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Description : International foundation in De Montfort University

De Montfort University
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De Montfort University TOP 200 best young universities in the world (“under the age of 50”)
De Montfort University
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De Montfort University (DMU) is a higher education institution located in Leicester. This university has a rich and eventful history, which began in 1870, when the university still had the Leicester School of Arts. Since then, this institution has experienced more than one transformation, in 1969, becoming a college Leicester Polytechnic. In 1992, more than 120 years after the foundation, the school received the university status and a new name, which is widely known today.

The university has gained worldwide fame thanks to its programs: one of the most popular among international students around the world is the baccalaureate course "Contour Fashion". No less popular are other creative specializations that are taught at the highest level: the media, technology, fashion, product design and so on. For example, the DMU graduate diploma in journalism is accredited by the National Council for the Studying of Journalists (NCTJ). In addition, the university is accredited by the Government of Britain as the Excellence Center in the field of teaching performance skills.

De Montfort University has a high coefficient of further employment of their graduates for each of the offered courses - 170 courses are accredited by organizations, most of which are ready to offer young people paid part-time work during their studies. Graduates who are holders of the DMU diploma have almost 100% employment rate.

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The Bachelor's Program (International Year Zero)

  • Age of students: from 18 years old
  • Dates: January, April, July, September
  • Duration of the program: 12 months.

International Year Zero is an excellent way to prepare for admission to undergraduate studies at the DMU. This program is designed specifically for international students who, upon successful completion, receive an International Foundation Certificate and automatically qualify for the first year of the university.

You can take the course in several ways:

  • Business and law
  • Media
  • Art and Design
  • Life Sciences
  • Technical Design and Informatics
  • Pharmacology.

In addition, the pre-university program provides assistance in admission, that is, every student goes through studies under the guidance of a mentor who follows the student's progress and helps him throughout the course. The curator gives the student feedback, points out the gaps that need to be corrected. The progress of students is tracked through regular exams and tests.

In addition to classes in basic subjects, the program includes an annual English language module that aims to improve the language skills of students.

Undergraduate (BA)

  • Age of students: from 18 years old
  • Dates: September to June
  • Duration of the program: 3-4 years.

The bachelor's program at De Montfort University is structured in such a way as to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience and real skills through which young people will be able to get a great job in the future. In the campus of the university there are also conditions for practicing skills in each of the specialties, be it medicine, design, technology, and so on.

The educational course for each bachelor's degree is made with the participation of real employers, therefore, DMU graduates in more than 90% of cases have no problems with further employment. The latter is also facilitated by the production practice, which is organized by the Internship Department at the university. Here, young people can get advice on resume writing and interviewing, and also to meet with a personal mentor who is a professional in any field of activity.

from 7 495 £ / term

The International Pre-Master's Program

  • Age of students: from 18 years old
  • Dates: January, April, July, September
  • Duration of the program: 1-2 semesters.

This combined program (IIM) is designed to prepare graduates of the bachelor's degree who want to continue their studies in the magistracy. This course helps students to improve their English language skills and academic level, which will help young people to successfully enter any university in Britain, not only in the DMU.

You can complete the course in three specializations:

  • Business
  • Arts and Design
  • Engineering.

In the magistracy students have a lot to work independently, so in the course of studying, teachers will track the progress of each young person in this direction. For this, exams and tests are systematically conducted, and also for all the works performed the student will always be able to receive feedback in written or oral form and correct what is needed.

Master's Courses

  • Age of students: from 18 years old
  • Dates: September to June
  • Duration of the program: 1-2 years.

Like Bachelor's programs, the Master's curriculum is created for different specialties with the participation of direct employers, various professional organizations, and is supported by world research in various fields.

At the stage of the master's program students are waiting for a lot of independent work, such as conducting research, studying literature and searching for other authoritative sources of information, practicing skills, for example, preparing and protecting an individual project.

from 12 200 £ / year

Postgraduate study (PhD)

  • Age of students: from 23 years old
  • Dates: September-June
  • Duration of the program: 2-3 years.

At the University of De Montfort, postgraduate students study under an international program that enables young people to conduct research outside of Britain, in their home country. Although the bulk of graduate students still undergo studying on the university territory. At the same time, regardless of geographical location, all students have the same level of control and supervision of teachers, which is possible thanks to modern technologies. The defense of scientific work, of course, takes place directly at the university.

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