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Description : Academic english in Albert College

Albert College
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Albert College
Albert College
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Ranking: 84.1
Accommodation type: boarding house
Language of studies English
Education type: co-educational school
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English Foundation Year (EFY) Program

During the year of the program, students move to a new level of English proficiency. During the course practical skills, independence, assimilation of new material are assessed. All cumulative assessments are transferred to the certificate with the overall scores for the high school.

School description

Albert College is a  famous boarding school in Canada, that was founded in the 19th century. Today, it's one of the most prestigious secondary educational institutions in the country. Its mission is to provide students with a fundamental education, an opportunity to creative and physicall development. Teachers of Albert College successfully implement the strategy adopted by the leadership. The attitude of students towards learning also gives its results. Annually, 99% of students enter universities, colleges in Canada, the USA. More than 80% of children continue their education in priority educational institutions.

Students from 20 countries are studying at the college. Everyone is given the opportunity to get maximum knowledge on the school curriculum. Practically, it's designed for students individually. It's based on 5 key points:

Education at the Albert College, thanks to this approach, is a continuous process of obtaining an unforgettable, vivid experience. Complemented by a warm family atmosphere, the college quickly becomes a second home for students.

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All courses of this institution

Program name
from 61 490 $CAD / year

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Passing the secondary school program at Albert College allows you to obtain the relevant certificate - Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This diploma of secondary education confirms that the child has successfully passed the program of middle classes and passed 30 credits. Of these, students can choose 12 subjects, and the rest are mandatory. To develop an active civic position, students are encouraged to work for the benefit of society for 40 hours. At release the test on the general literacy is provided. Selective subjects depend on the tastes and preferences of the student, and the general for all include:

  • Mathematics;
  • French and English;
  • Art history;
  • Natural sciences;
  • Geography;
  • History of Canada.
from 67 460 $CAD / year

The program is based on an individual plan for each school child, taking into account personal preparation, the necessary list of subjects for admission to higher education and the requirements of a particular institution. The plan of classes consists of school subjects, extracurricular activities, the strategy of entering a higher institution (from the 10th grade). Revaluation and adjustment of the plan is carried out at the end of the trimester, which allows children to evaluate achievements and more precisely to schedule assignments.

High School Diploma program offers to study:

  • English as academic or foreign;
  • Physics;
  • Painting;
  • Geography;
  • French;
  • Literature and humanitarian subjects;
  • Mathematics;
  • History;
  • Physical education;
  • Chemistry;
  • Drama;
  • Biology;
  • Music.

Able and motivated students can simultaneously attend Advanced Placement. Credits on subjects of AR universities are taken into account as the passage of the first course, which greatly simplifies the admission to the university.

from 2 500 $CAD / term

English Foundation Year (EFY) Program

During the year of the program, students move to a new level of English proficiency. During the course practical skills, independence, assimilation of new material are assessed. All cumulative assessments are transferred to the certificate with the overall scores for the high school.

04.08.2020 -28.08.2020
from 4 500 $CAD / 3 weeks

Summer courses (12 - 18 years)

As summer courses, the college offers a comprehensive program consisting of English lessons and guided tours in Canada. From July 30 until August 22, children are required to visit every week to 25 lessons in English. Interesting and famous places of the country are inspected on weekends or after classes.

The main advantage of summer courses at Albert College is experienced teachers, relaxed atmosphere, study of English during entertainment and sightseeing program.

On the development of research skills students learn to perform practical tasks using information and computer technology. Three weeks of courses develop a letter, reading and speaking skills at a sufficient level for studying at Canadian universities. English can also be studied as an academic discipline for the native school of a foreign guest. Groups are formed depending on the goals of the students, the volume of their general knowledge and level of English proficiency. The small number of groups allows curators and teachers to approach each student individually. Students work independently, in small groups (at lessons) and large groups (during entertainment and sports events). There are daily sports activities, evening games that increase social interaction. Children every day receive a plan of study for the day, starting at 8:30 am and ending at 14:30.

The most part of the events falls on weekends. Young people can visit the Niagara Falls, make a tour of a thousand islands in Kingston Park, a national exhibition in Toronto, in the Canadian Wonderland, and entertain a theatrical show at the Medieval Times Castle (knight battles).

Schoolchildren can spend time watching movies, visiting museums, theaters and concerts, and sports games (mini-golf, bowling, paintball) outside the campus. Fans of shopping can appreciate the quality of local products and a range of Canadian boutiques.

Physical exercises and studying are available from the evening classes on campus. Students can play themselves in a game of table football and billiards, squash, basketball, tennis, volleyball or football. The college provides free access to the gym and fitness room, swimming pool. For cinephiles, participation in watching marathons is possible, and gamers will appreciate the availability of XBox and other gaming equipment.

The cost of the program includes:

  • 24-hour supervision by the school staff;
  • Accommodation in a modern studio, residences;
  • Wireless Internet access;
  • Three meals a day and snacks every day;
  • 25 hours of weekly English lessons;
  • Certificate of completion of the course.

Additional costs:

  • 500 Canadian dollars - other current expenses (includes pocket expenses, excursions);
  • Medical insurance as in Albert College;
  • Air and surface displacement.
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