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Study building in 7 best institutions in Europe and other countries abroad: study fees, rankings, list of institutions

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Here's the list of 7 most trusted institutions where you can study building in Europe and other countries abroad. You can browse the information about institutions listed below, the cost of the programs, rankings, photos, videos, reviews. Our specialist consultants are always here to help you choose the best school or university. FREE enrolment services into partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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Education in the field of architecture at universities in English-speaking countries for foreign students

A country




Cost per year


Great Britain

Cambridge University

Architecture ba

3 years


110 / 7.5

Great Britain

University of Northumbria

Architecture ba

Architecture MArch

3 years

2 years


- / 6.0–6.5


University of Waterloo

Bachelor of architectural studies

Master of architecture

5 years

2 years



90 / 6.5–7.0


Ryerson University


Master of architecture

4 years

2 years



85 / 6.5


University of Melbourne

Bachelor of design

Master of architecture

3 years

3 years



79 / 6.5

New Zealand

University of Victoria

Bachelor of architectural studies

Master of Architecture (Professional)

3 years

2 years



80–90 / 6.0–6.5

UK Architectural Education

A foreign student, in order to enter the UK undergraduate program in architectural specialties, will have to pass A-levels in the main subjects: mathematics, English, natural sciences; alternatively, you can master similar IB programs. You can become a full-fledged architect only after passing the recognition procedure for the education of the architect RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects):

  • ARB / RIBA (Part 1) - three to four years of study in BA or BSc programs in architecture, then practice for one year
  • ARB / RIBA (Part 2) - two-year study program in the Master of Architecture or MArch
  • RIBA (Part 3) - internship after graduation and final exams.

Architectural education in Canada

Structurally, Canadian architectural education is similar to American.

  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies - “pre-professional” degree, 4-year study period. He guarantees a working position in the field of architectural management, design in many related fields.
  • Bachelor of Architecture is an architect’s diploma in five years. An exception are the programs of French-speaking Quebec, where they study architecture for four years, subject to the preliminary completion of a two-year college.
  • M.Arch - Master's programs for holders of a bachelor's degree in architectural or related specialties.

Architecture and Civil Engineering in Australia

Universities in Australia do not recognize the general concept of "Bachelor of Architecture." As in the United Kingdom, the programs of each university have different names, but the duration of all is three years, for example:

  • Bachelor of Design and Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Planning and Design
  • Bachelor of Architectural Design
  • Bachelor of Urban Engineering and Design.

To become a full-fledged architect, a student after completing a Bachelor's degree in a highly specialized field needs to spend another two or three years on a magistracy (M.Arch) + two more years of practical work separate the graduate from accreditation.

Architectural education in New Zealand

In the small state of New Zealand, there are three accredited architecture schools: Queen's University of Wellington, University of Auckland, and Unitech.

The main difference here is the name of the programs: getting a master's degree in architecture (English Master of Architecture (Professional) will allow you to become a licensed architect. The internship takes from two to three years for the holder of the diploma.

Career prospects of university graduates in the field of architecture

Architectural education is not easy to obtain, but it is in demand and opens up excellent career opportunities. The advantages of education in the field of building abroad:

  • overcoming the language barrier
  • an opportunity to implement projects in promising construction and real estate markets
  • an opportunity to get a position in international companies and abroad without additional tests.

The average salary for construction professionals in the United States :

  • Architect - 84 470USD per year,
  • Designer - 54,290USD,
  • Landscape designer - up to 65 000USD,
  • A professor of architecture at the university - about 77 000USD,
  • Construction manager - about 100,000USD.

TOP universities abroad in the field of architecture

English-speaking states have a long tradition of compiling rankings for universities and specialties. To become a student at a leading university in the UK or the USA, to put it mildly, is not easy and very expensive. Average annual tuition fees in the USA will be 30,000 USD, in Europe - 12,000 USD. Second-tier universities should not be disdain: you don’t have to pay extra for a “brand”, and diplomas are recognized by employers of the whole planet.

In 2019, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) became the leader in the ranking of world architectural universities of the world, which was made by the British consulting company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). Further settled down:

Features of admission to foreign universities for studying building and architecture

For studying building and related specialties a deep knowledge of mathematics, a creative core and a love of art (in specialties with a bias towards architecture and design), as well as a readiness for long-term studying and internship are necessary.

Applicants who have mastered the academic program of a secondary school in the country of study (or a school in other countries with an international diploma) have a considerable advantage upon admission: A-level, IB, High-School. Having set a high goal to enter the top architectural university in the United States, think about High school Diploma program after 8, 9 or 10 grades.

Standard list of documents for admission to universities abroad:

  • Certificate of secondary education \ bachelor \ master's diploma
  • Motivation letter
  • Two academic letters of recommendation
  • Letter of recommendation from the employer (for applicants to the magistracy)
  • Summary
  • The official certificate of successful passing the test in a foreign language - IELTS, TOEFL, DALF, etc.
  • Copy of the first page of a foreign passport
  • Jpg photo
  • Awards, diplomas - everything that speaks in favour of the applicant when deciding on admission.

The rules for submitting documents to European universities are strict and vary based on the requirements of the selection committee. It is necessary to prepare for admission in advance, at least one year after finding out all the conditions.

Creative portfolio for international students

When entering an architectural specialty, a creative portfolio plays a key role - it is a demonstration of analytical and creative skills, technical skills. Portfolio may include:

  • sketches 
  • blueprints
  • 3D graphics, graphic design and animation
  • homemade jewelry
  • crafts made of ceramics, metal, wood
  • web design
  • videos or photos
  • collages
  • own research on design, architecture.

The folder should contain the work performed over the past 2-3 years, so that the commission has the opportunity to assess the dynamics of the development of the applicant's abilities. The ability to correctly position one’s work, a non-standard approach, self-criticism and the ability to look at an object in an abstract, objective way is appreciated. You must be prepared to demonstrate your skills in a personal interview.

The commissions of specialties related to architecture are somewhat less strict: graphic or landscape design, interior design, and others.

Popular American universities in the field of building, tuition fees



Cost per year



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Master of Architecture



Yale University

Master of Architecture



University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Master of Architecture



90 / 7.0

Boston College of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

Master of Architecture



79 / 6.5

US applicants have two main ways to obtain an architectural education.

First way:

  • obtaining a Bachelor of science degree (BS) in architecture at a 4-year university program,
  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) for two years.
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