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TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in China where international students can get preparation courses for admission to university

Education information

Every year China attracts many foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services, interesting culture and unique culture. SMAPSE offers TOP-10 prestigious Chinese schools and colleges that provide high-quality preparation courses that will help enter prestigious universities in China and in the world. Studying in one of 10 best schools in China gives a great opportunity to get deep knowledge and open wide career prospects in the future.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in China where international students can get preparation courses for admission to university

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Higher education in China: rating, advantages, features

As for the prestige and quality of the knowledge gained, the above figures speak for themselves. The Chinese government is making efforts to increase the overall level of programs, reorganize the system of national academic education in general and bring studies in the top 100 best universities in the country in full compliance with international standards, and ensure high-quality preparation for a university in China.

Wishing to take one of the leading positions in the world market of academic education in the near future not only by the criterion of the number of students, but also by the criterion of the quality and competitiveness of the acquired knowledge and skills of graduates, China at the federal level draws attention to the following components of the learning process:

  • regular verification of the level of knowledge of teachers
  • fight against corruption inside colleges and polytechnics
  • development of research centers based on universities
  • home improvement for students
  • stability of financing to improve the material base of educational institutions
  • improving the infrastructure of universities for the systematic development of personality (the presence on the basis of universities of sports sections, communities of interest, clinics).

The coordinated and focused efforts of the authorities are bearing fruit: in 2018, 21 universities managed to enter the list of 500 best in the world (data published by the authoritative international ranking of universities QS World University Rankings).

Foreign job prospects

Education at top universities in China , as well as preparation for a university in China, can be conducted both with the study of English (including full English), and exclusively in Chinese . In any case, students will benefit: both languages are international and accepted around the world for communication in business circles. In fact, knowing both English and the language of hieroglyphs, one can be 100% sure of further employment in the field of management in any economic segment - both in Asian countries and in the Western world.

In connection with the growing power of the Chinese economy, European educational institutions open their branches there. As part of their activities, they hold professional exhibitions, where for the best students there is a chance to get an internship in one of the European companies with a further prospect of entering the permanent staff.

List of Benefits of Chinese Academic Education

One of the key advantages of higher education in China is its cost.

Although China is a promising, rapidly developing country, the average price for an academic degree is many times lower than if an applicant wanted to graduate from a bachelor's, master's or doctoral program in the same specialty in Europe or North America. And at the same time, the relatively affordable cost of programs does not necessarily mean the worst quality of graduate training - this is eloquently evidenced by the fact that Chinese universities annually enter the various international ratings of educational institutions.

Excellent command of the Chinese language is an indirect but significant advantage of education in China. Even if you master the programs of banking, business management or go to study at a medical university - one way or another, and mastery of the state language of the republic. Even in the case of teaching in English (which is found, but not common), domestic life and culture of the country will force and help to learn the language of hieroglyphs. Chinese remains one of the 6 official languages of the UN and a business mediator in Asia.

The government is deliberately working to improve the status of diplomas received in China: as part of this task, an agreement has been signed on the mutual recognition of academic degrees with 64 countries of the world, including Russia. So, having graduated from one of the Chinese universities, you can become a recognized specialist far beyond the borders of the republic itself.

Prices for China's Higher Education

Education in the top 3 top elite universities in China can cost about $ 90 thousand per year: these figures are due to the exceptionally rich infrastructure and outstanding research work within the institutions. At the same time, prices in other educational institutions of the top ten most prestigious universities in the country are several times lower. The table below shows the comparative amount required to pay for studies at 7 rating universities.

The name of the university

Program; language of instruction

Cost per year

Henan daxue

Undergraduate, State

from 5000 $

Huanghe Shuili Zhiye Jishu Xueyuan

Undergraduate, State

from 5000 $

Mandarin House Hong Kong

Undergraduate studies; state

from 6000 $

Beijing Union University

Undergraduate studies; state

from $ 30,000

Istituto Maranoni Shanghai

Master, English

from $ 25,000

HULT International Business School

Master, English

from $ 46,000

Zhejiang University (Zheda)

Undergraduate, State

from 5000 $

When preparing for university, you should be aware that not always mandatory costs are directly included in the tuition fee. This is possible if we are talking about private closed colleges, where full board is provided, but if other forms of educational institutions are preferred, then you need to remember that for Russian students, expenses for:

  • medical checkup
  • rent a dorm room or apartment
  • Internet, utilities
  • food, transport, necessary things for life.

On average, one year of living and studying in China will cost 15-17 thousand dollars (the cost of training itself is about 5 thousand in the case of this example).

To get more detailed and accurate information about the cost and features of training at the university of your interest, write to us - we are online! We can provide comprehensive answers for free and dispel any doubt.
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