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Supervising in schools abroad for kids and students

Supervising in schools abroad for kids and students

Supervision during studying abroad includes:

  1. Round the clock support. You are assured that SMAPSE experts are ready to help you at any time.
  2. Selecting and arranging living in decent families almost anywhere and anytime.
  3. Reporting of student performance and attendance;
  4. On request - attendance at school events and parental meetings;
  5. Assistance in solving difficult circumstances relating to studying and residence;
  6. Care for the student's well-being and participation in the life of his family;
  7. Assistance in mastering materials of the educational institution with translation into the mother tongue;
  8. Conducting academic reports with explanations and annexes in the form of recommendations;
  9. Supervising the student's material condition with issuance of reports and organizing payments;
  10. Collaboration by means of interpretation with third parties on behalf of parents;
  11. Organization of transfers of various kinds;
  12. Assistance in the selection of budget flights and purchase of tickets;
  13. Participation in organization of vacations and free time and contact with the student during his absence.
  14. Organization of additional classes.

Additional services:

1. Assisting in benevolent interaction between the educational institution, the student and his parents;

2. Ensuring equality among students;

3. Providing timely information to parents:

  • on education and discipline;
  • in case of moving a student to / from an educational institution;
  • in conducting events at an educational institution (holidays, seminars, promotions);
  • on the progress of the student with a report.

4. Assistance in solving legal and financial issues.

5. Provision of assistance in case of need for treatment during illness and in the application of health insurance.

* IMPORTANTLY! The list of curatorial services provides solving of any kind of tasks on the territory of the location of the educational institution. In addition to the basic stages presented, the monitoring system for students considers it possible to maintain the student's well-being, providing advice and recommendations in various life circumstances (opening a bank account, losing documents, force majeure events, etc.)

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