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Services and prices

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SMAPSE is your operator in the international education market. We are focused on the quality of service, we offer an individual approach to each client and free enrollment services to the majority of partner institutions on the site. With us you can get an affordable basic,secondary , special, higher education abroad , improve qualifications, quickly and comfortably learn English, French, other languages. PRICE for company services ---- & gt;

Registration for each educational program has a number of features. We present to your attention a brief description of the services of the SMASS for programs and courses. The set of services you choose is based on your personal requirements.

Conditionally the complex of services is divided into the following stages:

  • selection of an educational institution based on the wishes of the client and preparation for admission. The cost of services is free .
  • arrival. Documents for enrollment in a boarding school, a university are filled strictly in accordance with the form adopted in a particular institution. All formalities, organizational work will be undertaken by the specialists of SMASS. We will help the applicant prepare for the introductory testing. Also with our help you can organize a visit to the chosen school, university before the beginning of studies. We guarantee visa, consulting, information support. The cost of a set of services for arranging admission to school, a university -free , visa services - from 4000 rubles.
  • escort, curatorial support in the learning process. We offer comprehensive support to students living in hostels at universities, boarding schools, host families. To the employee of the company, you can apply for any questions during the training in the selected country. The cost of services is from 4000 rubles.

Any form of payment is possible (one-time, in stages).

Additional services

In addition to directly educational, we offer a wide range of additional services:

  • translation of documents;
  • booking tickets , hotels;
  • organization of transfer in the country of destination;
  • registration of medical insurance ;
  • organization of cognitive leisure (excursions, individual guide services);
  • recommendations for restaurants and entertainment establishments;

The online customer service is available in 24/7 mode. Corporate and regular customers are offered individual discounts. With current prices of services and package offers you can find in our price list above.

Language programs for children , for adults , Business courses , ] language exams

Individual approach to work with a client wishing to learn or improve a foreign language, gives effective results. When selecting a program (for example, studyingEnglish for adults abroad ) we focus on your language level, requirements, wishes, goals, take into account the budget. Proceeding from this, the subject, specificity of the curriculum, intensity of training is determined. Based on the results, the specialists of SMASS select the appropriate program in the educational institution of the country of destination.

The cost of package services is calculated individually.

Secondary education , Higher education

Admission to a private school, a university is a multi-stage, complex process. We offer a range of services from the selection of an educational institution to support in the learning process. The developed own method of working with service providers allows you to achieve high results. Our clients enter foreign educational institutions with a guarantee of 100%.

Your comment/review/question:
(31.08.2016 15:56:41) Lyudmila
Ailevel was piled up, a private school issued only a certificate of completed training. Do you have access to study with such documents? We do not consider England. Documents are submitted to the NABA in Milan. But due to the results of Ailevel and the lack of a diploma, we are not taken there.
(31.08.2016 16:21:18 ) Manager Smaps
Lyudmila, hello! Tell me, which program (direction) are you interested in? In order to make inquiries to educational institutions we will need: a copy of the certificate, a copy of the foreign passport. You can send it to with a note "documents for enrollment in educational institutions."
(31.05.2017 12:00:03) Daniel
Hello, where can I get acquainted with the cost of transfer from Moscow to a suitable foreign camp?
(31.05.2017 12:00:04 ) Maria, Manager of the SMAPS
Hello, Daniil. Thank you for message. Prices for air travel from Moscow can be viewed on the airlines website. Tell me, please, what kind of camp you are interested in and we will be able to provide you with more detailed information.
(03.06.2017 08:51:10) Angelina
Hello, at the expense of study, you can find out information for a child of 8.5 years
(05.06.2017 09:54:04 ) SPAM
Angelina, good afternoon! Information on your request will be sent to e-mail. Sincerely, Elena
(06.06.2017 15:28:36) George
I graduated from college and decided to think about studying abroad. Do not tell me whether there is such an opportunity, I would like to learn more about the age requirements and so on.
(07.06.2017 16:38:15 ) Manager SMAPSE
George, good afternoon! Sended detailed information to the mail, just in case, I duplicate below briefly. Below is a list of questions that need to be clarified in the first place: 1. when you plan to start training (this year, next year, etc.) 2. language level at the moment 3. assessments on main subjects 4. are there any preferences for Territorial character (country, region or city)? 5. are there any other wishes for the program or university, budget, etc.? We are the official representatives of many universities, our services for admission to partner universities are free for our clients, we also do not charge an additional fee for the selection of the program. I will be glad to advise on the issues of admission to foreign universities, help with the selection of an educational institution and enrollment in the relevant program.
(02.08.2017 10:21:31) Irina
To daughter 18. Tell me, please, what services your company can offer at the university's choice, and how much it will cost. Or a language camp. English average level. Sincerely, - Irina.
(02.08.2017 11:33:34 ) Manager SMAPSE
Irina, good afternoon! Thank you for contacting the SMAPSE.RU portal. Sended detailed information to the post, briefly below: We are the official representatives of the majority of educational institutions on our site, our services for enrolling in programs in partner schools are free for our clients, we also do not charge for selection Fee. We will be happy to advise on the questions of admission, help with the selection of an educational institution, by phone or in correspondence.
(11.03.2017 10:46:13) Eugene
It is necessary to select an IBA program in New York without jimat, a budget of -40,000 dollars (tuition + accommodation + other expenses)
(31.05.2017 12:00:02) Eugene
Good evening! My daughter finishes 9th grade. My husband and I want her to enter a foreign university, but have not yet decided on the country. Tell me, please, what services your company can offer at the choice of the university, and how much it will cost. Sincerely, - Evgenia Petrova
(31.05.2017 18:54:59) Manager SMAPSE
Eugene, good evening! I will be glad to advise on the issues of admission to foreign universities. Sended detailed information to the mail, just in case, I duplicate below briefly. 1) For some specialties, the end of the secondary school in the country where the training is planned is recommended. 2) Our services for booking programs in partner universities are free of charge for our clients, we do not charge an additional fee for selecting a university. 3) If universities are not our partners (on our website this is marked in red), we can offer admission to such universities on a fee basis, more about our services can be found in this section and the price list.
(31.05.2017 23:26:52) Anna
I finished the 10th grade. There is a desire to go to college in Canada. I'm reviewing Humber College in Toronto. I would like to know the cost of your services, help and would like to consult a little.
(09.09.2017 03:09:18)
(09.09.2017 03:09:19)

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