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Description : HND degree in Edinburgh College

Edinburgh College
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Edinburgh College
Edinburgh College
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School description

Founded in 2012, Edinburgh College by British standards, of course, is considered very young, but in just a few years it has managed to gain popularity among students all over the world and to earn an excellent reputation among educational colleagues. Edinburgh College is very large - it includes 4 campuses, which today are attended by more than 26 thousand people from all over the world! The structure of the college includes:

On the basis of the Edinburgh College, summer camps are held schoolchildren from all over the world - this emphasizes the quality of equipment and the richness of the infrastructure, as well as the highest level of safety guaranteed to students.

Excellent balanced academic programs and professional pedagogical staff provide graduates with high scores on final exams and admission to the best universities not only in Great Britain but also in the world. According to statistics of Edinburgh College, more than 92% of its graduates annually from the first time enter the universities of the "first choice" - that is, in the most priority and desired universities. Every year a big celebration is held, at which the most outstanding, talented and successful students are honored, celebrating their victories and achievements in the creative, sports, academic sphere. In 2012 Edinburgh College also acted as the organizer of a large Student Festival, which gathered more than 4,000 participants!

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from 3 300 £ / semester


Universal English language courses are an excellent assistant for international students who plan to study at foreign schools, colleges and universities, want to improve their language skills in a short time. The educational program provides for the development of all basic skills:

  • Reading
  • Auditing (listening comprehension)
  • Written speech
  • Oral speech (spoken English)
  • Phonetics (correct pronunciation, accent correction)
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary.

Particular emphasis is placed on the development of communicative and speech skills, so that students can be explained in any situation with any interlocutor.

from 3 300 £ / 18 weeks

Academic English courses

Long and sufficiently intensive courses of academic English will not only help to raise the overall language level, but also to prepare for enrolling in a foreign college or university. The program is focused on the development of valuable academic skills necessary for effective learning: for example, competent and quick note-taking, working with a variety of sources, preparing and conducting presentations, reports, essays, etc. The vocabulaty is greatly expanded - the students are ready for a long and productive studying.

International Foundation Program

Effective preparatory pre-university program, is designed for 1 year. The Foundation helps foreign high school students to quickly fill in knowledge gaps, to improve academic skills and level of thinking, and to improve the level of English. As a rule, the Foundation's diploma is sufficient for admission to the majority of British universities - that's why it is so popular among Russian students (it only takes a year). But notice that the most prestigious and elite universities (for example, the same Cambridge and Oxford) consider the Foundation as an academic inadequate program and require an A-level certificate for enrolling in the desired course.

from 7 700 £ / year


HNC - Higher National Certificate

In the British educational system, HNC / HND degrees are the first stages of higher education (even before the bachelor's degree): HNC (Higher National Certificate, 1 year) and HND (Higher National Diploma, 2 years). In the Russian sense, this is a kind of "rank," a practical qualification that is awarded to the student: most of the work specialties are available to students already after the completion of the HNC / HND courses - they can start working. Also, these programs are valuable in that they involve a huge number of practices and internships: all the students learn in practice, graduating with qualified and already experienced professionals.

At Edinburgh College, HNC programs are available through a wide range of specialties and areas:

  • Art and Design
  • Automotive and engineering
  • Media, photography and visual communication
  • Building
  • Finance and business
  • Decoration and design of interiors
  • Work with children
  • Computer Science, Computer Science and Programming
  • Pharmacology, medicine and dentistry
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Electroengineering
  • Hair and Beauty Industry
  • Health and social services
  • Retail
  • Hospitality Industry and Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Modern foreign languages
  • Music, producing
  • Performing arts and theater
  • Cooking
  • Science and Research
  • Social and Human Sciences
  • Sport, physical education and fitness
  • Travel and tourism.
01.07.2019 -09.08.2019
from 480 £ / 2 weeks


Summer programs are available to students from around the world at the age of 17 years. Duration of studying can be from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the needs and capabilities of the student. On the first day after arrival, all students undergo an introductory test, which determines their initial level of education and distributes them to the appropriate group.

Summer programs have two main options:

  • General English Course (20 lessons per week): students with any level of knowledge are allowed (from Elementary to Advanced)
  • English courses + IELTS exam preparation (24 lessons per week): students with knowledge level from Intermediate to Advanced are accepted.

The following components are paid additionally:

  • Transfer (airport) 
  • Academic deposit (non-refundable)
  • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
  • Consular fee (paid at the Embassy)
  • Personal pocket expenses
  • Air tickets in both directions
  • Compulsory medical insurance.
from 7 700 £ / year
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