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Children's summer language camps abroad - questions and answers from practice

Looking for a son (13 years) summer programs for a vacation in the UK. Ideally, you will find a linguistic and sports camp, or living in a teacher's family with language learning. The son is engaged in table tennis and generally loves sports, so combining language lessons and sports training would be ideal.

In the UK, there are many options for summer camps combining English language learning and sports lessons. For example, you can pay attention to such famous and prestigious hostels as Millfield, Seaford , Oundle , Claysmore, Village Camps , Bradfield . We also have options for living in a teacher's family - we will pick up a suitable family, district and city of residence for you (pay attention to the Home Language International program ).

What program would you advise me to do: consider summer courses, study English for 17-18 years?

If you have limited time for preparation, then the schools of the USA , Canada and the UK fall away because of the complexities and lengthy processing of the visa. We recommend that you pay attention to the schools and centers of Switzerland , Malta and Cyprus - you can see the proposals in the relevant pages of the catalog.

Can I enroll in a course in the LSE school, if I do not have a profile economic education, any courses (financial or economic)?

The decision is made by the administration of the summer school - most likely, if you have a good level of knowledge of mathematics (supreme), you will be accepted without problems.

We plan a summer English course for a girl of 11 years, preferably in the UK for 4-5 weeks. Our basic inquiries: qualitative and effective, sufficiently intensive language course, a large number of electives and excursions, sports events. Accommodation would be an individual - a personal room with amenities. With what to begin our design, what are our actions?

In order to choose the right school for a child, first of all you need to understand what is most important for you - academic load (English lessons), interesting extra-curricular activities or comfort of living, as far from always these parameters are ideally the same. If the academic program provides more than 15 hours a week (and you are looking for an intensive course), then sports and extra-curricular employment will not be so significant; If at the indicated 15 hours to add individual lessons - again, they will be held in free, leisure time. For a child of 11 years, still, preferably unobtrusive, comfortable training with enough recreation and entertainment.

The most prestigious and well-proven elite boarding schools , organizing summer courses , provide rooms for 2-3 people - a tribute to tradition, a historically established fact. Single bedrooms, especially with conveniences, are offered mainly in modern international training centers - and these options are usually offered to older children (at least 15 years old). In fact, single-seat accommodation not only increases the cost of the course (since it requires high staff costs), but it can also seem more boring to the child-it's much more fun to live with peers. In addition, living with children from around the world will help to quickly overcome the language barrier and develop spoken English. The child will be less bored by the house, by family and family, being constantly with his friends.

Based on the requirements stated by you and taking into account our remarks, we can advise you several educational institutions: Downe House (intensive courses), Gordonstoun (very prestigious, wonderful leisure programs), Marymount School (a cozy small school for junior students in London ), Concord College Course - 20 hours per week, private bedroom), Bradfield College (strong academic preparation, there is a single accommodation). To book places for the summer we recommend in November-December of the previous year, as the most prestigious and rating schools are filled very quickly, the competition is high. The procedure is approximately the following:

  • We select a suitable school for you and conclude a contract with you
  • You pay an advance - this is necessary for booking a place in an English school
  • We reserve for the pupil on the chosen course, we receive from them the official invitation (for registration of the visa)
  • We fill in the visa application, write you down for a visit to the visa center (personal visit, fingerprinting, interview, digital photography)
  • We book an air ticket for you - he is redeemed immediately after receiving the visa
  • Full payment is made after receiving the visa; The time from the time of full payment before arrival at the selected school should be at least 45 days.
I want to give my daughter a course of English in a foreign summer school - a girl of 10 years, basic training is (but quite initial). What can you recommend?

Pay attention to the Gordonstoun school: it is one of the best not only in the UK , but also in Western Europe. A full description of the school and campus, offered programs, prices and additional fees you will find in the school profile on our website. Usually places for summer courses start to be booked already in November-December of the previous year, as the institution is very popular and is in great demand.

Help me decide on the choice, please. We need a summer school for a daughter of 9 years, an intensive course in French. She studied English for one year in a special linguistic school, but French does not know at all. Ideally, we need a boarding school and the opportunity for mom to also learn French (also zero entry level).

We can offer you to attend courses in Paris ( OISE Paris school).

We choose a summer language course for a daughter of 15 years, wants to learn English. I would like to find a fairly long trip (3-4 weeks). A small nuance: we live in Khabarovsk. When is it better to apply? Will it be necessary first to fly to Moscow to collect a group or can I go directly to school?

Preparing for a trip to summer courses should be done approximately from January, no later than: reservation for summer starts already in November of the previous year, and the most popular and popular schools are filled first. We do not collect training groups, but we work with you individually, according to your specific application: it may be that other students join you on the same dates, but we do not do this purposefully. The road from Khabarovsk to London will in any case be carried out with a transfer in Moscow: our specialist will pick up and book for you the most convenient places, date and time. You can also arrange with us the support of a minor child on the way: just before the flight from Khabarovsk, the official representatives of the airline will draw up a receipt with you, meet the child and board the plane, from where they will be handed directly to the school representative. If the flight will go with a change or there will be any change of flights, the child will also be with constant support.

I want to study at a summer school in Europe, and specifically learn French (in the summer will be 14 years old).

For the most effective and productive teaching of French, it is worth choosing schools directly in France . Choosing an educational institution, we will be guided by your needs and requests. Also you can consider Belgium - there are also strong and quality French courses, there are standard and intensive options (for example, in the camp of CERAN Spa ).

Is there a representative office in Belarus? We live in Minsk and want to teach our daughter in England (a girl of 10 years). For starters, we are thinking about short-term courses in summer schools in England or Scotland, if there is such an opportunity.

We have no representative offices in Belarus, offices are located in Moscow and London - but we have been working successfully with citizens of the CIS countries remotely: by Skype, fax, telephone, e-mail and instant messengers, so we are ready to help you.

For the first trip to study abroad we can recommend English schools Gordonstoun School , BELL St. Alban's , TVSS Oundle , TVSS Epsom , King Edward's School , Cheltenham Hartpury College : in them the child adapts to the foreign educational environment, significantly improves English, communicates with children from different countries, overcomes the language barrier. Admission to a longer course of study (in the middle or upper classes) is better conducted at 11 and 13 years. Ideally, for 1-1,5 years before the proposed beginning of education, it is necessary to engage with tutors - in the priority of the teacher of English, mathematics and natural sciences (in Britain the last course combines physics, chemistry and biology). It is not superfluous to get acquainted with the samples of admission tests for the past years - enrollment in the best pensions of England is held on a competitive basis, and much will depend on the results of the examinations.

We are looking for intensive language courses for girls 8-9 years. What options (and institutions and courses) can you offer?

One of the best summer schools in your version will be BELL St. Alban's , here you can prepare for longer academic programs in Britain . If you are looking for a full, annual training program, pay attention to international colleges, as well as to the elementary stages of education in classic British private boarding houses (although in the latter it is preferable to choose longer programs rather than academic year). A good option is still OISE Taunton , Bedford School , Kent College Pembury.

Our youngest daughter has already attended English classes (her 4 years and 2 months), we want to continue development in this direction. Are there any language centers for children of this age in England, so that my mother can live with the child?

There are few such offers, but still they are - for example, the center of SKOLA , Moreton Hall .

We plan to send my daughter to the English school in a year (now she is 11 years old): they are interested in summer courses of medium duration, up to 1 month. What level of language is needed to feel comfortable on the trip? When do I need to start the design? What kind of educational institution can you recommend?

Especially strict requirements, summer schools do not show to their students. Exceptions are institutions with intensive training - for example, Brighton College , Harrow School , OISE Telford , TVSS Epsom , Sevenoaks , Royal Hospital School , Concord College , OISE QE ( at Queen Ethelburgs College ), Bell Bloxham .

To make the right choice of school, pay attention to the following points:

  • Conditions and comfort of residence (residence, host family)
  • Extra-curricular program (entertaining, sports, leisure)
  • The intensity of the training course (how many lessons per week)
  • The cultural component of recreation (master classes, creativity, art)
  • Geographical location of the school.

Booking of summer courses begins already in November of the previous year - therefore the sooner you contact our specialist, the more choices you will have.

We chose a school for the child - how to find out if there are any vacancies on the required course? When do I need to apply for admission? Can you calculate the cost taking into account all costs and additional fees? We would like our child and his friend (they leave together) to be able to live together in the same family or room in the hostel.

The cost of schools and courses can be found in the profile of each institution (including all additional fees and fees). Booking of summer courses should be started in advance, until about the middle of April. If the school involves accommodation in double rooms (in a family or a residence), then, of course, it will be easy to organize a joint residence - just some summer schools and centers have only personal, single bedrooms, and this question needs to be clarified individually.

Help navigate in your directory, please! We are looking for a summer camp for a daughter of 10 years (England or Britain, for 2 weeks, to learn English) - but I would like to accompany her on a trip and she'll bring up English herself. Are there any such options?

Yes, there are such variants of programs ("Child + parent") in the UK! Pay attention to the summer schools SKOLA (accommodation joint, in the hotel, there are courses for adults and for children) or St.Clare's (accommodation in Oxford , so you can choose any of the provided courses for adults in another institution - for example, in Oxford OISE ) . You can also consider Moreton Hall .

We select a summer school or a language camp - a daughter (16 years) wants to learn English. Please help with the choice!
We plan to send a daughter (11 years) to a summer English school - from the options we like the two most: Gordonstoun school and Buckswood. I would like to have a uniform and there was a lot of sports classes and electives.

Immediately warn you that in the summer time, the schools of Britain refuse the mandatory form for students: summer programs have a greater level of freedom. The schools you choose are quite popular and prestigious - the number of places in them is limited, so it is necessary to specify the vacant place in the camp and submit an application as soon as possible. We can also advise you on an excellent camp at the Oundle school - it combines excellent quality of education and strong sports training, a large number and choice of training. Pay attention to the College of Queen Ethelburg and, Taunton School .

My daughter is studying in a linguistic lyceum, this summer we want to organize a trip for her to Malta or London (English, 3-4 weeks, boarding). What are the suitable schools in London for a 14 year old girl? How much do they cost, at least approximately? How long will it take to prepare the documents?

We can advise your daughter for a school with intensive English courses, and we recommend that you consider other European countries - they also have excellent suggestions. Look at the description of Abbey DLD College London , Pilgrims Harrow School , Sevenoaks School , Epsom College , LAL Berkhamsted (they have programs for August), Ceran Spa (located in Belgium), Brooke House . The British visa is issued for about 3 weeks, we recommend to begin this process in advance - our specialist will help prepare a package of documents and will write you to the consulate at a convenient time.

We want to send our daughter to a foreign summer camp: she is 8 years old, she is finishing 1st grade. In their school, the study of English and German is conducted from the 2nd grade, so while it has a zero language level. How does the camp communicate with children who do not have any language skills at all? Maybe there are Russian-speaking staff or teachers, so that the child can address them in their native language? Predominantly consider the study of the German language. Also interested in the opportunity to go in for swimming, martial arts and study the history of Europe (the interests of the daughter are ranked in order of priority). How long do you recommend for a child? It is necessary that she and managed to adapt and feel comfortable, and at the same time do not want to detach her from the family and the usual environment for a long time, after all the child is small enough.

Do not worry: the junior high school students of the whole world are constantly sent to foreign summer schools , and among them there are many those who know little or do not know the foreign language at all. However, it is worth considering that in the elite and prestigious summer schools in Britain, Russian-speaking staff does not work; They can be found, for example, in Maltese schools - EC Malta , Inlingua Malta and others. Believe me, in conditions of full language immersion, when everyone is speaking English and teachers are specially trained to work with young children, your daughter will speak English in a matter of days! Among the best British boarding schools we can advise you on St.Alban's School , the summer camp of Harrow School , Pilgrims Bradfield College , OISE Sherbourne Priors , OISE Taunton . German is well studied in Switzerland , in Institut auf dem Rosenberg , Monte Rosa , Les Elfes , Junior and Teen Camp . Usually the duration of such trips is 2-3 weeks - it is ideal for children and teenagers and meets your requirements, for the girl this will be enough.

Can I see on your site the feedback of students who have already studied at the schools? It would help us choose the right option for our child.

Of course: with the feedback of real students you can find in the relevant section of our site . We always ask students who have returned from foreign studies to make as full and detailed instructions, write about the advantages and disadvantages, attach photos from the trip.

We choose a summer school for a daughter of 16 years. We are looking for a suitable option in Oxford or Cambridge for 2-3 weeks, and that the rooms were no more than 3 people. My daughter has good English, but she is quite shy, and therefore the spoken language is not well developed. For over 10 years she has been engaged in horse riding, now she is fond of photography. Advise a good option, please! How much will it cost and how much money should I give with me? What documents will we need?

Can Given your requests to recommend: St. Clare's , Bell Bloxham , Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts , Bell The Leys School Cambridge , Fitzwilliam College Bucksmore . In addition, good options will be Magdalene College Bucksmore , Studio Cambridge Sir Christopher, Jesus College Oxford , St. Hilda's College Bucksmore , Brasenose College Bucksmore . You can see the description and photographs of these camps, types and costs of programs in the profile of each institution. The exact list of documents required for visa processing will be prompted by our specialist - we will advise you on all visa issues and will write to the consulate at a convenient time. Typically, children leaving for Britain for the summer vacation, a week requires 60-100 pounds for pocket expenses.

My daughter (15 years) has finished the 10th grade, studying English in depth. We want to find a summer language camp for her abroad - we are considering Canada or the northern states of the USA (for example, Alaska) for 2-3 weeks, our budget is about 200 thousand rubles. We live in the Republic of Sakha.

Based on your criteria, we can advise the language school LAL FL (LAL Florida) Boca Raton, the FLS California You will State University then Fullerton or the LAL Fort Lauderdale, FL - but we need the personal presence of the US Embassy for processing American visas, evaluate how it will be convenient for you. In Canada, training costs a little more, plus docking flights are usually not very convenient. You can see in the relevant sections of our catalog: pay attention to Columbia International Colleg e, Bodwell High School , Stanstead College , also suitable St. Andrew's College, Village Camps Trinity University .

Recommend, please, language courses for your son (15 years): interest in summer and English programs, and more long-term (for the school year).

We particularly recommend the summer to see the school from the following list: Bell St.Alban's, Bell Bloxham , Bell Wellington College , Ceran Spa is , Abbey the DLD College London , OISE for Badminton School , Thames Valley Summer School (the Rugby School) , Thames Valley Summer School (Sevenoaks School). They are very different, but equally effective, they provide an excellent level of service and comfort, quality training. For the academic year, Abbey Cambridge , Bishopstrow , Buckswood will do.

You can offer options for UK summer schools with living in an English family? I have an intermediate level of English.

Of course, there are many such proposals, you will be able to choose from. We recommend to pay attention to such famous centers as OISE Newbury , OISE Telford , St. Clare's Oxford , OISE Dawlish , Brockenhurst College , Eastbourne Center Summer Accord ISS , Studio Cambridge Sir George .

I am looking for a good summer school with an effective preparation for TOEFL with an adequate cost. The next year I plan to go through the Foundation, and a year later I'll go to one of the top universities - I want to do it from the first time, do not waste time and money. Hence, we must prepare well. I need a summer training course at the top university (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Warwick, UCL, Durham and others). How much will this program cost? In what institutions is it provided? If possible, consult also on the cost of the Foundation and the training itself in the most ranked universities.

So, let's start with the first question. A summer school that uniquely meets your requirements, this is St. Petersburg. Clare's : it is located in Oxford and provides an opportunity to hand over IELTS at the end of the course. Yes, you specified about TOEFL , but if you are planning academic training in the UK , IELTS will suit you more - in Britain it is valued a little higher. The rest of the educational institutions you can find in our catalog: we indicated for you available programs, all prices, description of courses, posted a photo of the campus and feedback from students. Also consider OISE QE (you can take the FCE and CAE exam), the Taunton Summer School , the summer camp of CATS London .

If your level of academic achievement is high and you know English well, you can enter a top British university. But in order to increase your chances, you need to pass a two-year preparatory course ( A-level or IB ), a Foundation with a year's duration will not be enough.

The exact cost for you will be calculated by our specialist, when a particular institution and program will already be selected. But we can orient that the preparatory year of study in the UK (training, living and food) will cost about 30,000 pounds; About the same is the academic year of study at the university.

My daughter wants to spend a summer vacation in an English school with her two girlfriends (girls 13 years old). Which institutions can you recommend? How can we prepare for the trip? How much to navigate?

We can definitely recommend to you such summer schools as St Joseph's College , St Edmund's College Cambridge , Pilgrims Kent College Pembury , Royal Hospital School , OISE Telford . Education at a summer school in England will require the registration of a British visa - for this, the girls will need to visit one of the visa centers in Russia (you need to take pictures and hand over fingerprints). If the process of visa registration in the UK seems to you very difficult, we recommend examining schools in other European countries - for example, the CERAN Spa in Belgium : it is very popular and prestigious for foreigners and Russian children. In general, the procedure for you is as follows:

  • Together with you we choose the country and the school, we fill in the electronic application form (we can send it by e-mail)
  • We make the contract: you sign it and send it to us by fax or e-mail, we issue you an invoice for the advance payment
  • We prepare for you a list of required documents for the visa center, help them translate (if there is a need), we write you to the consulate at a convenient time
  • Book and redeem your tickets as soon as the visa is successfully received
  • We send you all the necessary package of documents that girls should have with them, and advise on various trifles and subtleties.

We are always in touch with you and with the children until your return home, our specialists 24/7 are ready to answer any questions and help resolve any problem.

Do you work with citizens of other CIS countries? We live in Kazakhstan and would like with your help to organize a summer vacation for your daughter. What is the order of our actions?

Of course, we are ready to work with you! Modern means of communication - e-mail, Skype, telephones and instant messengers allow you to work remotely, and many students from the CIS countries have already used our help.

We will help you choose an educational institution and host country, relying on your requests and wishes, we will prompt the visa subtleties and help you to collect the necessary package of documents, fill out the application. We remain in touch with you and the child until you return to your homeland: we organize transfer, flights, answer any questions that arise.

I want to go to summer school in London (I'm 15 years old, I know the language average), I attended Greenwich school last year. Can I arrange a joint trip with my parents? The type of accommodation is not so important - you can and in the host family, you can and with the school in the hostel.

How much of an intensive English language course are you interested in? If standard, we recommend St Edmunds College, Village Camps QE ( at Queen Ethelburgs College ), OISE Telford , Brighton College , Harrow , if more intensive - pay attention to St Clare's, TVSS Rugby , TVSS Sevenoaks , Oundle School (academic). Parents can travel with you, but they must organize their own employment: if you live on the school site, daily visits are usually not provided. Of course, if you choose a full-time form of study and stay, you can spend the rest of your time with your parents together, like living outside the school (let's say, in a hotel or apartment for rent).

Recommend, please, a Swiss summer school with the study of German for adults (I'm 30 years old). An additional question: I heard that Russian students with a bachelor's degree can not take the Friborg exam when they enter the University of Switzerland, if an identical specialty was chosen. How is the entry conducted, is the average level of German enough?

Of course, we will be able to select for you a quality and rating school for adults with a study of the German language - there are many such offers, you can choose the best one.

Concerning the examination and the admission, we can say that only a specific university determines whether your level of academic knowledge is sufficient, whether those subjects that you have already studied are sufficient for admission. So it is the university that will tell you about the need to take the Friborg exam. If the university finds that your level of knowledge is sufficient - you will additionally need to confirm a high level of German or English language with the relevant international certificate.

We would like to send my son to pull up the English on a summer vacation. He studies in a special school with a linguistic bias (English) - we chose Malta, because we heard good reviews about local schools, and it's nice to be able to rest on the sea. We are looking for a good summer camp for children of 8-13 years old (now son 11), we ourselves live in Azerbaijan. Is it possible to organize a trip through you if we do not have Russian citizenship?

Of course: we have several families from other countries, which we helped to get education abroad, including students from Azerbaijan. We can contact you via email, Skype, telephone - modern communication tools help us to work quickly and efficiently. As for places for rest and study, in Malta we can draw your attention to the EU school for junior students (it works on the basis of the Ambassador hotel and combines effective courses and excellent opportunities for recreation).

What educational programs for the summer will you advise for a 14-year-old student? What is their cost? I would like to go to the UK, especially attracting Nottingham.

Among the best schools on your request we can note Gordonstoun , Queen Ethelburgas , Tettenhall also not inferior to the schools Abbey Manchester, Stonyhurst . With other options, as well as the cost, you can get acquainted with the relevant section of our catalog.

I graduate from the first year of Moscow University (Economics), I studied in a linguistic school for 8 years and know English very well. Where will you advise me to go for summer courses? With parents we are considering the possibility of studying abroad, but first I would like to try a short course in summer or in winter.

You are well suited for the summer school LSE ; Good language training will also be provided by Abbey London schools, INTO universities with summer courses and St.Clare's College. Speaking about the winter period, there is also a wide range of suitable programs and institutions: in London there is Bell St Albans , in Oxbridge - OISE Oxford , OISE Cambridge , and in Malta - the famous centers of ESE or EC . If you are considering the possibility of traveling to a more exotic country, we can find good options for you in South Africa (Cape Town) - South Africa has recently been actively developing as a center for language training for foreigners.

We select summer language school for the daughter: she is 13 years old and she knows English very well (Intermediate level, maybe even a little higher). Please, advise, a private women's board, located outside the city and included in the TOP 15-20 by the Times rating. The last condition is very important, as we will select the prestigious school for A-level education in the future. We need the school to which the daughter will go for the summer, show high results in A-level, perfectly teach the humanities, and the number of Russian children was minimal.

Of the options that best meet your requirements, we can note the school Queenswood . Summer courses are held in it together with the permanent teachers of the school, in the institution itself is considered one of the most serious, rating and strong schools in the country.

It is worth to answer the school Badminton and Sherbourne School for girls. Also an excellent option for serious academic training - Concord and Bishopstrow . But they have joint training.

I plan to send my youngest daughter to France - this will be her first independent trip abroad. Do you bear responsibility for the student while in a foreign country?

In accordance with the laws of France, the responsibility for the child during his stay in the country is borne by the receiving party itself - for this purpose, a special item was created in the original of the visa invitation. Working with us, you will provide yourself with all the financial guarantees: we faithfully fulfill all the obligations imposed on us, provide medical insurance and ensure that the level of comfort, service and safety provided is in line with the declared.

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