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English abroad, teaching English abroad

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English abroad, teaching English abroad

English is so important today that knowing it and being able to speak it is almost a prerequisite for being successful both in your career and in life. Varied and most interesting English courses abroad are waiting for you and your children!

English courses abroad are the most optimal and effective option for studying English abroad, and learning English abroad is very prestigious and useful. Teaching English abroad is one of the main stages of education for people who would like to receive secondary education in schools or higher education in universities around the world in the future. English courses abroad vary in cost from inexpensive and affordable to elite and expensive. In the modern world of globalization, there is a constant high demand for people who speak English, so you can confidently say that teaching English abroad today is available to the vast majority of those who want any age, nationality and interests. To learn English abroad are preferred by junior or middle-school students who want to continue their studies at an average school in the United Kingdom or the United States , applicants who are looking for admission to universities in Canada or Australia , as well as various professionals who want to upgrade their skills or redirect to work in other fields. Courses of English abroad, in addition, will provide tangible assistance when studying abroad at the magistracy , graduate school.

English courses abroad open a whole new world for every listener, allowing you to learn English abroad much more effectively and qualitatively than even in the best Russian school, even with English-speaking teachers. Although the child receives excellent knowledge, expands his vocabulary and, in some cases, even has the practice of speaking with speakers (in most cases being teachers), the language barrier is still preserved, because the child needs to communicate in English only within the walls of the institution - outside class he will communicate with friends, parents in Russian, and this "spoils the whole picture." It is teaching English abroad with a head immerses the child not only in the linguistic, but also in the cultural and academic environment of the English-speaking state, which further broadens the horizon and generally has a positive effect on the mastery of the English language. Training for English abroad is available for all comers all year round. Most children go to learn English abroad during winter or, more popularly, summer vacations .

English Courses Abroad

English courses abroad are considered to be the most effective way to improve the level of English without dependence from the initial (entrance) level. For a few weeks, sometimes it is possible to make the impossible and raise the level of English, for example, a couple of points of the international language test IELTS . Teaching English abroad today is useful to almost any person: and someone who already knows the language that is already able to speak at one level or another, and someone who has just caught fire with the idea of ​​learning English. Even if you think that your level of English is not inferior to the media, you will learn a lot of new things in the right way. By the way, starting to learn the language from scratch on English courses abroad is the best way to get a knowledge base of exceptional quality, as well as a sure vector of further development. Today, English is used everywhere: from the Internet to advertising, from news to business conferences, which further stimulates interest in learning English abroad. Many large companies operating around the world logically require applicants to speak English at their adequate level. All of the above allows us to conclude that English today is the most important aspect of life.

Learning English abroad means that the child constantly contacts the new culture and, in fact, the English language: in English, he will have to talk both in class in class, with newly acquainted friends from around the world, and even in the store when buying food. It is not surprising that there is an opinion that a few weeks of studying English abroad sometimes corresponds to a whole year of independent studies in Russia. And most parents are convinced of this after their child returns from language courses with unforgettable positive impressions and, most importantly, with developed skills of English.

Features of teaching English abroad

Learning English abroad gives students of English language courses unique advantages. First, the predominant part of the language courses implies constant communication, teachers work with students in a free (not strictly school) way, encouraging them to develop their speaking skills in English. In fact, they have no other choice, because even to say "I can not study anymore, it's hard for me" and they understood it, the student needs to express himself in English. However, do not be afraid that the language courses of English will be difficult - it was just an example. Teachers are looking for each student an individual approach and, depending on the size of the group (about this - later), is able to give each of them as much time as the child needs to assimilate the material. Every day there are talks on common topics, discussing recent excursions (more about this - below), activities, children get to know each other and learn about each other a lot of information, become friends - in general, to study English abroad is very exciting and useful.

Among other things, getting knowledge of English abroad is also an interesting and exciting adventure! The child, learning English, gets a significant additional advantage - various excursions and trips, allowing students to get acquainted with the rich culture of a foreign country. A lot of educational institutions offering English language courses abroad, provide a large amount of time for extra-curricular activities - this allows students to fully immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural environment of a country. Today, English language courses are particularly in demand, providing for additional sports or creative disciplines and classes, groups and sections, as well as a range of excursions and trips to various attractions of the city and the country. So, a child in a couple of weeks of training in the UK can see the legendary Stonehenge, take a walk in Hyde Park, touch the history of the Tower, hear the fight of the Big Ben clock, learn and see the monumental Westminster Abbey with your own eyes, and much more!

At the end of the language courses abroad, students acquire not only the ability to confidently talk in English on various topics, but also an unforgettable experience and impressions. The so-called "full immersion method", widely used in the vast majority of modern language schools, allows pupils and listeners to communicate on an ongoing basis both in everyday situations and in improvised (for the purpose of training) business meetings. In addition, it allows students to get acquainted with the method of teaching in secondary schools and universities of countries: for example, the language school Embassy Academy, located in Warminster, offers an educational program that involves the study of mathematics and other natural sciences according to the same plan that is used in teaching British children in a regular English school. And the FLS language school in Boston, USA offers students and students in the English language course to visit as many as six of the most prestigious and sought-after universities in the United States, including the legendary Harvard University . Such excursions further motivate many students to seriously think about enrolling in the best universities of the world.

Pros of studying English abroad

  • Full immersion in the language environment is the most important advantage of studying English at language courses abroad. Communicative approach in the teaching of foreign languages ​​has been considered the most effective for many years, therefore, the study and practice of English in any English-speaking country will give guaranteed high results. Everyday communication in English with native speakers will allow the child to acquire or improve speaking and listening skills with correct accents and accents. It is extremely important at the same time to communicate with teachers and other students on language courses - here the child is forced to learn to express himself in a foreign language, because in his native language no one will understand. This circumstance represents another weighty reason for the speedy recruitment of experience in speaking English.
  • A unique cultural experience . A child visits an English-speaking country not only to learn English abroad , but also to travel, to expand horizons and visit new places, to get new unforgettable emotions. In addition, students (mainly students of lower grades) are given the opportunity to live in a host family or even one of the teachers - this will allow the child to plunge into the features of the country's culture and life. However, in the case of placement in the residence for students, the child will be able to get acquainted with new people and new phenomena.
  • Round-the-clock communication in English . Throughout the entire period of instruction in English language courses, the child will communicate with peers, teachers, other people exclusively in English, which in addition will help develop the necessary skills of speaking and listening to oral speech.

  • Formation of the British (or corresponding to the country of instruction) accent . English-speaking teachers who teach English abroad have many years of experience, which allows them to successfully help their students achieve high results in a short time, namely, to form an accent (the specific emphasis depends on the country where the language courses of the English language pass). In addition, students during the lessons can learn stable expressions, phraseological units, understand which words are used more often and organically than others. Finally, the child learns to think in English, so to form a sentence in English, he will no longer need to make a preliminary translation from Russian into English in the head.
  • Combination of leisure and study . As they say in the UK, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" (Cause time is a fun hour). Teachers in English language courses adhere to this saying, because the guys often come on vacation, they do not want to learn all the time! The main advantage of English language courses abroad for a child is that together with teaching English the child can enjoy a lot of vacations. In the vast majority of language schools and centers, a cultural program, including excursions, trips, sightseeing, picnics, active sporting events, etc., is presented to the listeners of the language courses.

The best age to start learning English abroad

Many language schools abroad, as a rule, offer English language courses designed for people of different ages:

  • English language courses for junior and high school students : in most cases, the compulsory presence of one of the parents during the entire period of study and residence is necessary for the child's education. An additional advantage of this program is the fact that adults can also tighten their level of English or start learning it from scratch. For this purpose, special parallel English language courses have been developed - special English language training programs that involve the joint learning of the language by the parent and child. This scheme is very convenient and effective: everyone is happy with new knowledge, and children will not suffer from separation from their parents.
  • English language courses for middle and high school students : the majority of students of English language courses attend such courses. For this level of students hundreds of curricula of different intensity and duration have been developed. Accommodation during the period of study is organized in the host family or in the residence of students, where children live and study under the constant supervision of educators and staff of the school or language center. At this age, the child is already quite independent, he is able to monitor himself, because at this age, children have an individual worldview.
  • English language courses abroad for university students and employees : differ the greatest variety of educational language programs. As a rule, language schools offering such courses do not provide for any age restrictions - on the contrary, in schools even people of different ages are welcome: from small to large they can learn English abroad. For example, there are specialized language programs for the elderly, effectively combining the study of English and communication, creative circles of interest, a diverse and rich cultural program.

Many parents can not understand at what age their child is most effective in starting to learn English? According to the established practice and common sense, the age of 12-14 years is the most suitable age for the first independent trip abroad for teaching English, the world of a new culture, the English language and friends from around the world. At this age, the child is most susceptible to new information, while his dependence on parents is significantly reduced. In addition to the obvious advantages of teaching English abroad, any child of this age will only be happy to receive their first experience of independent living.

In the case of a child abroad under the age of 12 (all other things being equal, of course), he can and will most likely experience great stress from separation from his parents, the usual way of life, albeit for a week. The child's psyche is not yet fully formed, so early trips to English courses abroad can do more harm than good.

Rating of countries most suitable for studying English abroad.

The next important question is which country should I send my child to effectively teach English abroad? The best option, of course, is an English-speaking country - language courses in any other country (for example, in the Czech Republic or Finland) will be successful, but certainly not as large and convincing as if your child had graduated from a language course English in the UK . It's not only and not so much in the professionalism and level of teachers, as in the specifics of living in such countries: the child will be able to communicate in the correct English language only within the walls of the school. Outside the class, it's far from the fact that he can explain himself to the population, let's say, in a store or museum in the local language, because not everyone can know the English language, besides, there are questions to the level of such language and the desirability of language impact of this quality. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that in different English-speaking countries there is a special variant of the English language. So, in the United States, of course, the American variant of the English language prevails, and in Australia - the Australian one. In many cases, these are so different versions that the bearer of one can not always understand the bearer of another, especially if one of them is from the province. Most likely, you would like your child to learn classical English with traditional pronunciation. In this case, first of all, it is necessary to consider the language schools and centers of Great Britain. Further you can familiarize with the list of the countries offering high-quality language courses of English language:

  • Great Britain is a classic of Western education. This is an age-old tradition, one of the most famous academic centers of the world. Here come to learn English language wishing to master the British option. The quality of education in the United Kingdom is at an excellent level at any level of the educational system. Almost two thousand language schools and international centers offering English language training are located throughout the country. In addition to the capital of Great Britain, London, and the legendary academic centers, Bath, Exeter, Oxford and Cambridge, you can learn British English and in small cities: however, you should be cautious when you hear the local voice. For example, the Manchester accent will not appeal to every student.

  • The USA is the second country in demand, offering English language courses. Here one of the variants of the English language is taught - American English. In the same language schools and international centers are preparing and to enter any university in America or the world. There are several hundred schools in the country that offer English language courses combined with a rich cultural program.
  • Canada . Historically, Canada is a country of immigrants, and by now it has a multinational and fairly hospitable society. In Canada, the official languages ​​are English and French, which is also dictated by the features of historical development. English courses in Canada also allow you to combine English language training (note - the Canadian version, sometimes significantly different from the classical British English language) with tourism: beautiful forests and lakes, clean air, friendliness. Most of the English language courses in Canada imply an extensive cultural program that introduces foreign students to the country.
  • Australia and New Zealand - an excellent choice for beach lovers, surfing, relaxation in the sun. In the countries of eternal summer there are more than three hundred language schools and centers that offer language courses of English abroad. Here one more variant of English language is taught - Australian. In Australia and New Zealand, English language courses also include trips, excursions, various activities, familiarity with local culture, etc. English courses here are much cheaper than in the countries previously considered.
  • Ireland . Irish language schools offer English language courses and provide high-quality knowledge, not less than British and American schools. In Ireland, for centuries, educational traditions have been formed, which allows the country to offer English language courses of excellent quality.
  • Malta is an island country known for its developed tourism system, it also offers English language courses as close as possible to the British version. Why is that? Because historically Malta for several centuries was part of the British Empire. The main advantage of teaching English in Malta is the much lower cost of educational programs. In addition, Malta is a center of tourism and recreation, which will allow the child not only to tighten his knowledge of English, but also to relax on the Mediterranean Mediterranean shores.
  • India , Hong Kong , Singapore also offer language courses in English, but this is primarily a tourist country. Learning English in these countries can effectively be combined with a variety of activities, such as: country tours and excursions, creative activities, sports and health programs. Hong Kong will surprise you with a unique fusion of English traditions with Chinese culture, and multinational and multicultural Singapore will show you previously unprecedented horizons of shopping and entertainment; in India you can find different types of recreation, as well as a rich cultural program and excursions.

Prices and prices of English language courses abroad

Despite the wide spread in the prices of English courses abroad, it is quite possible to find effective language courses at an affordable price. At the same time, the cost can be comparable with the price of domestic children's camps, in which children rest during vacations (usually without English language instruction).

Everyone can choose English courses abroad to their liking, relying on their budget. It should be understood that the cost of English language courses abroad is built on the basis of the following fundamental factors: the type of placement of students for the duration of English language training, the degree of intensity of the English language courses , the duration of studies, the prestige of the language school or training center, and their location this depends on the level of prices in a particular city or region). Not the least role in the question of the cost of English courses abroad is played by the number of pupils in the group: as the number of students of the English language course increases, the cost of such courses falls. Thus, the most available English language teaching abroad in groups of 20 students. It is worthwhile to think twice before choosing such courses, because the communication approach to learning, which was mentioned earlier, can not be fully applied, and the individual approach is indirectly present. In this case, it is better to dig a bit and take courses more expensive, but on which the child will be given the greatest possible amount of attention. Remember: we are not so rich to buy cheap things. The knowledge gained in crowded courses is likely to be "vague". The most, however, the optimal type of language courses in English abroad is to teach English in groups of 8-10 people.

It is worth noting that the cost of a basic course of study of English abroad depends on the country. The most expensive, but this is no less in demand are language courses in the UK or the US . There are other, much cheaper, but no less qualitative and effective, language courses of English abroad : Malta, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In these countries there are also hundreds of language schools and training centers of different cost. Tip: When choosing a country for a trip, you need to consider the cost of air tickets - if it is the USA or Australia, then this item will be quite expensive, booking tickets is better in advance.

Below is a summary table with approximate costs of English language courses in some English speaking countries. The prices in the table are indicative and are indicated for two-week language courses with the type of accommodation "double room in the student hostel", the specific cost of studying English, and the structure of the language courses should be specified on the official websites of schools or on our website. Prices are quoted in USD.

A country

Training / 2 weeks



School fees

Pocket costs

The result







2 050

United Kingdom






2 200







1 250







1 700







1 800







2 030

Learning English abroad: the principle of choosing English courses

  • Select the desired English language option . This is the first and most important stage in the process of selecting English language courses abroad . It is important to understand the purpose of studying the language: for admission to the university abroad, for schooling, to improve the level of English, for diversity. In addition to the British and American versions of the English language, the world is spoken of in a large number of different variants: the Singapore variant, the Canadian variant, the Australian variant, etc. All variants have specific features. For example, if a child would like to enter the university in the UK in the future, then it is best to take English courses in the same place.
  • Duration of language courses . Most listeners prefer to spend two weeks to a month studying English abroad, although you can go for 5-6 weeks. English language courses lasting less than two weeks are usually not offered, and it's little use from attending English courses, for example, only a week. During the month of learning English the child will have time to get high-quality knowledge and a lot of positive emotions.
  • Qualification parameters of a language school or center. When choosing a language school for studying English abroad , make sure that the child will learn English from qualified teachers, and the institution itself has state accreditation from the British Council (for UK schools ) or from the American Education Commission ACE (for US schools ) . Accreditation means that the school or training center has been checked by the competent authorities and has earned high marks of performance.

  • Methods of teaching the language at language courses . Of great importance is the essence of the educational program itself. It is best if the disciplines of the English language course include all aspects: reading, writing, speaking and listening to the speech (listening). In addition, the balance between these aspects is important for the harmonious development of the child's skills.
  • Climatic and geographical features of the country . It is necessary to carefully study the weather in the chosen country, the climate features, any geographical features. The specificity of the city or locality is just as important: active teenagers are best suited for large cities, and for junior students it is better to learn English abroad in relatively quiet places.
  • Curriculum of classes. Typically, English language courses abroad are summer or seasonal school camps. The first half of the day is reserved for classes, and the second (after lunch) is for cultural events. It is important that every school is reverent in drawing up its curriculum, because it is necessary that every child not only effectively spent time learning English abroad, but also rested.
  • Extracurricular program. Each language school and training center has its own program of extra-curricular activities - this is a very important part of teaching English abroad, because during such activities children practice speaking in English. Each child will find a job based on his interests: walking around the city, sports sections, creative circles, etc.
  • Type of placement and nutrition of the child. In language schools, students for the duration of studies can live either in a residence on the territory of an educational institution or in a family (host-family). The second option is most suitable for students of lower grades, because there they will receive almost the same care and care as at home. Senior students and older adults will be approached by a student hostel, which presupposes a high degree of independence.

Main results of English courses abroad

  • Useful practice of speaking and listening to English . After completing English courses abroad, it will be easier for the listener to perceive English speech by ear, he will be able to use the extended vocabulary obtained in the courses, which will allow him to maintain a conversation with native speakers on almost any general topic. In specialized language courses and courses with deepening in any field of activity (business, medicine, economics, law, etc.), students will learn specialized vocabulary, which will enable them to easily conduct business conversations and negotiations on highly specialized topics. And yet the most significant result will be overcoming, perhaps, the main fear of adolescents - the fear of communicating in English (or any foreign language).
  • Competitive advantage . As already noted above, an adequate level of English is highly valued by companies around the world. Any experience of studying English abroad will allow your resume to be eclipsed with other equal resumes of applicants who do not have knowledge of English.
  • Good prospects for further education . English courses abroad are an important step towards obtaining secondary or higher education in the future. Almost any student who has completed English language courses abroad will understand how education is arranged abroad, what it is like to study at a school or university abroad. Learning English abroad allows not only to increase the level of proficiency in English, but also to overcome your internal fears associated with learning new horizons.
  • A large number of new friends and acquaintances . Students of language courses usually study for 20-30 hours a week. During the rest of the time they communicate with each other, go on excursions, visit sights, get acquainted with new people from different countries of the world, and these acquaintances then grow into strong friendships. As a result - not only improvement in terms of the level of English, but also the acquisition of new friends.

The SMASS agency offers you programs for teaching English abroad in the best language schools and training centers throughout the English-speaking world. Among the many offers you can find language courses during the holidays, summer and winter camps for children , English language courses with training from one week to a year, as well as specialized training courses for work and life. With us you can learn how to speak English, like a real Briton from London, to learn the Mediterranean rhythm of life in sunny Malta, to feel like a Hollywood star in magnificent California, and also to enjoy the freshness of the northern climate and the beautiful nature of Canada. Combine the process of obtaining useful and important knowledge with pleasant travels to the most vibrant countries in the world. On our website you can see the proposals, as well as leave a request - our experts will contact you at the nearest (or specified by you) time and help you choose the best option!

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