently studying.

The daughter finishes 9th grade, and we would like her to continue studying in England or Switzerland. What is our procedure?

To begin with, you need to solve some fundamental questions, since you are considering for learning 2 countries:

  • In what language will the girl study
  • At which university in the future is the enrollment planned, what specialty does she want to receive
  • Do you need the most comprehensive education or you can focus on certain disciplines and directions
  • Are there restrictions on the state of health
  • In which country the girl will be most comfortable living and working after graduation.

We always recommend that you pass the exams to determine the level of preparation of the applicant and determine the number of schools in which it makes sense to file documents. Usually, English, mathematics and science are taught (a general course combining physics, chemistry and mathematics); If the results are not satisfactory, you will always have time to fill in the knowledge gaps and tighten the necessary items. Schooling starts in schools in the UK and Switzerland in the autumn (September-beginning of October) - we will find out for you in which institutions there are vacancies, what are the dates for filing documents, applications, admission exams. In addition, having determined the school and the country of study, we will help you with the solution of visa issues so that you can get a student visa on time and without delay (if possible).

We are looking for a good school in the UK for a son: we plan to start studying next year, but we believe that the level of knowledge (including English) is not enough to pass the exams for 16-year-old students. Tell me, please, an acceptable option for our situation! You can also consider American schools. Requires a good level of accommodation, training and the opportunity to later enter a foreign university.

For the time being, your child has time to prepare intensively and tighten his English language skills and academic performance in basic school subjects, since usually entrance examinations for schools are given in October-November (taking into account the receipt for the next year). Of course, for admission to prestigious prestigious schools, training should be very good, so competently and objectively evaluate your own. We can recommend to you individual tutors - you can pick up a teacher for both internal and remote training (for example, popular and effective lessons on Skype). If your level of knowledge is not enough to enter the rating national school, you can pay attention to international colleges - they are more loyal to foreign students.

It's a little easier to go to the US schools , if you do not take into account the 10-20 most top-ranking ones that arrange introductory tests a little more serious than in the UK . The key parameter of choice is your tastes, requirements and preferences, and, of course, availability.

If you are considering the possibility of further education at a foreign university, then it is worth paying attention primarily to the quality of education in the chosen school, rather than to the comfort of living conditions - although in any case campuses and residences will be equipped better than most Russian hostels.

I want to send children to study in a private day school in England (ideally - in London) and live with them during their studies. Children 6 and 13 years. How can I get a visa, is there such an opportunity for foreign parents?

First of all you will need to prove to your visa officers your financial solvency: at least $ 150-200 thousand, or get an investor visa (we can recommend the relevant agencies to you). Consider that the investor visa is very expensive - to get it you will need to prove the availability of more than $ 1.6 million.

I plan to study in England after the end of grade 11. I think to enter the Foundation - how high are my chances of entering the British university after the successful completion of the program (I'm considering prestigious and top universities - Warwick, LSE, Buckingham, Edinburgh)? After about 2 weeks I take the IELTS Academic exam, I plan to get a mark of 7-7.5 points, the level of the language is good. Priority specialties are management and business administration. Can I, after completing the Foundation, enroll in the universities I have chosen for the desired specialty, will my training be considered sufficient?

Precisely we can say that the LSE accepts students from the Foundation only in exceptional cases, if the level of preparation and achievement of the student is indeed much higher than the average. For the other universities that you mentioned, the question needs to be clarified on an individual basis - contact our consultant (note that the clarification may take some time).

The daughter wants to go to England to study at the age of 14 years. Help, please, to choose a good school with high quality of education and good conditions for students to live.

If the level of academic and language training of a child is good, high enough, then it can qualify for a place in almost any school - the age is suitable. We recommend not neglecting intensive classes with tutors to pass the entrance exams well: they surrender in October-November, the second stream in February-March. Usually the knowledge in English, mathematics, natural sciences and logic is checked, additionally the institution can establish exams at its own discretion. You can take them directly to an educational institution or to an accredited center in Russia.

We plan to start schooling our son in England at the age of 13. How best to form its preparatory programs so that he can enter the prestigious, top universities in the UK? For the time being, he is not ready to decide on the desired specialty: in his school he has excellent, excellent marks in almost all subjects, excellent academic performance, high level of English (successfully passed the FCE exam). After reading the materials on your site, you thought that you first need to finish GCSE, and then A-level, each course for two years - this will be enough? Maybe there is a faster, simpler or cheaper way? Can he enter the 10th grade if he is 13 years old (14 is only performed in November, that is, after the beginning of the school year)? What schools do you recommend - maybe there are institutions that guarantee the admission of their graduates to certain universities?

We will try to answer all your questions, but briefly enough - you can get more detailed information on the relevant pages of the site or from our specialist.

  • It will be best to start training at the age of 13, that is, from the next autumn, without waiting for Birthday and 14 years. Usually the entrance exams for schools are surrendered in October-November of the previous year (that is, almost a year before the expected start of classes), or in February-March.
  • A thorough, comprehensive, intensive preparation is necessary: ​​in connection with the difference in the educational systems of Great Britain and Russia, the student may not be sufficiently prepared. The exams are usually in English, mathematics, natural science (chemistry + biology + physics) + test for logic. We can provide you with educational materials from previous years so that you can assess their complexity and compare them with the child's level of knowledge.
  • The most economical option to enter the UK University for a bachelor's program (both in terms of money and time) is to complete a one- year IB (International Baccalaureate) course .
  • If you are sure of the quality of your son's preparation, applications and documents can be sent to schools right now. If you are still in doubt and want to prepare better - you can postpone the procedure until next spring.
I want to get a secondary education in England - what should I do for this?

The approximate order of your actions is as follows:

  • Pass the introductory tests (trial) to reveal the level of your knowledge and training
  • We choose together with you priority schools, colleges
  • We send to the selected institutions the collected package of documents and the completed application form
  • You are already passing the actual entrance exams to priority educational institutions, having previously passed an intensive training course
  • We will organize a study tour for you on foreign school campuses so that you can personally assess the level of comfort and service and make the final choice
  • We begin the process of visa registration (this will require an invitation that the school sends in case of a positive decision), we reserve air tickets, we collect the package of documents that should be with you when traveling.
I finish grade 11 (16 years) and plan to study in England for an economic specialty. What should I do to prepare for training in the direction I need? What training courses can you advise me and what is their cost? Also, please specify the cost of higher education. The level of English is high (there is a certificate FCE), scores on the certificate are also good.

It will be best to complete a two-year training program for British universities - this will significantly increase your chances of admission. In general, students choose an international baccalaureate (IB) or a classical A-level standard , their cost is approximately 30-40 000 pounds per academic year (the cost may vary slightly depending on the chosen institution). If you do not apply for a place in the most prestigious and rating universities, you can pay attention to the Foundation's one-year course (it slightly restricts the list of higher education institutions available for admission - most elite universities do not accept it). The cost of the Foundation is about the same, but you can find schools and colleges with more favorable conditions.

My brother and I study in the 10th grade, the level of English and average performance. Can we continue our studies in England?

If you are not sure of the quality of your language training, we recommend entering international colleges: they are more loyal and tolerant of foreigners, provide additional support courses (for example, "English as a foreign language"). It is best to choose a program of two-year preparation for the university (if you plan to get a higher education in England ).

My husband wants to send our son to study in an English board, although the child is only 10 years old. Yes, the son has a good level of English, especially for his age - he studies in a special school with a strong linguistic bias - but will knowledge be sufficient for constant communication and understanding? I think that at such an early age the son can not be separated from the family. Are there options for training in strong and rated day schools so that I live with the child? What kind of visa is needed and how difficult is it to get? We consider in general all the cities of England, not only London.

In general, 10-11 years is considered quite a good time to start a child's education abroad , including for an independent long trip. Yes, there is the option of arranging your son for day school or day school for a boarding school - but this will be much, much more complicated than if you just let the boy go to a prestigious, private boarding school .

The first and most difficult question, of course, is getting a visa. The child receives a CAS visa for training, but you will need a visa of an investor or an accompanying person: for this you need to demonstrate the presence on the account of at least 100-120 thousand dollars, and this balance should be irreducible for several months. Information can be provided from the spouse's account. In any case, such a visa for you will be valid only until the day when the child turns 12 years - after that he will have to finish the course himself, and for this, again, the school-board is better suited.

Daytime English schools are more for British subjects, so it may be difficult for a child to join the language atmosphere: unlike international pensions, there are no additional lessons for English as a foreign language.

My son is quite seriously interested in computer science - now he is 14 years old, we think to send him to study at a private English school for the GCSE course. In the current school, his academic performance is only 4-5, fluent in English. When do I need to start preparation and take the entrance examinations? Will he be able to enroll in a British university?

There are a lot of private schools in England - we can find the right one, having listened to your more detailed wishes and requests, specifying educational goals and financial opportunities. It is the computer technologies and computer science that are prioritized for your son that are studied in most English schools , but not everywhere there are in-depth, more specialized courses - usually when enrolling in a British university simply does not require a specific, professional knowledge of this subject: a fairly general level, but more Extensive knowledge will become your competitive advantage. The main dates for the entrance examinations are appointed in October-November (the previous year, for next year's arrival in September), and applications are accepted in the spring (at the same time, the second wave of tests passes).

I want to send my sons to study in England: they are now 9 and 11 years old, we plan to enroll in an English school in 13 years. Almost every year they visit the CERAN camp in Belgium (summer language courses) plus practice English at home during the main academic year. Where do you advise us to act? How best to organize the training process? When applications and documents are submitted, in what terms? We consider good, quality and rating boarding houses from the TOP-100.

We recommend that you start preparing for admission (both linguistic and academic), since the more prestigious the school, the more stringent conditions it puts forward for its entrants. We can provide you with exam papers and tests for the past years so you can personally assess their difficulty and compare them with the level of preparation of children. We can advise a suitable school after assessing your knowledge and more detailed specification of academic goals, needs, tastes and opportunities.

The son finishes 11th grade (goes for a silver medal, very good progress, plus a high level of knowledge of the English language). We are considering the opportunity to study in England and receive medical education. Where do we start? What level of language is required, where to take exams and which certificate is better to receive? In which colleges will we be able to submit applications taking into account the time limits for issuing Russian certificates?

For your case (if you want to get higher education at a medical university or faculty) you need to do the following:

  • Enroll in intensive two-year pre-university training courses, passing the relevant exams well (we can provide sample tests for the previous years for your reference)
  • To go personally to the campuses of recommended schools and colleges in order to personally verify the correctness of their choice
  • Begin the registration of a British student visa (and this can take quite a long time)
  • After a two-year training program, IELTS and a specialized medical BMAT (the majority of medical schools and faculties require it for admission) is to pass the preparatory program.

You can get more information from our specialist by phone, e-mail or in person. We are ready to help you!

What is the average, approximate cost of studying in a British hostel? Are there budget options (what is their cost), do they have significant disadvantages?

On average, British schools for the high school program (pupils 13 years and over) charge an amount of 30,000 pounds for the academic year (including boarding and boarding). For pupils of middle and lower grades (up to 13 years) this amount is slightly less - about 22 000 pounds per year.

Budgetary educational institutions exist: as a rule, they are either financed from public organizations (for example, churches) or receive subsidies from the state, or provide more modest infrastructure facilities and living conditions.

My children (15 and 16 years old) finish grade 10. I would like to continue my studies in England (also consider the English-language programs in Switzerland) - can this be organized already next year without wasting time? What educational institutions do you recommend and what are the main requirements for applicants from Russia and other countries?

We will try to answer all your questions, but they will be rather short. Organization of study abroad is a rather complicated, lengthy and expensive process, therefore we recommend that you personally contact one of our specialists (remotely or in person). So:

  • Yes, you can have time to pass the training procedure before the start of the new school year - this requires starting the whole process now
  • We will select suitable institutions for you, listening more attentively to your requirements, wishes and academic goals, taking into account your financial and time opportunities
  • The only notable difficulty is that British boarding schools usually accept children aged 11-13 years, not 15-16, but you can consider international colleges in the UK or Switzerland . The level of education in them is not worse, and for foreigners, useful additional language lessons are provided.
The niece wants to go to the London School of Economics - we understand that it is worthwhile to start training in advance (she is now 15 years old). Where should we begin? After reading the articles of your site, we think to send it first to the GCSE, and then to the A-level. Or is it better to pass the Pre-A-level in a good international college, and then enter the A-level? In general, do all universities in London and England require a GCSE certificate or, in some cases, you can do without it?

You have acted very faithfully and wisely, thinking about preparing now. You can choose a training course lasting 3-4 years (the last option is exactly the GCSE program ). The best option can be determined when the girl passes the entrance exams - they usually arrange for private boarding schools and international colleges (more popular with foreigners).

Our children study at the private British school Berlin British School, located in Berlin. When they reach 12 and 10 years, we plan to transfer them to the day school of England - the options are priority in London or not far from it, because I will live directly in the capital. What kind of school for us can you recommend? We have a strong team of teachers, a comfortable place and a campus, a good atmosphere inside the school with a large number of Russian-speaking schoolchildren, so that children feel more free.

You need to take the entrance tests this fall already, if you want the children to start training in September of the coming year; Exams can be taken at the campus of a school in England , in accredited centers in Russia and Germany (in Berlin they also exist). Consider that if the day school is important for you, then you will constantly have to contend with the urban infrastructure - choose a school near your place of residence so as not to spend a lot of time on the road (and the school will need to be changed in 2 years, when the children move to the senior classes ).

The son finishes the 10th form of the Moscow school, studying English in depth. I want to continue his education in the UK, and specifically in Scotland: we choose a boarding school with good ratings and reputation. It would be nice to do it in the fall, without wasting time. Should he be studying for another two years in Scotland in order to be able to enter the University of Great Britain? We know that their secondary education is not designed for 11, not 12 classes. And more: can the Foundation program serve as a confirmation of secondary education and analogue A-level? It's just that the Foundation takes a year, and the A-level is two, maybe we have the opportunity to save time.

All biennial training programs offered by British schools and colleges ( A-level , Cambridge Pre-U, IB) are designed for training after receiving the GCSE certificate , that is after completing the course of secondary education. Certificates of these programs are accepted by the overwhelming majority of universities in Britain , are considered sufficient grounds for confidence in the knowledge of the applicant. Indeed, the Foundation program takes less time, just a year, but that's why the most top-rated and rating universities consider it insufficient to accept a student for study.

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