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Entering Oxford: Admission Instruction for foreign students

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Entering Oxford: Admission Instruction for foreign students

Yana Tsyptsyna, a graduate of the Oxford master's program, shared her experience of entering the legendary university. Yana managed to enroll in a magistracy at Oxford after high school. Let's see what her secret is?

5 factors for successful enrollment at Oxford

Close to ideal grades

To enter Oxford, you will need a certificate close to the ideal. Academic performance is the key to successful admission, the rest can be improved. Alas: just as you can't throw out words from a song, you can't hide grades in a certificate.

"Must have" for undergraduate admission - certificate of completion of IB or A-levels

Oxford puts forward high requirements for applicants, therefore, with a Russian certificate, you cannot enter a top university (as well as other prestigious British universities) because of the difference in the educational systems. Oxford accepts only certificates from the international IB program or the British A-levels (you can get an IB or A-Levels diploma abroad or in advanced schools). But there is good news for applicants to master's programs: you can apply for admission if you have a Russian certificate and a bachelor's degree.

Understanding how the selection committee thinks - she is looking for interesting personalities

The favorite form of entrance examinations at the university is tests and interviews, the task of which is not to test the knowledge of applicants, but to find interesting and talented children (with impeccable knowledge, of course).

Good English

A very important factor: fluent English is required for admission to British universities.

Correctly collected documents

The collection of the package of documents must be approached with special care - and it is better to contact the experts, because the admissions committee takes into account literally everything, up to typos in the translated documents.

Yana recalls that she had little faith in success when submitting documents. The process of collecting and submitting an application seemed to be a very complicated and costly endeavor, and the chances of applying were minimal. However, having submitted documents to Oxford and the University of Budapest, Yana entered both. The most important thing is to "work carefully on the application, which has supported excellent academic performance and strong English."

The cost of studying and living in Oxford

Students admitted to Oxford are automatically considered for scholarships. A huge number of funds work with the university, and the university itself provides financial grants. Some scholarship programs are aimed at supporting "narrow audiences", for example, supporting students only from Europe. But not all - Chevening (UK Government Scholarship) awards scholarships to students from 170 countries. After entering Oxford, Yana received a grant from the Hill Foundation (the organization selects 8 Russian students annually). This type of scholarship covered all the student's expenses during her studies, so Yana paid only for air travel and visa processing, plus:

  • Consular fee = 348 £
  • Medical insurance = 450 £ -1050 £.

The Hill Foundation scholarship gave Yana £ 14,553 for room, board and other expenses. This amount was enough not only for basic needs, but also for traveling around Britain and Europe, buying a smartphone, laptop - we can safely say that the scholarship was enough for a comfortable student life.

If you pay all the costs yourself, then, of course, a tidy sum will come out:

  • Tuition = 25 740 £ -36 065 £
  • Accommodation = from £ 10,000-£ 15,000.

Master's studies

A master's time at Oxford is an eventful and memorable year. New students are not allowed to relax by the busy schedule and curriculum. The level of requirements is the highest, so everyone, without exception, has to work hard. The Oxford University Student Year is roughly the following:

  • Several items need to be completed
  • You may have to learn another language
  • Write a term paper or dissertation
  • We'll have to study during the holidays, because the session is not included in the trimester.

In addition to academic requirements, students must be active in their free time, attend sections and participate in university activities. But the school year begins with a rite of passage that every student undergoes. The ceremony takes place in the ancient theater, when students dressed in robes and confederates listen to the words of the president of the university in Latin. By the way, students take exams in the same way!

Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Kuban State University, Russia (World Economics); Westminster University (Business & Management).
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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