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Camps in England with English studies, England camps for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

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Camps in England with English studies, England camps for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

Learning English in summer schools and linguistic camps in the UK is an ideal summer vacation option for foreigners and Russian children, teenagers and students. In Britain, you can find vacation programs of different types: it can be language and academic courses, or adventure, sports and creative. With the choice of the appropriate option, it is best to focus on the child, his age and interests. By the way, the programs of language centers and linguistic camps in England are so diverse that they are suitable even for children with zero knowledge of English.

Foreign summer schools will help students from different countries improve their English skills in a short time, as well as make new friends and generally spend an unforgettable vacation!

In Britain there are several dozens of vacation linguistic schools and language camps, which differ in location, prestige and cost. Many training centers with the study of English are located in the British megacities, some are located in such student cities as Oxford or Cambridge , and the rest - in a quiet suburb.

Summer language camps are usually organized on the basis of year-round educational institutions, such as private schools, colleges or universities, so summer students also have access to the campus infrastructure of various educational institutions. The equipment in British schools is excellent: bright auditoriums, interactive equipment, computer classes and a library, a dining room, sports grounds, studios for creative pursuits and much more.

The programs of the children's camps in England are also diverse: many of them combine with sports English (horse riding, tennis, football, rugby, golf, yachting) or creativity (music, dance, theater, photography, cinema, design). In addition, British language schools accept students with different language levels from primary to advanced, so for a trip abroad for the summer, a teenager and a schoolboy do not need to know the language perfectly!

On the day of arrival, all students are divided into groups of 10-12 people according to the starting knowledge, this is done through special testing. Academic English classes are held daily from Monday to Friday: the training load can be either standard (15-2 hours a week) or intensive (20-30 hours). The choice of the load will depend on the goals of each student. Based on the tasks of the students, summer schools also offer several variants of language programs: general English course, preparatory for passing international examinations, preparation for admission to a foreign university and others.

The educational process is built taking into account the age characteristics of students: for junior classes (6-9 years) this is a format for games, for adolescents (10-14 years) - interactive and team work, and high school students 16-18 years old get knowledge in a more academic format .

Leading summer schools with studying English in Britain: list, rating, prices, reviews

Schools in Britain are popular with foreigners and Russian students, so dozens of students from different countries come to them every year:

  • Brighton College . This is a summer school, organized on the basis of an elite private school in the British city of Brighton. It is a popular seaside resort, where many tourists and students from different countries come every year. The summer school invites children, teenagers and young people from 9 to 17 years to an unforgettable bright vacation with immersion in British color. The cost of training will be from 880 pounds per week.
  • Bede's Lancing College . The prestigious summer school of the linguistic center Bede's is organized on the basis of one of the best and oldest English schools - Lancing College. During the holidays, we are glad to see children aged 13-18 years, and courses such as the standard English Plus program and the preparation for Cambridge FCE and CAE examinations for high school students are offered for studying. The cost of training with boarding - from 1200 pounds sterling for one week.
  • Studio Cambridge Sir William . This is one of the best and famous summer camps in London, which is based on the territory of the prestigious British university - Richmond the American International University. The campus of the summer school is located in one of the most beautiful urban areas. Foreign students 14-17 years old can come here for the summer holidays. The cost of training will be from 1800 pounds sterling for 2 weeks (with meals and accommodation in the residence).
  • Sidcot School . On the territory of this prestigious private boarding school is the summer language camp of the organization Academic Summer . From July to August the school territory accepts foreign children, schoolchildren and students from 13 to 18 years. As part of the program, the students learn English in combination with academic subjects (mathematics, economics, business, art). Also here you can take the preparation program for the IELTS exam . The cost of training in the summer school Academic Summer will be from 1080 pounds sterling for one week.
  • Bell The Leys School Cambridge . It is a prestigious language school located in Cambridge. The training center is part of the international educational association BELL International. The campus of the school is located in the heart of the student city, so the students will have something to do here in their leisure time! The summer school invites teenagers from 12 to 17 years to spend a bright vacation, to tighten the level of English and feel like a student of one of their oldest universities in the country. The teachers will work with the children, who themselves received their education in Cambridge. The cost of training - from 2600 pounds sterling for 2 weeks.
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