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Education in California: the education system, schools, universities, cost

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Education in California: the education system, schools, universities, cost

California is one of the largest and wealthiest American states . Every year tens of thousands of foreigners and Russian students come here for work or study. In California, there are more than three hundred educational institutions, including private schools , educational centers, colleges, institutes, universities for secondary or higher education. Beginning in California can students of any age - there are enough educational programs for students, students and adult students.

California education system - secondary and higher education abroad

Each state in America has its own educational policy, and California is no exception. As in many foreign countries, there are educational institutions for different categories of students - for children, schoolchildren or students, for Russian students or for foreigners.

Schooling is compulsory for local residents and visiting students and starts at age 6 (there are also pre-school groups for training). For admission, you do not need to take exams, only foreign students need to take a test of English - California English Language Development Test. The best private schools in California are in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Pato Alto and not only. The average cost of training among private schools will be about 13-18 thousand dollars per academic year, and the price of training in elite boarding schools can reach up to 20-30 thousand dollars. Private schools occupy a special place in the state educational system. Institutions of this type actively implement the idea of the diversity of educational programs and the creation of conditions for the comprehensive development of students. Private and public higher schools are required to have accreditation from agencies with certain powers in the territory of the selected state.

The local higher education system is based on the California Master Plan for Higher Education curriculum, which was adopted back in the 60s of the last century. Over time, the Californian structure became one of the best across the country, so a similar scheme was soon adopted by other US states.

The structure of higher education in California consists of several stages. The first one is community colleges. Here there are more than 100 institutions of this format, where annually more than one and a half million students study. Good study at the community college gives the student the opportunity to obtain a guaranteed place in the state university. The transition system without additional exams from one educational institution to another is called transfer - it is popular not only in the United States, but also in many countries abroad, including European states. The main advantage of the transfer is that foreign students can use it! The ability to make this transition allows you to save considerably on tuition fees abroad.

After the completion of the Community College, the next step is to obtain a higher education: this may be a bachelor's degree or a graduate degree. After completing the bachelor's degree, a young person is considered a full-fledged holder of higher education and can already start a career path in the chosen specialty.

The next stage of higher education is a master's degree or PhD: these two paths are chosen for students interested in development related to scientific activity. Also, the presence of a master's degree, for example, gives you the opportunity to occupy a management position at the entrance to work.

The best universities in California: prestigious private and state universities in the state

The scale of higher education in California is really impressive - only in the two largest state universities in the state each year more than 700,000 students study, and more than 100 different universities operate in the state.

Prestigious high schools of state format:

  • California State University. This is the largest university with support from the government, not only in the state, but also throughout the country. The infrastructure of higher education includes 23 educational campuses and 8 educational research centers. The annual flow of students is more than 460 thousand. Despite its high status, the university offers not so many research and scientific programs, therefore at California State University in the list of world high schools get only some campuses.
  • University of California (University of California). An educational institution with a similar name includes only 10 campuses with a total student flow of about 250,000. This is one of the flagships of higher education in the US , where all types of educational programs are offered from undergraduate to graduate school. Here, research work is at a higher level, so the campuses of this higher school regularly rank high in the world rankings.
  • Leading private universities in California:

  • Stanford University . It is an elite university with a worldwide reputation, the third in the list of the richest institutions of higher education in the world and the second in the international ranking of QS World University Rankings. The famous university offers students a wide choice of subjects, as well as training programs. Priority directions of the university are entrepreneurship and computer sciences. The university has a strong scientific base, research potential, strives to provide a theoretical basis with the prospect of application in practice. Another advantage of the university is its location in the Silicon Valley, which gives an opportunity to work closely with the world's leading corporations.
  • California Institute of Technology (among the student audience, the university is also known as CalTech, CalTech). The University takes the fifth place in the international rating QS 2016-17. Among graduates of the university there are more than 30 Nobel Prize winners and even more holders of other prestigious awards from various fields. The priority direction of the university includes traditional technical disciplines, as well as many interdisciplinary programs. The university realizes the work of the business incubator, through which various scientific developments of a fundamental nature are implemented.
  • University of Southern California (University of Southern California). One of the oldest and most authoritative research universities in California. Today this higher school actively uses international cooperation, develops interdisciplinary research, has an impressive scientific library and one of the largest donation funds in the United States.
  • University of California Los Angeles - UCLA. Another private university in the state specializes in training specialists in directing, music and theatrical direction. The University has one of the most extensively funded research bases and offers a large number of specialties, which gives it the right to be on the 46th line in the ranking of world universities. The main advantage of UCLA is the guaranteed employment of its graduates: the university is widely known throughout the country, therefore local residents or foreign students will not have problems finding work after graduation. Teachers of UCLA expect students to be prepared to think independently, so the theoretical base is much less practical than practical.
  • Higher education institutions in the state of California can differ in size and offered scientific programs, be affiliated universities of other states, have a specific narrow specialization and not only - there are many options. At the same time each educational institution provides educational services of the highest level, works with a wide range of subjects and creates conditions for scientific and research activities.

    Studying at California Universities: programs, specializations, cost, reviews

    The economy of the American state of California is formed through several key industries, according to which universities train specialists: agriculture, extraction and processing of oil products, information technology, show business and not only.

    According to statistics, the most attractive and popular for foreigners and Russian students in California are professions related to the following areas:

  • Cinematography, TV, theater. It is in this American state that the dream of actors and directors around the world is located - this is Hollywood. Here there are three leading institutions of higher education: the School of Cinematography of the University of Southern California, the School of Theater, Film and Television of the same university in Los Angeles, the Department of Cinema and Media University of California, Berkeley. The cost of training here will be from 25 to 67 thousand dollars for one academic year.
  • IT, engineering and technical specialties. On the territory of California, there are many companies that occupy a leading position in the field of technology. The overwhelming number of headquarters of leading corporations is located in the Silicon Valley. The prices for training in the best engineering and technological higher schools in California range from $ 28,000 to $ 49,000 per academic year.
  • Economics, jurisprudence, business / medicine. One of the most popular universities with suitable qualifications is the University of Davis. It is here that you can get a quality education in these areas. The university is a subdivision of the University of California, therefore among the listed professions offers education in medicine or veterinary medicine. The annual cost of studying at a university for foreign students will be about 60 thousand dollars.
  • Despite the impressive cost of obtaining higher education at universities and universities in the State of California, the diplomas of local universities have an excellent reputation and help their holder to recoup the costs of training in the next 1-3 years after completion of training. For graduates of the listed higher educational institutions, positions in prestigious corporations and firms will be available not only in the state, but also throughout America or abroad.

    In addition to the first-class education, California offers students of all ages and tourists a wide range of activities for an unforgettable pastime during hours free from study. On the territory of the whole state, there is such a diverse nature that one can devote one's free time to various sports. Here everything is accessible - from campsites to the mountains, excursions to the desert to surfing and other more common types of physical activity.

    In addition, the cities of California keep a large cultural heritage. Young people from different countries are waiting here for a lot of entertainment and visiting the sights known throughout the world: the Walk of Fame, Hollywood, Disneyland, Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars from San Francisco, the famous Railway Museum and many others.

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