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Description : Middle school in Concord College UK

Concord College UK
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Concord College UK In 2020 - 85% of A Level students achieved A* - A
Concord College UK
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Ranking: 85
Accommodation type: boarding house
Language of studies English
Education type: co-educational school
from £ 3850.00 / 2 weeks
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Secondary education at Concord College is a preparation for teaching at a middle school and involves acquaintance with 8 to 10 subject areas. Later, students will choose profile ones from them.

School description

The International Concord College, located near Shrewsbury, in the northwestern part of England, is a 20-hectare campus. The territory of the educational institution includes residential, academic buildings, sports complex, library, own excursion facility. Near the college there are the ruins of an ancient English castle.

The international educational institution provides high quality education in A-level, GCSE. In Concord College students from fifty countries of the world study. The popularity of the college is determined by a number of factors:

Studying in England - not only academic courses, self-development and elite sports. College students can get to know better in British traditions, culture, history. The educational institution is an hour's drive from Birmingham, the second largest city in the country. It has a great excursion potential. In Shropshire, where the college is located, there are also many interesting places.

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from 15 000 £ / term

Secondary education at Concord College is a preparation for teaching at a middle school and involves acquaintance with 8 to 10 subject areas. Later, students will choose profile ones from them.

from 15 000 £ / term

Completion of studies in grades 8-9 entails the surrender of a national uniform examination and the receipt of a GCSE certificate. Preparing for the exams of this level, the students are engaged in two years, passing three required subjects and up to 5 additional (optional). The certificate of incomplete secondary education requires successful grades in two compulsory subjects and 3 - 5 special areas. The English language of the academic program, mathematics and foreign language belong to the subjects necessary for the study of all pupils. The College specializes in French and Spanish.

Methods of mastering knowledge are characterized by diversity. The main emphasis is on working in classrooms. Practical courses contain a lot of hours of laboratory, the attention paid to the ability to independently carry out assignments and projects. Testing and questioning help to monitor the progress of students during each course.

Selective subjects for GCSE include the study of literature, legal foundations, biology, economic theory, chemistry, the basics of accounting, physics, business. Children can take courses of:

  • Drama;
  • Historical orientation;
  • Music;
  • Information technology;
  • Religion;
  • Art;
  • The basis of safe living;
  • Physical culture;
  • A complex of natural objects.
from 15 000 £ / term

The A-level program is a standard system of preparation for entering a British university. A-level education is provided in all colleges of the country, and graduates of the program are ready to receive qualification in higher education institutions.

Thanks to the passing of two-year courses in special disciplines, students fundamentally master mathematics, English and literature, geography, foreign language, chemical direction, the sphere of art, physics, a complex of historical knowledge and biology. Concord College offers Spanish, German or French lessons. The first course prepares students for 4 disciplines, the second examines 3 subjects.

In universities, students continue to master selected subjects, and the success of studying at the A-level allows entering higher institutions without entrance examinations. Graduates of Concord College traditionally receive the highest marks on the A-level. In 2009, more than 95% of students received A * -B, confirming the quality of studying and high standards of British education.

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from 3 850 £ / 2 weeks

Courses are designed for foreign students with varying degrees of proficiency in English. For three weeks of studying a child can take a course from elementary to standard or be studied right away through an intensive program. Courses usually start on June 29 and last until mid-August. Arrival of new students is planned on Sunday.

The standard summer program is designed to improve the children's communication skills, writing and stock vocabulary. Intensive program provides, in addition to the academic English course, additional hours of subject classes. Schoolchildren 13 - 17 years old can study two subjects to choose from:

  • Math;
  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics.

There are laboratory classes and constant knowledge control.

  • Concord College teachers have RSA or equivalent degrees and are native speakers.
  • For advanced studying, you need a good level of English and additional subjects, so it is not possible to combine both courses.
  • Concord College provides comprehensive development of children and, for a small supplement, complements the courses with a sports load.
  • Extra Golf. Three hours a week, students learn the basics of golf with experienced coaches. Individual lessons are possible. For the lessons in the golf club there is no surcharge.
  • Extra Tennis. Pupils spend in small groups on tennis courts three hours a week. Rent of rackets is possible.
  • Extra Horse-Riding. The college cooperates with the riding school and offers students to master riding in the pen and jumping on horses. There are classes for 14 people 3 hours a week. You do not have to count on renting shoes for riding on the spot, and the school helmets provide.

The level of knowledge entering the summer courses is determined by testing. Depending on the results, small groups of schoolchildren from different countries are formed. This encourages communication in English and better mastering of the material.
Accommodation. The female and male parts of the living quarters are located separately. The rooms are designed for one or two people. The curator lives with the children and assists with adaptation, is responsible for safety, resolves conflicts between schoolchildren.
For coordination in the educational process there is a director for studying. The medical center deals with health problems, you can also contact the director of summer courses for help in resolving the issues that arise.
Three meals a day are provided for the students in the canteen. The preparation of dishes is done by a professional chef. There is a possibility to use the laundry once a week.

Concord College pays much attention to sports development. On campus there are tennis courts, a swimming pool, several grounds for basketball players and a football field. Girls can be interested in classes in the fitness center. Fans of rock climbing will have access to a special wall under the supervision of practitioners. We also allow free access to computer rooms. The possibilities of independent and additional classes are provided at the expense of the library and laboratories.

It's nice to spend extracurricular time in a cinema or theater. The college regularly conducts excursions, provides lessons in drawing or visiting the ice rink. Recreational activities also include horse riding and hiking in the bowling clubs.

A transfer to the college is provided and included in the fee for summer courses. A prerequisite is the arrival at Heathrow during working hours (8 - 17). Departure is also provided by the college (9 - 17 hours).

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