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Conditions for admission to the schools of Scotland, the 5 most important nuances

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Conditions for admission to the schools of Scotland, the 5 most important nuances

Study abroad has many advantages, but it's not an easy task to enter a prestigious educational institution. The reason for this is the rigorous competitive selection, and the existing difference in the training systems of Russia and Scotland . The main conditions for enrolling in Scotland schools, which everyone is facing, are listed below.

Top 5 requirements for overseas applicants when enrolling in Scotland schools: the 5 most important nuances

Nuance 1. Age criterion: when choosing a Scottish school, it is worth considering that not all schools accept children of all ages: some establish a complete restriction, while in others one can live in residences only after reaching a certain age. In addition, the principle of education in the Scottish school - the linkage of age to a certain educational level, which also gives rise to some difficulties with admission.

Nuance 2. Training prices: The cost of training in the educational centers of Scotland is quite high and not everyone can afford it. The pupil's parents will have to prove their solvency by providing a certificate from the bank or by paying a long period of study at the school.

Nuance 3. Language knowledge: a schoolboy from abroad should know the language well, have a developed communicative skill and a good linguistic base.

Nuance 4. Knowledge of the school curriculum: like the language requirement, a good level of academic training will help to quickly adapt and cope with the training load. Schools in Scotland participate in various British rankings and care for their reputation, so they select only strong and interested students

Nuance 5. Advance preparation. It is recommended to prepare for entering school as early as possible, and also to take into account that the time limits for enrolling in schools are everywhere, so it is necessary to equip with accurate and up-to-date information about the education system and the nuances of admission to the chosen school.

Conditions for admission to the schools of Scotland are not much different from the British educational institutions. The most important thing is to have quality information and instruction on admission, which is provided free of charge by SMAPSE specialists, the official representative of foreign schools in Russia.

Features of admission to the leading school of Scotland Gordonstoun School

Gordonstoun School is a prestigious school in the Scottish city of Elgin, popular with foreigners and famous throughout the world for its outstanding students.

  • The school invites foreign students who have reached the age of 8 and older. Students are accepted in any year of study
  • Prices: tuition fees from £ 7000 per semester + exam costs, consular fees, school uniform, airfare, etc.
  • Language proficiency: entry into primary school is possible after confirmation of English knowledge; in the senior classes it is necessary to pass an interview and provide proof of language knowledge
  • To study in the primary classes, only a statement is required, to high school applicants - letters of recommendation, language level confirmation, GCSE certificate or Common Entrance Examination. The beginning of the school year in September, the end of June 27
  • Students are tested for knowledge of the school curriculum, provide a report card from the last place of study and a letter of recommendation. It is equally important to show a sincere desire to receive a quality education, responsibility, an active life position and creative abilities.
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