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Camps in Cambridge with the study of English camp in Cambridge for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

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Camps in Cambridge with the study of English camp in Cambridge for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

Cambridge is a world-famous student city, which houses one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is undoubtedly the best university in the country. This city is in the east of the UK in Cambridgeshire. Cambridge University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe, which gave the world about 100 Nobel laureates. All this determined the unique atmosphere of the city, permeated with interest in knowledge and scientific discoveries.

Summer training programs in Cambridge are a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the student atmosphere of one of the best cities in the world, which is a model and the world standard of education. Vacation programs give children and adolescents a chance to learn the traditions of England, noticeably improve their language level and find friends from all over the world. Communication in a multicultural environment is the first step for admission to a foreign educational institution. To more effectively develop the language skills of adolescents, it is necessary to choose language camps where there are few Russian children: the ethnic composition of the group will give children the opportunity and the desire to practice the language even after classes. Also this will significantly increase the practice of the language, for example, children and adolescents will be able to imperceptibly receive a unique experience of communication in English while communicating with peers.

Children's linguistic camps in Cambridge are a great place for teenagers from all over the world, where they can spend the summer communicating in English with friends from different countries. Study and rest will create a unique cocktail of memories, emotions and knowledge for your child.

The advantages of studying in the Cambridge Linguistic Camps

The teaching of English in one of the capitals of the formation of the English-speaking world has a number of advantages that start from teaching methods and are injected into the very atmosphere of the city.

Great Britain is a country that occupies a leading position in the world education market, and Cambridge is a real gem of this country's education. Here you can find prestigious universities , elite colleges and the best schools , and all this creates an excellent base for creating summer camps. Cambridge vacation programs are held on the basis of leading educational institutions, which determines the availability of modern equipment and comfortable campuses. All teachers have high qualifications and extensive work experience, which makes the training not only effective, but also interesting for children and teenagers.

Entering the summer program of Cambridge can a teenager with any level of English, even children with zero language skills will feel comfortable due to the wide variety of educational programs and their levels. Most often, children and adolescents are divided into groups, depending on age, language level and national composition.

Another advantage is the high security of the country: sending teenagers to Cambridge, parents can be sure that their children will be in perfect order.

Excellent reviews and the results of previous students will be an additional guarantee that the child will be able to spend a delightful vacation in this country.

Orientation of training on the student will allow teenagers to find new interests, to reveal their talents and to feel confident in their abilities. The small size of the groups will give enough attention to each student.

A huge influence on the choice of the summer camp is its extracurricular and excursion program. All summer camps in Cambridge have a rich, and most importantly, an interesting program of leisure activities.

Summer training programs: features and conditions of vacation programs.

A feature of children's vacation programs is their diversity. A huge number of educational institutions offer their unique summer programs with the study of English. Traditionally, linguistic camps provide an English language course for teenagers during the summer holidays. Such a program usually includes 20 to 30 English classes per week (depending on the school) and a wide variety of creative circles, sports sections and other activities for teenagers (for example, movie night or sports events).

An interesting kind of vacation programs are courses created for teenagers who have decided on the future field of activity. They include programs for future businessmen and managers (leadership courses, business English, etc.), for beginning lawyers (for example, law courses), for young doctors (for example, courses in medicine), as well as for future singers and actors and much more.

Adventure programs involve hiking and getting to know the unique natural sights of the country. Some Cambridge camps also offer training programs closely related to sports (English + football, English + swimming and others).

Admission to the summer linguistic program does not require additional knowledge or collection of documents. Thanks to a wide choice of courses and levels of study, children with any level of language can feel comfortable. So, all students undergo a special test for knowledge of English before the beginning of the course for the allocation of students to groups, depending on their level of knowledge.

Extra-curricular activities and excursions in the language camps of Cambridge

A wide range of leisure activities and an interesting excursion program is an integral part of vacation programs. The choice of a rich leisure program will be a defining step for your child's wonderful and memorable vacations.

Excursions usually include visits to attractions such as:

  • University of Cambridge
  • Botanical Garden
  • Zoo museum
  • Museum of the History of Science Whipple
  • Museum of Archeology and Anthropology
  • The Renaissance Library
  • King's College
  • Emmanuel College
  • Church of the Holly Sepulcher
  • Capilla Royal College
  • Church of Saint Benet
  • Church of St. Mary and much more.

Extracurricular activities of the summer camps in Cambridge usually include a variety of creative circles (for example, dancing, singing, drawing, etc.), sports sections (football, golf, swimming, etc.), as well as concerts, cinema night, parties and discos.

Rating of the best camps for teenagers for the holidays

The top 10 best camps in Cambridge include:

Some language camps from the list offer a wide range of interesting training programs. So, the summer academic camp at the University of Cambridge rightfully takes the leading position in the rating. It is a prestigious linguistic camp with unique and effective training programs, conducts courses in law, leadership, engineering, international relations, economics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine and many others.

Tuition fees in summer camps in Cambridge

The price of training is formed depending on the prestige of the chosen school, the duration of the course and its complexity, additional activities and excursion trips.

The cost of training includes lessons on the chosen program, all the necessary teaching materials, accommodation and meals, extra-curricular activities, and some sightseeing trips. The average price for training for two weeks is from 2500 £ to 3000 £.

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