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Conditions for admission to schools in France, the 5 most important nuances

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Conditions for admission to schools in France, the 5 most important nuances

In the schools of France for Russian schoolchildren qualitative academic programs operate, training on which will allow to obtain the necessary development and upbringing, and the result of fruitful work will be a prestigious diploma. Conditions for admission to schools in France - this is one of the primary topics that should be read by those wishing to receive secondary education in this country .

Top-5 requirements for overseas applicants for admission to schools in France

  • When choosing a prestigious school should take care of the advance preparation of documents. Deadlines for submitting documents establish schools individually, and late submission will lead to a reduction in the chances of enrollment - schoolchildren will be considered only in case of shortages, which is extremely rare for popular schools in France
  • Age of the student - for foreigners, some age-specific restrictions are possible: some schools do not accept children under 12 years old, others will have to enter another program because of the difference in the training systems of Russia and France
  • Academic training. Leading schools in France prefer smart students with good grades in the report card and high results of passed introductory tests
  • Knowledge of the language is not lower than the average level - for life and study, students from abroad will need good language skills. In interviews with representatives of the school, the children need to demonstrate good linguistic training
  • In French educational institutions, the prices for tuition are high, and the training / admission process itself can entail a large amount of expenses, so one of the requirements will be the provision of a certificate from the bank confirming the solvency. As a rule, parents are expected to pay a deposit and one or more study periods.

SMAPSE specialists will help you choose a school, program and learn everything about admission. SMAPSE is the official representative of French educational institutions in Russia, the absence of intermediaries allows all consultations to be rendered free of charge. Consider the conditions of admission to the schools of France on the example of the top educational institution.

Features of admission to the leading bording school of France Ecole des Roches

The international school-board Ecole des Roches is in the TOP-50 of private schools in France and puts forward the following conditions for admission:

  • The school has programs for children of all ages - from the age of 6, children can enter primary school, while children are accepted to board from the age of 6. The secondary school is located in Normandy, it is attended by children 12-16 years old.
  • Prices for tuition: the cost of education in an elementary school will be from 28,000 euros per year, the secondary school will cost 35,300 euros per year. Additional paid: refundable deposit 2700 euros, personal account 1500 euros, school and sports uniform 730 euros + annual fees, which includes costs for teaching materials, sports events, insurance, laundry, integration into the French education system (special program), school trips - 10150 euros.
  • The exact dates of enrollment and submission of documents are recommended to clarify with the consultants of SMAPSE.
  • Upon admission, you must provide the following documents: a report card for 2-4 years from a previous educational institution, letters of recommendation and personal achievements of the student. Also, the applicant will be asked to take a test in mathematics and a foreign language.
  • The applicant must present a certificate of language and an interview - all this is necessary in order to demonstrate a sufficient level of language for studying abroad.

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