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Education in Nice for Russians - the cost of studying in Nice for Russians

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Education in Nice for Russians - the cost of studying in Nice for Russians

In many ways, education in Nice for Russian and foreigners is becoming an increasingly important area in choosing study abroad. Nice is known not only as a popular resort by its luxury, but also as a center of research in industry, science and international political summits. Education in the heart of the French coast is considered elitist in Europe, which characterizes the cost of studying in Nice for Russians as very high. The beauty and the pleasant climate give the city a special charm of elegance, and the architecture of Nice can surprise with wild exaggerations of Belle Epoque or Baroque styles among the mansions in the hills of Mont Boron. In Nice, there are many famous art galleries and museums, which makes the city the second most museum in France after Paris. It relentlessly flowing life at night and in the daytime, especially in summer, when there is a popular jazz festival and the "war" of flowers on the Promenade des Anglais, in which the most beautiful women on the Cote d'Azur take part.

The school system of education in Nice, the distinctive features for Russians in training

French standards of education have strengthened the reputation of the country as one of the best academic schools in Europe. However, it is important for Russian parents to get acquainted with the peculiarities of studying in Nice, before making a choice in favor of a particular institution and starting training in Nice for Russians. For example, one of such features is a strict system of academic performance and the focus on memorizing a large amount of information. Given the high expectations of teachers for academic achievement of schoolchildren, some children may experience emotional stress. Despite this, training in Nice in public schools for naturalized Russians and foreigners is compulsory and free of charge between the ages of 6 and 16. Because of excessive rigor in the classroom and inflexibility of the school system, many families prefer to send their children to study in elite private schools and international bilingual centers. The cost of studying in such an institution in Nice for Russians and foreigners is approximately 13,850 € for the academic year under the program of a junior school. Administrations of private schools are allowed to change the standard academic program and apply various, including experimental, teaching methods and special programs for the adaptation of foreign students. For example, for Russian and foreign children with zero knowledge of French, French preparatory courses are provided. In addition, studying English at the academic level is part of the compulsory program as the first foreign language. As children grow up, they are given more freedom in choosing academic programs and forms of instruction. To the final class the student becomes an independent developed personality and firmly believes in his career aspirations.

Preparing for the international exams in Nice for Russian and foreigners: learning in Nice for Russians in language schools and camps

If in addition to the feelings of love for songs by Edith Piaf and the work of Victor Hugo while learning French you are motivated by the desire to get a higher education or to find a job in France, then the academic program for preparing DELF in Sprachcaffe in Nice for you. The course price (1440 €) includes 12 weeks of French lessons with top specialists. Teachers will fully lay out the structure of the exam, pay attention to the most difficult moments and gaps in your knowledge, adjusting the curriculum depending on your academic performance. The main goal of the course is to achieve substantial academic results in a short time and to minimize stress and excitement in the surrender, because the chances to enter the top universities of French-speaking countries depend on the points scored.

Study in Nice for Russians on vacation: English for the summer in Nice for children and adults

The best option for learning English in Nice for the summer will be the Home Language International program . Its basis lies in the intensive immersion in the language and culture of the country due to the residence of schoolchildren and students in the family of a full-board teacher. It is important that such a linguistic vacation program is available for the youngest children, even with zero knowledge of the language from 3 years. For Russian and foreign students and students, language programs are tailored to the personal interests of each and the classes are conducted both in groups and individually. The cost of the summer training program for Russians starts from 2005 € per week, while you can choose a program aimed specifically at summer vacation abroad without academic English. Together with the teacher you can visit the legendary perfumery factory Fragonard, the Matisse museum, and stroll through the streets of the Old Town and the historic quarters (Gourdon, Saint-Paul-de-Vence), deepening your knowledge of English in the process of constant communication.

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