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Camps in Canada with the study of English for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

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Camps in Canada with the study of English for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

Canada today is one of the world's leaders in education: both at the school and university levels, and in the field of short-term education. Vacation programs that combine study and leisure, combining linguistic, academic and adventure aspects, are in constant demand among schoolchildren and adolescents from around the world. Camps are conducted by prestigious educational institutions, including those who occupy the first lines of ratings. English in Canada is on the first place in terms of the number of speakers (about 20 million people), because there are traditionally strong language schools and institutions.

Camps in Canada: the best place to learn English

The popularity and attractiveness of summer education in Canada is due to several reasons:

  • One of the best education systems in the world
  • Available in a lot of prestigious establishments
  • Effective combination of study, rest, physical activity and creativity
  • Organization at the highest level
  • Help and support from employees
  • Adaptation to lifestyles and norms of behavior
  • Variety of training programs
  • Accommodation in a comfortable environment
  • 100% security
  • Fast progress
  • Active rest and a lot of pleasant impressions
  • Participants from all over the world.
  • The training is conducted on the basis of secondary and higher educational institutions , linguistic and educational centers in June, July and August. Duration varies from 1 to 6 weeks (but there are also longer). Summer camp is necessarily a combination of active rest and study - students choose for themselves interesting activities and hobbies from the sections:

  • Sport
  • Creation
  • Academic course
  • Recreation and entertainment.
  • Language training takes place in small groups, in a comfortable working atmosphere, using the most advanced developments and technologies. Participants are divided by age and level of ownership. All teachers have high qualifications and experience working with foreign students, to each student they find an individual approach and help to reveal talents. Classes are held on weekdays before lunch, depending on the purpose of participation, you can choose one of the options:

  • Standard Course
  • Intensive
  • "English as a Second Language"
  • Preparation for TOEFL or IELTS
  • Academic language
  • Development of a certain aspect (for example, the writer's talent is Creative Writing).
  • In certain cases, the summer camp can be used as a "springboard" for admission to English-speaking schools in Canada, the United States or other countries. Strict academic courses are aimed at developing skills of critical thinking, communication, research skills. Each student receives a confirmatory certificate and improves his portfolio.

    The host party takes care of all issues related to accommodation and meals. There are several comfortable types of accommodation, each of which is unique in its own way. Types of accommodation:

  • Residence. Accommodation on campus in rooms in a 1- or 2-bed bedroom with their peers. A large set of amenities and utilities - living rooms, lounges, laundry, security, assistance and advice. 3-5 meals a day, a balanced diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Host family. Full immersion in the lifestyle of the country and the province, active linguistic practice through communication with the carriers. Families are carefully selected, the child lives in a separate bedroom, constantly spending time with family members. Breakfast and dinner are usually held at home, lunch - in the camp.
  • Hotel / apartments / individual accommodation. In some cases, pupils are accommodated in hotels or hotels or choose accommodation themselves. All the nuances of this placement are discussed separately, taking into account the wishes and goals of a particular person.
  • The cost varies depending on the institution, content and other factors, usually the total price includes:

  • Language lessons
  • Activity (physical, creative)
  • Leisure activities (including excursions and entertainment)
  • Academic disciplines (if any)
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Medical insurance (not always!).
  • Do not forget about those expenses that are not included in the basic cost: air travel, visa processing, pocket expenses, additional classes. For admission, you must file an application, prepare the necessary documents, make payment and then proceed with the visa application. Parents / representatives should remember that it is better to reserve seats in advance, since the demand for summer camps in Canada is very high.

    The best summer children's camps in Canada for Russian schoolchildren

    Examples of summer camps in Canada:

  • Brentwood College School (Victoria, British Columbia). Exploration (12-14 years): mathematics, exact and natural sciences, art and creativity, humanities, social sciences. Engagement (14-18 years): art and creativity, science, business, economics, computer science and programming, robotics, application development, ecology, humanitarian subjects, mathematics, public speaking and debate skills. From 6000 Canadian dollars for 3 weeks.
  • Albert College (Belleville, Ontario). Physical activity: football, billiards, squash, basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, frisbee, fitness and fitness hall, swimming. Excursions and leisure: Niagara Falls, a tour to the "Thousand Islands", a national exhibition in Toronto, a Canadian amusement park, a theatrical show in the Medieval Times; bowling, paintball, mini golf, cinema, concerts, shopping. From 4400 $ CAD for 3 weeks.
  • Village Cams Lakefield (Lakefield, Ontario). Regular ESL + Intensive ESL: regular or intensive English as a Foreign Language course, effective language level improvement. Activities Camp: a list of more than 20 activities, including tennis, windsurfing, canoeing, archery. Wilderness Education: education in the bosom of nature - hiking, camp setting, orienteering, mountaineering, familiarity with the traditions and culture of the country. From 3600 $ CAD for 2 weeks.
  • European Center EC Montreal (Montreal, Quebec). One of the best language schools in the country. Provides quality English training and active recreation for teenagers and senior students. From 1000 $ CAD per week.
  • Bodwell High School (Vancouver, British Columbia). It is based on the campuses of three provincial universities: University of British Columbia (Vancouver), University of Victoria (Victoria) and Quest University (Whistler and Squamish). You can use all the features of campuses; a large number of holidays and events are held, the team spirit, personal talents and abilities develop. From 4300 $ CAD for 2 weeks.
  • A summer camp in Canada is a great opportunity for schoolchildren and teenagers from all over the world to have a fun and useful vacation, to get a lot of impressions and make new friends!

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