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Best ranking schools for girls in England and Great Britain

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Best ranking schools for girls in England and Great Britain

Are you looking for a boarding school for girls and plan to give your daughter a prestigious education in a private school in the UK? SMAPSE experts have compiled for you the ranking of the best boarding schools and day schools for girls according to the A-level results 2016.

SMAPSE experts have included the most effective and prestigious schools, noting the percentage of students who received the highest A * - A scores on the A-level graduation course. Some boarding schools for girls allow training and boys in senior, graduating classes (Sixth Form) or in the manger, which does not affect the quality of education.

  1. Wycombe Abbey School = 85.7%
  2. Benenden School = 73.1%
  3. St. Mary's School (Ascot) = 71.9%
  4. Badminton School = 70.4%
  5. St. Catherine's School = 69.6%
  6. Cheltenham College = 68.9%
  7. St. Swithun's School = 66.7% (boys are allowed in 3-7 years)
  8. Headington School = 64.2%
  9. Downe House School = 62.6%
  10. Roedean School = 62.2%
  11. Burgess Hill School for Girls = 61.1% (boys are allowed in 2-4 years)
  12. Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls = 55.6%
  13. Woldingham School = 54.4%
  14. St. Mary's School (Kaln) = 53%
  15. Royal High School = 52.5%
  16. Leweston School = 50.5% (boys are allowed in 2-11 years)
  17. Queenswood School = 50.3%
  18. St. Mary's School (Cambridge) = 50.3%
  19. Royal Masonic School for Girls = 50%
  20. St Teresa's School = 50%
  21. Queen Margaret's School = 49.7%
  22. St. Francis College = 49.1%
  23. St. Mary's School (Shaftesbury) = 48%
  24. Stamford High School = 47.5%
  25. Mayfield School = 46.7%
  26. Godolphin School = 46.6%
  27. Truro High School = 44.6% (boys are allowed in 3-5 years)
  28. Heathfield School (Ascot) = 44.3%
  29. Bruton School For Girls = 44.3% (boys are allowed in 2-7 years)
  30. Harrogate Ladies College = 42.9%
  31. Kent College Pembury = 42%
  32. Adcote School For Girls (Shrewsbury) = 41.7%
  33. Moreton Hall School = 39.9%
  34. St. Margaret's School (Boucher) = 39.1%
  35. Tudor Hall School = 38.1%
  36. Royal School, Haslemere - Senior Girls & Co-ed Sixth Form = 37.4% (boys are allowed in 2-4 years)
  37. Mount School = 35.7%
  38. Malvern St. James Girls' School = 35.3%
  39. St. George's School = 35.2%
  40. Sherborne School for Girls = 35.1%
  41. Queen Anne's School = 34%
  42. Farlington School = 30.5%
  43. Prior's Field School = 15%.
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