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What is tutelage: allowance for pupils of English schools

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What is tutelage: allowance for pupils of English schools

This article was mainly for parents who want to send their child to English school . Guardianship is a national legal requirement for all underage children in the UK. We will explain to you why the choice of agency and guardian is so important, where to find them and how to hire, why this issue should be decided in advance, which is within the scope of the guardian's responsibilities.

What is guardianship?

Great Britain can be safely called one of the most popular countries in the world for education - and secondary, and higher, and professional. Every year thousands of children come here - according to the latest statistics, Britishprivate schools annually accept up to 20,000 foreign students, and most of them have not yet reached the age of majority. According to the Children's Act of 1989, every child must have an official guardian for the entire period of his education, and the guardian must necessarily be a British citizen, since he is legally responsible for his ward in the territory of the United Kingdom.

What are the responsibilities of the guardian?

So, the main tasks that the guardian should solve as they arise are included in the following list:

  • Resolving all issues where parental involvement is required

While studying in the UK, it is the guardian who is the full "equivalent" of parent decisions and presence

    [999.19 ] Transport and Transfer Questions
  • Maintaining communication with the school administration and teachers

If the child has any difficulties or difficulties in the school, it is the guardian who will be the first to know about it and will undertake any kind of work, Then actions to resolve the situation.

  • Reports on the progress of the child, communication between the administration and staff of the school, the child and parents
  • Accommodation

The guardian is obliged to check whether suitable and comfortable conditions Are provided to the child in the boarding school. If a week-long boarding school was chosen, the guardian weekly takes the student for a weekend at his own house; Also in the guardian's house, holidays and weekends are held, when the school is closed.

A large number of professional, licensed agencies operate in the UK, and a special Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS) has been established: they can be contacted and discussed with a list of services, the process of registering guardianship and payment.

What should I consider when choosing a guardian?

Direct selection of an agency and a guardian is of paramount importance, since this person will be next to your child and will temporarily represent your interests in the UK. We recommend choosing a guardian while choosing the British school, so that both processes go in parallel: thus, you insure yourself against various delays, and the entire procedure for entering and leaving forstudies in the UK will be conducted on time.

So, what is the ideal custody service provided?

  • Full responsibility on behalf of the parents
  • Providing emergency medical assistance, accompanying the student to the hospital and the clinic if necessary
  • Resolving residence issues (on boarding school and at home on weekends, holidays)
  • Obtaining a visa and medical insurance
  • Solving additional financial issues (for example, assisting in bank transfers, providing requisites and reporting)
  • The solution of all transport issues: a return trip, a meeting and seeing off at the airport and railway station, the organization of additional trips - for example, during the weekend or vacation
  • If possible, organization of tutoring, individual classes, additional supporting courses, test exams and tests (if the child needs it)
  • Monitoring progress and providing parents with full detailed reports
  • Presence at school events and parental meetings, regular visits to the student on campus.

An ideal guardian is the combination of an "older brother" and a strict mentor that will help the child navigate the new educational environment And faster to achieve good academic results. On average, respected and prestigious guardianship agencies charge for an expanded, full range of services from £ 3000 per semester - we will help you choose the best option for both price and set of obligations.

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