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Bachelor's degree in Ireland and Britain: differences for foreigners

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Bachelor's degree in Ireland and Britain: differences for foreigners

The British educational traditions are recognized as a model in many countries of the world, therefore, after the proclamation of independence (1922) Ireland was not in a hurry to radically change the rules and sequence of the educational process. Higher education institutions in Irelandstill consider the standard British requirements for basic training and issue certificates that correspond to traditional British degrees of education.

What attracts foreign universities to Ireland

Despite the external similarity, the Irish system of higher and special education provides for a more loyal attitude towards foreigners and admits admission to an institution of higher learning without going through a mandatory annual preparatory course in England. A Russian student can enroll in a bachelor's degree in an Irish university on the basis of a certificate from his native school. An important component of successful entry will be a high levelIELTS (at least 6 points) and an optimal level of general academic achievement.

Each higher institution of the "emerald island" indicates different requirements for the secondary education score, but Russian students can do with an average grade of about 4 ,5. The decisive factor in the application is not academic success, but letters of recommendation from teachers andThe motivational essay of the entrant.

Universities note that positive reports from teachers, conducting individual or collective research work and a high level of motivation for further training and career building are of utmost importance. It is also important to compose a letter with the justification for the choice of the foreign schoolchild by this particular educational institution.

As a Russian student to increase the chances of entering the university of Ireland

In the country, whose symbol is a four-leaf clover, the programs of higher schools attract foreigners with a harmonious combination of language pre-university courses And pleasant tourist opportunities. Enrolled in the courseFoundation , our compatriots can improve the academic level of the English language, go through a number of additional university subjects and it is useful to spend a year in a new language environment.

At a low level of English to foreign entrants a choice is available: a comprehensive Foundation program at a university or an intensive study of a foreign in a special international center. The duration of the Irish programs in higher education meets courses in England, but there are special macro programs that allow in-depth study of 2-3 professional subjects. For example, enrollment for a course with a Degree Honors Bachelors degree will take 4 years of study, in contrast to the traditional three-year bachelor's degree.

Since the format of education in Ireland and Britain is almost identical (compulsory subjects + optional), the chances of successful education are higher for those students who already in the Russian school took into account the future specialization.

Features of Irish education

Unlike classical British programs, the universities of the "emerald island" are guided by the practical application of knowledge even during training. Internships, practices and laboratory studies students take place from the first months in universities. Especially the rule of applying knowledge in practice concerns the sphere of technology, engineering, economics and creativity (acting, film and art).

Practical orientation of scientific knowledge allows students to easily find employment in the leading companies of the country, which quite often conclude contracts with universities about internships and workshops for students. Successful internship in the branches of such IT giants as Google, LG, Oracle or Apple, allows Russians to find high-paying jobs after graduation.

It is worthwhile to draw the attention of our compatriots to the most important feature of education in Ireland: all foreign graduates have the right to stay in the country for one year to find a job. This privilege has long been abolished in England because of a stricter migration policy, but Ireland provides such an advantage to international students.

The most pleasant prerogative of Irish higher education is its relatively low cost. Irish students have the opportunity to get the same level of knowledge for a more modest price. In this case, less investment in a student in Ireland will require housing, food and entertainment.

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