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2020-08-21 12:17:02

A virtual tour of the museums of Moscow

A virtual tour of the museums of Moscow

“What progress has reached” is a common phrase that has acquired new meanings during a pandemic. Busy people have found the long-desired opportunity to see world masterpieces without leaving the table. Moscow museums have opened their virtual doors so that anyone who wants to wander through the corridors of the Tretyakov Gallery, see famous paintings with their own eyes and learn the legends of knowledge decorated with stucco molding. People of different ages, preferences and levels of interest in art and history will find the tour to their liking.

Victory Museum

This institution is the largest in the country dedicated to the history and chronology of military operations. The area is 14 thousand square meters. The open area houses 300 pieces of equipment, including tanks, anti-aircraft and artillery mounts, aircraft and others. It is unlikely that it will be possible to thoroughly examine this technique during a day, but from a computer screen it is possible! Each floor of the covered part of the museum is dedicated to a separate topic:

  • Fourth floor - Holocaust victims
  • Third - Halls of Fame, Heroes and Guardsmen
  • The second - sculptures by Zurab Tsereteli, dedicated to the command staff
  • On the ground floor there are rooms of Historical Truth, Sorrow and Memory.

You can virtually wander through the halls of the museum on your own, or with a guide.

Tretyakov Gallery

The main Moscow museum has developed several online tours that are of interest to visitors during the pandemic:

  • "Time to try new things" - the staff teachers of the Tretyakov Gallery will share the secrets of creativity and try to repeat the masterpieces on their own
  • "Acquaintance with abstraction" - master classes by Marina Kourdakova and Dmitry Gorelyshev dedicated to the art of painting and the works of Ilya Repin and Valentin Serov
  • "Interesting Reading" is an acquaintance with the life and work of the most famous artists of the 19th century.

State Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin

During the pandemic, the staff launched the #nainespushkin program, thanks to which anyone can virtually visit the museum halls:

  • From Durer to Matisse
  • The era of Rembrandt and Vermeer (temporary exhibition)
  • Pushkin Academy.

State Historical Museum

Virtual visitors have access to:

  • Media portal of the museum, where resources about the museum were created: lectures, video materials, excursions to storerooms, video tours with sign language translation
  • Self-guided tours. A specially designed navigator will help you not to get lost in the halls of the museum
  • History Museum Blog
  • The Big Museum project, which includes a lot of interesting material about jewelry, Russian weddings, etc.
  • Audio guides
  • Museum social networks.

Moscow Zoo

Young and older visitors can visit the zoo and watch the animals without leaving their homes. The zoo staff have developed several interesting routes:

  • "Show of snakes", during which employees show snakes directly to the camera and talk about each individual
  • "I am a snake." This is a book by Andrei Makarevich, the story of which is conducted from the perspective of a snake telling about the life of snakes
  • Territory of lion-tailed macaques, which are no more than 4,000 individuals worldwide
  • "Birds of Prey Training". The Andean condors Kuzyu and Mildred are taught to walk around the enclosure, enter the carrier, poke a target with a beak - an inflated ball, and much more.

Moscow Kremlin museums

You can now see the halls of the Moscow Kremlin on the monitor of your own computer or smartphone:

  • Hall "Foreign Orders of Russian Emperors"
  • Hall "Catherine II and Crimea"
  • Hall "English Silver"
  • Hall "Old carriages".

Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye

In addition to the main attractions - the House of Peter I, the Museum of Russian Architecture, the Church of St.George, the Bratsk Fortress Tower - during the pandemic, virtual tours are available, covering:

  • Residence of Russian monarchs
  • Tour of the Church of the Ascension of the Lord
  • Milestones in the history of Kolomenskoye
  • Kolomna peasant's estate.

Museum-reserve "Tsaritsyno"

Museum staff offer virtual viewers:

  • View the halls of the palace
  • Walk around the grounds with the director of the museum Elizaveta Fokina
  • Attend conversations with museum workers
  • Meet with exhibition designers, for example, Olga Nikich
  • Talk about fashion from the time of Catherine II
  • Visit the excursion for young spectators "Children's Tsaritsyno"
  • Do exercises in nature against the backdrop of your favorite Tsaritsyn views
  • Meet the musicians.

Darwin Museum

You can enjoy the world, which is 250 million years old, either on your own - thanks to a virtual window - or as part of specially designed video tours:

  • Mongolia far-close
  • Carnivorous plants
  • In the arms of Morpheus
  • "Revived" ancient animals
  • News of the world of anthropology.

Moscow planetarium

If you have a computer or smartphone, be sure to take part in:

  • Guided tours of the Urania Classic Museum
  • Excursions in the Sky Park and the Lunarium Museum
  • Lectures "Colored Sky", "Star Lessons", "The Sun is the Star of Life", "Comets - Heavenly Wanderers".

Armed Forces Museum

On 5 thousand square meters there are 15 thousand exhibits dedicated to the history of the Russian army from the XIV century. Virtual visitors are invited to visit 23 halls, including:

  • Rear of the Red Army
  • Victory Hall
  • Hall dedicated to the battles for the Arctic, Leningrad, Sevastopol
  • History of the Russian army XIV-XIX centuries
  • The battle for Maloyaroslavovets and others.

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