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Education after 8,9,10,11 classes in York

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Education after 8,9,10,11 classes in York

The United Kingdom is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious educational centers in the world. Education in England is not only an effective way to get quality and recognized education throughout the world, but also an excellent method for learning and practicing English. Study abroad is an exciting opportunity for foreign students to become independent, learn new skills, develop their communication skills, learn more about the culture of other countries and find friends from all over the world.

Receiving full secondary education in private schools in England makes it possible for foreign students to enter popular universities of world importance.

York is located in the north of England, in the county of North Yorkshire. This city is one of the oldest in England and has an ancient history that goes back to the times before the Roman Empire. Many of the sights are the oldest not only in England, but all over the world, which allows schoolchildren to get a prestigious education and get to know more closely the culture and traditions of the country.

Consider the main options for obtaining an education in York.

Education after grade 8, 9

English schoolchildren aged 14-16 years pass the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) course, which ends with passing the exams and obtaining a certificate of full secondary education. It is on this training program that Russian students can arrive after grades 8 or 9 in their home country.

Usually this program takes two years - both for British and foreign students. Foreign pupils have the opportunity to master this course at a more intensive pace, in just one year. This option is great for students who completed the 9th grade. However, it should be taken into account that it does not suit all teenagers, since it requires great knowledge and efforts.

What is the GCSE program? This is a secondary education program, in which students study several basic subjects and 4-6 additional disciplines depending on the school's educational program. Completion of this course provides an excellent opportunity to enroll in the world-famous standard of English education A-level or the international IB undergraduate program Diploma.

The most popular schools in York are:

The cost of studying for this program in schools in England depends on the prestige of the institution and varies from 7,900 £ to 35,000 £ per year.

Education after grade 10

After the 10th grade, foreign students have several options for continuing their studies:

A-level is a preparatory program for admission to the university. This training course is known as the "gold standard" of British education. Duration A-level - two years. He ends up receiving a certificate of full secondary education. Within the framework of this program, students study from 3 to 6 subjects depending on the choice of the educational institution and the chosen specialty. The main goal is comprehensive and complete preparation of students for admission to prestigious universities.

IB Diploma is an international bachelor's program, which aims to gain knowledge and skills necessary for admission to the university. This program is considered more extensive in comparison with the A-level. Usually this course involves studying 6 disciplines (3 at the advanced level and 3 at the core level) from different groups of knowledge. Great importance in the IB program is paid to research work, creative and sports life, social activity of students. The results of this exam are recognized in many countries when applying for higher education.

The cost of obtaining a complete secondary education differs significantly depending on the choice of the school. Usually it varies between 10,000 £ - 15,000 £ per semester.

Education after grade 11

After the end of the 11th grade in their homeland, teenagers do not have the opportunity to immediately enroll in a British university. For foreign students, the passage of the Foundation Foundation (University Foundation Certificate) program is mandatory. Foundation is a preparatory program designed for foreign applicants for one year. It allows schoolchildren to get used to the standards of education, get used to the new environment and develop English.

Another option to enter the UK university is the International Year One program, which is the equivalent of completing the first year of the university. This course is designed specifically for international students and aims to help in adapting to a new language and cultural environment. Successful completion of the program provides an opportunity for admission to the second year of the university.

When choosing a training program after grade 11, you should be especially careful and study the requirements for applicants at the chosen university. The reason for this is that not all British universities consider these education programs sufficient for admission to higher education.

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