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Design course in British Higher School of Art and Design

British Higher School of Art and Design
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90000.00 ₽ / 3 weeks
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Program name
03.08.2020 - 21.08.2020
from 90000.00 ₽ / 3 weeks
from 90000.00 ₽ / 3 weeks
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year



In this category short-term courses (usually up to 3 months) are presented in the most diverse areas of design and visual art. You can finish one of the programs presented to improve your qualifications and competitiveness on labour market, to gain new valuable knowledge and skills.

1. Lettering

Letters are often confused with calligraphy: but if calligraphy is a beautiful and diverse writing of letters and symbols, then lettingering is more focused on their harmonious and efficient arrangement in space, building letters, symbols, figures, etc. from letters. The course is perfect for those who have already worked with letitings and printed design: publishers, illustrators, art directors, etc. Main directions and themes are the following:

  • Lettering and sketching
  • Lettering and calligraphy
  • History of discipline
  • Lettering and font
  • Lettering in graphic design.

Additionally, students learn to effectively and competently interact with the customer, to make up the right brief, to look for trade-offs, document and analyze the workflow.

The entrant must be a confident user of Adobe Illustrator and Abode InDesign, be able to work with vector graphics, typography, and draw by hand.

The term of study is 3 months: one week on weekdays and one on weekends (from October to December). The studying is conducted in Russian.

2. Event-decoration

Students learn to decorate rooms for events of different themes and scale, to take into account the peculiarities of this or that type of hall, the specifics of the event, to choose the stylistic and colour solutions most appropriate in this situation. Also skills of drawing up of an estimate, timing of an event, selection of technical equipment are considered. For the professional activity of the students, it will be useful to take classes on drawing up a competent and understandable brief, interacting with the customer (providing mock-ups, projects and estimates). In addition, students learn to interact with other participants in the event, specialists in that other studying, towork with leading professionals in this field and to generate valuable acquaintances and connections, to learn managing of the whole process of project management. There are classes for such disciplines as colouring, floristics, wedding decoration, seating of guests and table setting.

The entrants do not need to have special knowledge - there is enough motivation to learn new skills and the desire to learn a new profession.

The term of study is 3 months: one week on weekdays and one on weekends (from October to December). The studying is conducted in Russian.

3. School of Creative Directors

A special course for working professionals wishing to climb the career ladder and take a leadership position, is aimed at actively developing personal leadership skills, the ability to manage people and the creative team.

In addition to the skills of working with performers and authors, students will learn to find customers and interact with them, to make smart and competent briefs, to establish cooperation with partners, to work with competitors, to manage an integral team and achieve common goals.

The entrants do not need to have special knowledge - there isenough motivation to learn new skills and the desire to learn a new profession. Upon admission, the student must provide an essay and pass the interview, if possible, provide a portfolio and indicate on which projects and activities he worked.

The term of study is 3 months: one week on weekdays and one on weekends (from October to December). The studying is conducted in Russian.

4. Strategic planning in communications 360

A special course for professionals in the strategic sphere: account- and brand managers, marketers and managers (from a small group to a large company). This program is especially suitable for professionals working in the field of advertising, communications or in the creative sphere (design, copywriting) - in short, those who work in a pronounced competitive environment.

The educational program includes both practical and theoretical studies: a large number of examples are used from real situations, the theory is constantly receiving application and confirmation in practice. Graduates of the course are able to manage the company and the team, to properly and effectively build relationships with customers and partners, they are able to analyze the market and adapt to its needs and requests. At the end of the course, students will be able to consider point, current tasks, and global comprehensive issues. The course includes the following studying blocks and directions:

  • Brand position
  • Analysis in planning
  • Strategic Conceptualization and Creative Brief
  • Insights and understanding of the audience
  • Efficiency as a key component
  • Brand position
  • Communication planning
  • How the modern culture and business interact
  • How to present your strategy
  • The origins of strategic planning
  • Trends and future planning. Digital measurement
  • Brand creation and strategic management.

Duration of studying is 7-10 days (you can consult the manager about the beginning of the nearest course). The program is taught in Russian, but applicants are advised to know English at least at an intermediate level in order to work more effectively with a large number of sources and resources.

5. UX & UI design, B2B and other business applications

Special Advanced Education course for web developers, designers, creators of mobile applications and services is created. Also the course will be useful for digital marketers and managers of digital projects, for businessmen working in the field of venture transactions, printing designers and illustrators.

The educational program consists of the following blocks:

  • Analytics of digital products
  • Research of user behavior
  • Disruptive thinking
  • User Experience Management Strategy
  • Designing a user experience.

Students learn to identify the needs and requirements of the target audience, form hypotheses and work tasks, to develop the characteristics of the future product and an effective and user-friendly interface. Students learn to generate ideas, to master the brainstorming technique, to conduct research and compile reports, to analyze it and identify new directions for work.

Duration of tstudying is 7-10 days (you can consult the manager about the beginning of the nearest course). The program is taught in Russian.

6. Graphic design and visual communication

Students in the learning process master various techniques of visual art and craftsmanship, learn stylistics, symbols and composition, colouring skills. Due to a wide variety of lectures and master classes, students will learn to understand briefings, understand the requirements and desires of the customer, and seek ways to optimally and quickly solve the tasks. Additionally, fonts and typography, pictograms are studied. Students learn to work with different types of tasks, learn the specifics of the work of various design studios and bureaus, learn to work quickly and efficiently independently and in a team.

Duration of studying is 7-10 days (you can consult the manager about the beginning of the nearest course). The program is taught in Russian. Applicants must be at a sufficiently high level to own Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, it is desirable to have experience as an art editor or designer (freelance or full-time).

7. Interior Design: Creative Workshop

For the most part this course is for beginners, experienced professionals can enter the program to update and deepen existing knowledge, to acquire new skills and additional professional connections.

In the process of learning a lot of receptions and types of interior design are studied (both theoretical and practical exercises are provided), space zoning, use of lighting, selection and application of various materials for decoration, their compatibility with each other and practical characteristics. Additionally, the study of colouristics is provided. The program provides classes for the design of residential and non-residential premises, planning design for a city apartment and a country house, public and private spaces. Students will learn how to plan and estimate work,to  coordinate it with the customer, to work with executors and monitor the workflow from and to.

Entrance examinations for applicants are absent, students with any level of preparation are accepted. Duration of studying is 7-10 days (you can consult the manager about the beginning of the nearest course).

8. English for applicants to creative universities

This is special intensive language education for those students who are planning to receive specialized higher education in relevant universities, to successfully pass the entrance exams. In addition to improving all basic language skills, students consider the structure of the IELTS exam (the main entrance test for admission to foreign universities), as well as the format of other exams. Studying is conducted with the help of modern printed and online materials, which makes the program as relevant as possible.

The duration of the program is 3 weeks (start in July or August), classes are held 5 days a week (in the afternoon). The course is taught in English and Russian.

9. Portfolio preparation

A special program for those students who plan to study at the bachelor's programs of foreign universities, but do not have a sufficiently large, qualitative and properly designed portfolio. Teachers help you most clearly to show abilities and best qualities, your advantages, to make the portfolio more memorable. Also this program is an excellent opportunity to join the new academic atmosphere, to adapt to the structure and intensity of the educational courses of the profile topics. Additionally, there are English lessons that help students to prepare for future studying and introductory testing.

The duration of the course is 3 weeks (beginning in July and August): classes are held 5 days a week from 11:00 to 17:00. Studying is conducted in Russian and English.

10. My first store: everything about merchandising and not only

The course for store owners will help optimize the workflow, understand how you can present products in a more favourable light, increase sales.

The program is suitable for beginners and designers who design their first showrooms, and for famous large specialists who need to deepen and update knowledge and acquire new skills. Manufacturers will be able to learn how to correctly demonstrate, to present and promote their own brands, and large online stores and sellers will understand how to formalize a retail sales point.

The duration of the course is a week. Studying is conducted in Russian.

11. Seasonal and event-decoration

A special program for decorators, florists, designers and decorators, as well as for all specialists in related industries who want to broaden their horizons and range of professional skills and knowledge. The basic level of preparation is allowed.

In the process of learning the basics of stylistics and colouristics are studied, students learn to read the brief and see its features typical for a given event (say, a summer wedding), to learn how to work independently and in a team, and to present the results of their work correctly. Students will also learn to work with specialists in related professions, to develop and implement a general project for decorating a room, to draw up an action plan.

The duration of the course is a week (end of July-August). Studying is conducted in Russian.

12. Creative entrepreneurship: how to start your own business

Intensive course is designed for ambitious, creative businessmen and professionals who are ready to create and bring to the market new trends, to set the fashion and generate new ideas. Students will learn not only to create new ideas, but also to test them for "viability" and relevance in the modern market, to master the agile market, to understand how to generate an idea into a working business model and what difficulties they can wait along the way. PR-technologies and legal aspects of creating and living a business, skills of team selection and its effective work are studied, various business models and methods of drawing up business plans are studied. The school offers the basic level of preparation.

The duration of the course is a week (end of July-August). Studying is conducted in Russian.

13. Illustration

The course is also suitable for experienced professionals who want to sharpen their skills and bring something new to the work, and for beginners who are still searching for their own style and are trying to raise the quality of their work to a new level.

80% of the course consists of practical classes, at least 3 works are performed every day, and interesting and useful creative meetings and master classes are additionally provided. Students will learn how to select the right equipment for each specific case, how to interest the viewer and the customer, will be able to replenish their portfolio and get acquainted with modern art samples, new techniques, new names and art of illustration. Students studies journal graphics, painting, poster and children's drawing; understand techniques for effective teamwork and self-study skills, techniques such as linocut, collage, "dry needle" and others.

We admit foreign students any level of preparation, from the basic one. The duration of the course is a week (usually in July). Studying is conducted in Russian.

14. Interior decoration

An intensive profile course will suit both beginner interior designers who are still looking for their personal style, and already practicing architects and designers who want to raise the level of skills and expand the portfolio of available skills.

Students study the subtleties and features of the profession of the decorator, develop personal style, study the colour, the features of using in the interior of various materials, including textiles. The program harmoniously combines both practical and theoretical lessons. Students are studied to make complete design projects, select lighting, materials for construction and finishing, to combine them among themselves in both production and decorative and style. For admission, the basic level of preparation is allowed.

The duration of the course is 1 week, the studying is conducted in Russian.

15. Web Design

This is intensive course for representatives of the web-industry, for those who want to expand their knowledge in the field of digital, develop the skill of creative thinking.

Students receive theoretical knowledge in the course of lectures and subsequently fix them during practical and master classes, develop personal aesthetic taste, learn different techniques for creating impressive web-projects. The main characteristic of the approach of this course is multidisciplinarity, that is, work at the junction of a variety of subjects, approaches and disciplines. Students learn typography, features of colour solutions, composition and colour theory, master non-standard techniques (paper prototyping, improvisation, story building, bodykeeping and others).

Students are invited to the course with any level of knowledge and skills. The duration is 708 days (usually the program is conducted in July), the course is conducted in Russian.

16. Decoration of premises

This is advanced intensive course, intended hardworking and ambitious listeners of any level of studying: even graduates of secondary Russian schools who do not have a lot of baggage of specialized knowledge and skills can enter.
Students are taught to invent and create an aesthetically pleasing, modern and attractive interior environment, design residential and industrial, public premises, invent an artistic concept and implement it. In addition, classes are devoted to work with antiques and works of art, to understand various techniques of work (including architectural techniques).

The duration of the course is 3 months (from March to May), conducted in Russian.

17. UX & UI: grocery design

This course will focus on the development and implementation of various digital products on the market, and therefore it is ideally suited for web designers, developers of mobile applications, start-up specialists, digital-marketers, managers of digital projects.

The program will teach students to create a unique, attractive and popular product from and to: form its purpose and appearance, understand how much it is needed and in demand, for which category of the population it is intended to use it, where it plans to spread. Designers of digital products also participate in its testing, analyze the degree of success (sales, horse racing, use, etc.), take part in promotion and distribution. With the students of the course, besides the teachers of the school, specialists from Mail.RU Group, who will share their success stories with one of the largest Russian companies, will answer the most difficult and complicated questions, will tell you about real cases and situations in the Russian and international markets. Students of the course will be able not only to supplement their personal portfolio, but also participate in the development of a large group project - this experience will be able to decorate your resume and make you a more competitive candidate.

Admission requires an advanced level of knowledge and skills. Terms of studying is 7-8 days (usually the end of June and the beginning of July), the program is conducted in Russian.

18. Brand management and integrated marketing communications

The course is suitable for professional development of specialists in several spheres:

  • Brand management
  • Product Management
  • Managers and Directors of Marketing / Communications
  • Management and employees of advertising / branding agencies
  • Project Managers
  • Heads of business directions
  • Experts and consultants in marketing / communications / branding.

During the intensive course, students actually pass through the DPO program "Marketing and brand management" in a short time: they master various techniques and marketing strategies, develop brands and products, ways and communications for their promotion.

Each group of students receives a task (all assignments are equal and equal in complexity of execution): their goal is to develop full-fledged projects for existing customers and protect the project before a team of professional experts.

The program allows to enroll students with any level of preparation, from the basic. Duration of studying is 8 days (usually this is the end of June and the beginning of July). The language of instruction is Russian.

19. Fashion-start-up

A useful, effective and comprehensive course for designers of clothes and fashion designers, owners of ateliers, showrooms or shops: the program will help develop franchising, open and promote new points of sale, make them more attractive to the buyer, gain new skills in promotion and production (textiles , Fashion design and fashion).

The program of the course goes smoothly, step by step: from the moment of the emergence of a new idea through the formation of a full-fledged, thoughtful business plan and to the opening of one's own outlet (store or show room), attracting investors. The program is suitable for students with any level of skills, even for those who previously did not directly face the peculiarity of business processes and promotion. The course was created on the basis of the "business incubator" model: even those who had not previously engaged in such activities will be able to obtain valuable skills , and work with projects does not end with the last occupation - students can continue to receive useful advice from teachers and сurators.

Duration of studying is 8 days (usually this is the end of June and the beginning of July). The language of instruction is Russian.

20. Creative Entrepreneurship: Fashion Startup

The intensive course will suit not only fashion designers who plan to open their own store, boutique and show room, but also to current entrepreneurs who plan to develop the business and increase its attractiveness and accessibility for the buyer - for example, representatives of online stores will be able to gain valuable knowledge and Information on the opening of the offline sales point.

The students of the course will learn how to attract and find investors, to formulate a business plan, a sustainable business development strategy, and to apply various methods of retail trade. There are classes for business synergies, for example, on interaction with jewelery business specialists. The main educational base of the course is knowledge on economics, business administration, process optimization in the fashion industry and management.

The duration of the program is 3 months (from March to May). The studying is conducted in Russian.

21. UX & UI design: Mobile

A special intensive course for web developers and designers specializing in mobile applications and developing programs for mobile devices. Also, a lot of useful information on the course will be available to venture capitalists, managers of start-ups, digital project managers and digital-marketers.

Students (advanced specialists are allowed to attend the course) will learn in detail Russian and world traditions and trends, modern trends and fashionable, popular areas, learn to manage user experience, design and produce, develop successful digital products.

The duration of the course is 7-8 days (usually in July), the studying is conducted in Russian.

22. Creative entrepreneurship: startup design studios

The participants of the course will understand how to formalize the idea and creative skills in a successfully operating and stable business. The program is also suitable for beginning designers who are just beginning to search for their place in the market, and already existing professionals and businessmen who want to improve the efficiency and productivity of their work, to gain new knowledge and skills, to expand their business or sphere of influence. Particularly useful course will be representatives of web and graphic design, interactive design.

Students deeply study business strategies, conduct skills and conduct business in the business environment, develop personal leadership skills, and business modeling in different conditions and situations. If a current specialist is studied on the course, he can immediately apply the acquired knowledge in his own business project, gaining valuable knowledge and advice from well-known professional curators.

Duration of studying is 3 months (from March to May). The program is taught in Russian.

23. Expressive graphics tools

A useful course for illustrators, artists and graphic designers. The program can also be learned by newcomers who are still developing their own style and character, and experienced practitioners who need to expand their own portfolio, outlook, to improve their skills and knowledge.

Students learn various expressive graphic tools, learn to work with a line and spot, study colour rendition and composition, balance white and black. Combined lessons (theory + practice): every day students are waiting for a large number of master classes and exercises, revealing the talent and abilities of each student and fixing the acquired knowledge and learned techniques.

The term of study is 8 days (usually the program is conducted in July, in Russian).

24. Design of educational programs

A relatively young, but already in demand and popular direction will be useful for specialists working in the field of education and studying, development:

  • Teachers, coaches, curators and tutors
  • Heads of schools and other educational institutions
  • Methodologists, teachers of corporate universities
  • Specialists of related fields who plan to create their own courses and classes, educational methods.

The course examines the structure, logic and construction of various types of educational programs, features of distance learning. Students are taught to interest future students, correctly and effectively develop the curriculum and courses, form a competent structure of classes, make educational programs interesting and in demand.

The duration of the course is 8 days (usually conducted in July, conducted in Russian).

25. Techniques in modern sculpture

This course is quite versatile: it will suit artists and sculptors, architects, interior designers and industrial designers - in short, anyone who wants to learn how to work with different materials and create interesting sculptural forms.

Students will devote a lot of time to studying various techniques and artistic techniques useful in creating sculptures, they can learn how to use creatively and non-standard materials: gypsum, wood, ceramics, plastic, textiles, randomly found objects, etc., will learn the technique of assembling. Theoretical lessons of teachers often devote to the history of sculpture and modern trends, in demand and fashion trends in the industry, the analysis of works of famous masters.

The duration of the course is 9 days (conducted in Russian).

All courses

Program name
06.09.2020 - 06.06.2021
from 585000.00 ₽ / year
from 585000.00 ₽ / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 485000.00 ₽ / year
from 485000.00 ₽ / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 150000.00 ₽ / year
from 150000.00 ₽ / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
03.08.2020 - 21.08.2020
from 90000.00 ₽ / 3 weeks
from 90000.00 ₽ / 3 weeks
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


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