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Education in Switzerland for Russians - the cost of studying in Switzerland for Russians

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Education in Switzerland for Russians - the cost of studying in Switzerland for Russians

The Swiss system of training is in many respects the standard for other European countries: the methods that are used by teachers are often based on the philosophy of education of Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget. For foreigners, quality programs have been developed in different languages, schools are invited to receive an elite education with better conditions for study and living. Despite such serious attention to the educational component, the education of children is not limited to a school bench: organizers and teachers strive to make staying in Switzerland diverse, fascinating and useful for the emerging worldview of future generations.

Advantages of studying in Switzerland

  • In the principles of education, the ideas of outstanding teachers are laid, where the personality of the child is the highest value. Great importance is attached to the development and upbringing of independent and independent people, purposeful and active
  • Education in Swiss universities provides a promising future, the diplomas of respectable universities speak for themselves and are a great advantage in the job placement
  • Switzerland - an amazing country with a rich culture and history, the resort towns will show all the beauty of the local nature, the picturesque landscapes of lakes, clean mountain air. For students there is a great opportunity to practice active sports. In the country for children is guaranteed a safe and secure stay
  • Switzerland takes the leading place in the number of programs for foreigners. There are 4 national languages in the country, and most speak the majority of the population, so you can perfectly practice the language or even master several foreign languages at once
  • In some universities, students are provided with accommodation in a hostel, food, books and uniforms.

Features of the education system in Switzerland

When choosing an academic program and the institution as a whole, it should be borne in mind that Swiss educational standards are very different from Russian ones. Switzerland consists of cantons, each of which determines the system of education and its basic principles. Secondary education is compulsory for children from 6 to 16 years. Pre-school education is not compulsory, but many children go to kindergarten. The load in primary schools can vary greatly depending on the canton.

Secondaire I is the first stage of education in a secondary school, which takes 3-4 years. Further in front of the pupil there is a choice: to finish education or continue on the next step, Secondaire II. At the end of this stage, children receive a certificate of full secondary education.

Russian children can go to public schools for free, the main requirement is good knowledge of the language.

Universities are divided into two types: academic and applied. The Swiss system of education is adapted to the graduation of the Bologna Process and offers education on international bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs.

Types of programs in Switzerland for foreigners

High school programs:

When choosing a program, it is worthwhile to focus on further plans for higher education - first of all, in which country the student plans to study in the future.

Pre-university courses:

Up-to-date information for schoolchildren from abroad

  • There are many private boarding schools in the country, most of which are located in French-speaking cantons. The atmosphere of schools will hang from the language of instruction: thus, in French schools there is a very favorable light environment, many conditions for active recreation, and the main principle of education is freedom. In German schools, on the other hand, great importance is given to concentration, discipline and order.
  • The main requirements: letters of recommendation from teachers, a report card for two years, written testing.
  • Often in schools in Switzerland, a student falls into a class lower than he should according to the Russian system of education - this is how the difference in educational systems affects.
  • The most favorable age for admission is 12-13 years: so guys can easily pull up knowledge in accordance with new teaching methods.
  • In private schools, the cost is high enough, and only a wealthy family can support a child here. For example, training at the elite private school of the College Du Leman will cost from 41500CHF per semester.

Up-to-date information for foreigners on admission to universities in Switzerland

  • Those who come from abroad take a single exam, which is held in Friborg. The exam is conducted on school subjects (a foreign language, history, mathematics) plus two subjects are chosen independently by the student. You can take a special preparatory course before passing the University Preparatory Courses Studies at the Swiss Universities.
  • Some cantons do not accept Russians with a school diploma because of the difference in education (in Switzerland, at school, children study for one year more). The best solution in this situation will be to wean one year in a domestic university and then transfer to a Swiss one.
  • While studying, students can earn extra money, but not more than 15 hours a week and only with the permission of the administration.
  • It is believed that it is easier to apply to an applied higher educational institution. Sometimes, in order to enter an academic university, foreigners first go to a college or business school.
  • Students can choose accommodation in the hostel (subject to availability of seats) or rent an apartment (alone or in bulk).
  • Graduates of universities can stay in the country for six months to find work or continue their education on postgraduate programs.
  • Requirements for foreigners can vary from university to university. The language of instruction depends on the canton - whether it is French-speaking or English-speaking. According to reviews, universities in Lausanne, Geneva and Neuchâtel offer easy entry routes for Russians - provided they are highly evaluated in a certificate and a certificate of language proficiency, one can enter without entrance tests.
  • Among the Russian popular are the directions of the economy in St. Gallen, jurisprudence in Friborg and Lausanne, history - in Neuchâtel and philology in Geneva. For example, the bachelor's and master's programs at the IFM University Institute of Finance and Management will cost from 9000CHF.
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