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Conditions for admission to schools in Montenegro, the 5 most important nuances

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Conditions for admission to schools in Montenegro, the 5 most important nuances

For successful admission to a foreign school it is necessary to work hard: applicants for educational institutions in Montenegro are waiting for a long procedure of preparation and collection of documents. First of all, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with such important nuances as the conditions for entering Montenegrin schools.

Top-5 requirements for overseas applicants for admission to schools in Montenegro

Requirement # 1 - timely preparation. In order that unforeseen circumstances do not arise, it is recommended to start collecting documents in advance and prepare hard for studying in Montenegro . One of the scrupulous questions is the deadlines for submitting documents, which each school establishes at its own discretion.

Requirement number 2 - academic preparation. Prestigious institutions of Montenegro give priority to applicants with good grades in the certificate, those who were able to cope with the introductory testing and revealed themselves as a responsible and independent person in the interview.

Requirement number 3 - language training. To study and live for a long period abroad, a foreign student needs a good level of language skills. In the international schools of Montenegro, the training is conducted in English, so one of the criteria for admission will be demonstration of a good level of English proficiency in interviews and a certificate confirming high knowledge. Typically, the level of ownership should not be below average.

Requirement number 4 - solvency. Training prices and related costs - such as a registration fee, entrance exam fees, school uniforms, etc. - are quite high, so applicants for training must prove their solvency by providing a certificate from the bank or by paying a long period of study.

Requirement number 5 - the criterion of age. Some educational centers put forward age restrictions for foreigners, sometimes accept children over 12 years of age and, as a rule, only after reaching the age of 12, accommodation in the residence is possible.

SMAPSE is the official representative of foreign schools in Russia: the absence of mediation allows for the provision of advice and assistance in admission on a free basis. The consultants of the company you can find all the latest information on the school you are interested in and clarify the conditions for entering the schools in Montenegro.

Features of entering the leading school in Montenegro Knightsbridge International KSI Montenegro

Knightsbridge International KSI Montenegro - a prestigious English-language school, inviting children from abroad for a full educational cycle. In order to enter the school, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The pupil can enter the school at any educational level (from the age of 3 - pre-school stage - and above)
  • Prices: the cost of training is from 14000 euros per semester + the cost of exams, a deposit for training, a consular fee, a school uniform, visa fees, air travel, etc.
  • Applicants must apply at the school set deadlines and have an interview with a school representative: the director and the teacher. It is important to show your interest in entering the school, to show yourself as a responsible and independent student who is ready to live abroad
  • It is necessary to provide a list of documents translated into English and officially certified
  • The school strives to make the admission process as comfortable as possible and for this purpose offers the opportunity to start learning from several interactive programs: you can start your studies in the winter (January), spring (April) and summer (June).
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