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Camps in Barcelona with the study of English, the camp in Barcelona for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

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Camps in Barcelona with the study of English, the camp in Barcelona for teenagers and schoolchildren for the summer holidays

Summer, held in the children's camp in Barcelona , will improve the knowledge of a foreign language, as well as be remembered for an exciting adventure and complete rest. This will be facilitated by well-designed programs that combine intensive academic studies with a rich cultural component: study and rest will be the best recipe for a vacation with learning English (or another foreign language).

Features of summer school and leisure for children in Barcelona

  • Barcelona is today becoming an increasingly popular educational center, where students from all over the world come. Outside of any competition are programs for the study of art, actively developing the top programs of information technology, ecology, design and graphics. Organizers of children's holiday in the vacation period seek to invest the best in the programs of camps for schoolchildren in order to interest future students and inspire for further education.
  • Linguistic programs are made by experienced teachers, often teachers of universities in the country , coming to summer in the most prestigious and leading summer camps and schools in Barcelona .
  • In summer camps, teaching staff are native speakers with years of experience working with children.
  • High effectiveness of the courses allows you to achieve an individual approach, so students are engaged in small groups of 6 to 12 people.
  • Especially popular in Barcelona are combined programs, which consist of an academic unit (learning a foreign language) and additional, for example, professional sports. Football camps combining language learning with football training, popular adventure camps and schools for Russian and foreigners have become especially popular, even for children with zero knowledge of the language.
  • With regard to accommodation, there are several options to choose from: living on campus in comfortable residences or in host families, and also full-time education in the camp (in which case the child lives with his parents in Barcelona). As well as the camps of Barcelona offer the opportunity to visit only language classes in the camp.

The best camps in Barcelona and prices

  • The private school of Agora is very prestigious, which has proved itself as corresponding to the highest educational standards. Top programs for learning English and Spanish are offered for schoolchildren aged from 3 to 14 years. Course duration - from 1 to 5 weeks. In addition to academic studies in a foreign language, very interesting programs for music, sports, theatrical and cultural activities are offered. All schoolchildren of the camp are involved in the sporting life of the camp, master new sports and participate in various competitions. The cost of training for the week will be from 175 €.
  • Barcelona Experience is a children's football camp that will allow young football lovers to devote maximum attention to improving their sports skills, as well as effectively practicing a foreign language. For a more comfortable pastime in the camp there are Russian-speaking counselors who act as intermediaries between students and football coaches. Leaders will help Russian children adapt to the interethnic environment. All camp coaches are certified coaches of the Football Federation of Catalonia. Children from 5 to 15 years old are invited to the camp. The cost of training per week will be from 1,170 €.
  • A summer camp at the prestigious private school Sotogrande International School offers a variety of language programs. Among them are the following: "Summer English for children, for schoolchildren" from the age of 8 to 14, and "Summer English for Teens" implies, in addition to studying horseback riding. Students age: 14 to 17 years. The cost of training will be from 2500 €.
  • In the world-famous business school, EU Business School, there are summer English courses for undergraduate students, recent graduates and young professionals. Students are expected to attend lectures on such topics as "Business Communication", "Innovations and Entrepreneurship". Cognitive will be visits to successful Barcelona companies for a real understanding of how firms work abroad. In addition to the academic component of the students are waiting for unforgettable excursions and walks around the city. The cost is from 3150 € for 3 weeks of training in the camp.
  • The prestigious Caxton College offers programs based on the programs of the British system of education . Programs for students are diverse: you can study English and play tennis, improving the sports skills of the game (and the program is suitable for beginners and experienced tennis players). There is also a course that combines training sessions and football training, programs that focus on the cultural and entertainment component.
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