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Stanford University (Stanford University)

Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Description Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. He has been working since 1891. The university campus is located between San Jose and San Francisco. Stanford University is an academic business card of the American Silicon Valley.

The University is known for scientific research in the field of education and training. The university is focused on training highly qualified personnel in various fields of activity, primarily in social policy and public administration. A total of 65 specialties are offered at the university. The contingent of the university totals almost 9000 people.

A distinctive feature of the university is its structure. The University includes 7 separate schools: medicine, law, humanities and natural sciences, engineering, pedagogy, geography, business. Students have a unique opportunity to master subjects at an interdisciplinary level. This allows us to find non-standard approaches to solving urgent problems and conduct in-depth studies on natural-science, social, and other topics.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Stanford University

Program name
07.09.2015 -10.06.2016
from 19 300 $ / semester

Short information. A four-year basic course of higher education within the framework of the classical American system.

About the program. Stanford offers courses in the undergraduate program at each of the faculties. The most popular among students, including foreigners, are the specialties of several areas. Among them, anatomy and biology, engineering, information technology, international relations, economics. Students study a large number of humanitarian subjects. Their number on the first two courses ranges from 17 to 20. 3-4 courses are specialized. They are focused on the development of students in the necessary practical knowledge and skills in the subsequent activities.

Students age: 18+

Start dates: annually.

Requirements for enrollment: Certificate (IB, A-level, AP), TOEFL 100 (equivalents are not accepted), SAT (2010 - 2300) / ACT (30 - 34), academic recommendations (2 from school teachers + 1 additional), portfolio (for creative Specialties), 4 essays on certain topics (according to the direction of training).

The result of the training: a diploma that is quoted around the world, career and educational prospects in the USA.

Cost: from $ 38600 per year. [ 999.29]

07.09.2015 -10.06.2016
from 20 250 $ / semester

Short information. Advanced practical course for those wishing to get high qualification in the chosen profession / specialty.

About the program. The program is designed for 2-3 years. It provides theoretical training, practical work, training in profile companies. Master's courses are available at any of the university faculties. The most popular among students are the following areas:

  • engineering;
  • humanities, natural sciences;
  • business;
  • law;
  • Medicine;
  • Pedagogy;
  • [999.33 ] geography.

Students age: 21+

Start dates: annually.

[ 999.46] Admission requirements: bachelor's degree (average grade is from 4,8), 1 academic recommendation and 2 professional ones, TOEFL ibt 100 (IELTS certificate is not accepted), GRE - from 1600, summary, motivation letter, successful passage interview.

The result of the training: master's degree, prestigious diploma, great career prospects at the international level.

The cost: of $ 40,500 per year.

Accommodation and food

Students are offered comfortable accommodation in apartment-style residences and classic student hostels. In those and other residents are provided 1-2-bed rooms (usually with amenities). In general use in residences there are zones of self-preparation, rest, sports, kitchen. Each hostel has Wi-Fi.

Students are fed independently. They are given a choice of self-service (cooking can be done in the kitchens in residences) and complex paid lunches in cafeterias, canteens on campus.

Subjects, specialties

Subjects list: anatomy, biology, business, economics, engineering, geography, Information Technology, international relationships, medicine, Natural science, pedagogy, right

Events Stanford University

The campus has an entertaining, commercial, sports infrastructure. There is everything that students need for a boring pastime.

A variety of leisure activities are offered to students of all courses and directions. The university has a large number of sections and circles. The cultural life of the university is over-saturated, here more than a hundred theater, dance, music events are organized annually.

Special attention is paid to sports in the university. The university employs more than 100 coaches, leading 10 teams to victory in national championships. The athletic direction is especially strong in the university. In total, 34 sports sections are offered to the attention of students, from popular football to diving.

Those who want to get acquainted with the sights of the state and the US can get more interested in sightseeing holidays. You can buy tickets and get advice on the routes in the student council.

The daily routine of

determines the course of the specifics. Students learn mainly in the morning, in the afternoon. The evening is traditionally a leisure-time.


  • Stanford University is one of the top 5 prestigious universities in the world, it is a well-known center of scientific research, provides students from all over the world the opportunity to obtain a high-quality, practical education.
  • University programs are designed taking into account the need for students to adapt to the new For them an academic environment. In the university, mentoring, thematic meetings of freshmen with undergraduates, teachers are practiced, various seminars are held.
  • A distinctive feature is interdisciplinary training. This approach allows students to study several specialties and receive "double diplomas".
  • Stanford is known for research projects of international importance. The university also sponsors external scientific research.
  • Stanford University Diploma is a voucher to the modern world of business, science, engineering, administration. Graduates of the university work in prestigious positions in Nike, Gap, Google, Yahoo !, NVIDIA, Hewlett-Packard and other companies.
  • One of the most technically equipped universities in America and the world.
  • The university has created a multicultural environment in which every foreign student feels comfortable.

Equipment Stanford University

The university campus is located on an 8,000-acre site near Palo Alto. The university unites educational buildings of 7 schools (they are equipped with auditoriums, lecture rooms, conference rooms, computer centers, laboratories, living rooms, recreation areas and self-training), 80 residential buildings, many sports facilities (including a huge golf course, a stadium for 50,000 Seats, a basketball hall for 7300 spectators, 4 swimming pools, 14 tennis courts).

The pride of Stanford is the library. Its fund has 8.5 million books. Also in the library there are 1.5 million copies of electronic publications and audio and video materials.


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