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Camps abroad with studying English, camp abroad for teenagers and schoolchildren for summer holidays

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Camps abroad with studying English, camp abroad for teenagers and schoolchildren for summer holidays

Foreign language camps with the study of English provide an opportunity for children, schoolchildren and students not only to benefit from the summer months, but also to have a rest. Today, a large number of linguistic schools , language centers and camps operate abroad, so it is possible to find a variant suitable for different parameters in any country. Especially popular among foreigners and Russian students are not just language camps, but thematic ones - academic, adventure, creative, sports and so on.

Study and rest abroad: children's and youth camps for the summer

The daily routine in language schools abroad usually looks almost identical. During the summer holidays, students are usually offered a standard program of studying English - this is 15-20 academic hours per week. The minimum duration of training is 1-2 weeks. Usually English classes take place in the morning, and after lunch, students have time for physical activity or hobbies. In the evenings, events are organized where the children can get to know other students and practice their language. In most European countries, summer schools start working in July, and finish in August, with fewer linguistic summer camps that begin recruiting students in June. The duration of training is also different in different camps: it can be as one week or 4-6 weeks. The most common course takes two weeks.

You can start studying in a foreign camp at any age and with different language levels - linguistic centers are ready to offer their students programs of all kinds, from elementary to advanced. The format of a summer language school in Britain , the United States , Canada or another English-speaking country will be comfortable even for children and adolescents with zero language knowledge.

Many summer schools and language camps are held in private schools, colleges or universities - so students can enjoy all the infrastructure capabilities of different campuses. In good educational institutions there are sports facilities for football, tennis, basketball and not only; Also on the territory of the summer language school there are necessarily studios of creativity, a stage for the theatrical circle and so on.

Separately, one can single out the excursion block in the summer camp program, which takes quite a few hours in the weekly schedule: field trips to key places of interest in the city or country of study are held at least once a week, and every day on Saturday and Sunday.

Throughout the whole training with the pupils of the language school or the training center there is one of the personnel - a teacher, educator or counselor. On the one hand, this increases the safety of students, especially the youngest ones (you can get into a foreign language camp starting from the age of 6). On the other hand, constant communication with the native English speaker directly contributes to the speed and effectiveness of learning a foreign language.

For placement of students, children's vacation camps abroad offer several options for accommodation - this may be the residence of the school or the host family.

Leading and top summer schools for foreigners and Russian students: list, rating, prices, reviews

Among the linguistic schools there are educational institutions, the most popular among foreign students. It is not necessarily prestigious and elite educational centers, because abroad the quality of educational services is not affected by the title - the level is everywhere equally high.

  • Mill Hill Summer School . One of these places is a British school located in the heart of the UK. The summer program for children and teenagers aged 12-17 includes an academic English course + lessons in mathematics, science, creativity and sports. The intensity of the program is 15 hours per week. Duration of training can be from 2 to 8 weeks, and the cost - from 1225 £ / 2 weeks.
  • GEOS. The international network of training centers has branches in various countries, several dozen are located in the United States. One of the language camps GEOS is located in New York in the heart of Manhattan - here students can learn English and teens from 14 years to 21 years. The cost of training is from $ 800.
  • St Giles. Another international organization for conducting language courses for children, adolescents and students. For example, in Canada, the school has campuses in two cities - Toronto and Vancouver . Both schools are organized on the basis of private boarding schools, where the most comfortable conditions for study and living are created. The cost of training for the week will be from 1800 $ CAD.
  • LAL. International company for conducting language courses for children, having offices throughout Europe and even in South Africa! The LAL Language School in Cape Town offers tuition for pupils 13-17 years old on a full board basis (three meals + accommodation). The program is suitable for children who have basic knowledge of English. Tuition for one week will be from 755 €.
  • MSM. The MSM Academy is an international language center offering a variety of programs: from courses to maintain the level to preparation for entering universities in different countries abroad. Not only English, but also German or Czech languages are available for study. Tuition fee per week is from 540 €.
  • English Language Camp Ireland (ELCI). School of English for children and adolescents 12-17 years old, located in the west of Ireland. The language program combined with a rich leisure program of evening and afternoon activities. The minimum duration of the course is 2 weeks with an academic load of 15 lessons. The cost is from 750 €.

A complete list of popular language schools and camps with studying English abroad can be found on our website.

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