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Описание: Primary school

North Broward Preparatory School North Broward School
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Ranking: 86.8
Accommodation type: boarding house, residence
Language of studies English Education type: co-educational school Full school information from $ 58000.00 / year
Program name
07.09.2017 -24.06.2018
from 58 000 $ / year
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The North Broward Preparatory school focuses on a personal approach to students. Children go through literature and mathematics in depth and acquire the skills of social interaction. School and social life are harmoniously combined.

School description

Year of establishment: North Broward Preparatory School: 1957 Location: Coconut Creek, Miami Age: 3-18 years, residence from 15 years Type of study: joint Number of students: 1400, of which 240 are foreigners Programs: Primary school, High school, AP, IB, Summer programs Accommodation: Residence Price: from 25150 USD per semester with accommodation Rating:

The North Broward School Private School specializes in preparing children for admission to college, university. Founded in 1957, today it is among the most modern educational institutions. The history of the school is unique. Opened her wife Montgomery for money from the sale of fur coats. In 2004, NBPS moved to a new campus. Today the school grounds is 80 acres of land in the Coconut Bay.

The city where the school is located is known as the "World Capital of Butterflies". Its main attraction is the first on Earth and is still the world's largest park of these insects. In addition to him in Coconut Bay a lot of interesting places. In their free time from school, children will not be bored here.


  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Miami, Florida
  • Oxford
  • New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Barcelona
  • Vienna
  • Salzburg
  • Campinas
  • Shrewsbury
  • Pamplona
  • Dhaka
  • Wuhan
  • Visoza
  • Osnabrueck
  • Turnes Hill
  • Madrit
  • Nantes


  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Egypt
  • The Republic of Korea
  • Uganda
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Argentina
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Russia
  • Sweden


  • winter english courses
  • University preparation
  • higher education
  • adult language courses
  • academic languages
  • A-Level
  • summer french courses
  • oxbridge Pre-U
  • Magistracy (Romanian)
  • primary education (Russian)
  • summer spanish course
  • summer language camp for children and adolescents
  • business courses
  • Chinese for Academic Purposes
  • BTEC
  • IB
  • summer english
  • language test preparation
  • year-round French
  • primary, secondary education
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Program name
07.09.2017 -24.06.2018
from 58 000 $ / year

The North Broward Preparatory school focuses on a personal approach to students. Children go through literature and mathematics in depth and acquire the skills of social interaction. School and social life are harmoniously combined.

07.09.2017 -24.06.2018
from 58 000 $ / year

Schoolchildren have the opportunity to choose specialization in interests. You can simultaneously visit intellectual clubs and play sports. Mugs can be visited by children of different ages.

High School in the USA provides for the compulsory study of a foreign language (French, Spanish), general mathematics, literature and English. Practical classes allow students to master physics and natural subjects (biology, geography, ecology). Geometry course provides certification (Geometry Honors), and sports can be dealt with optional. As a special course is also allowed to study information technology and art. The history of America, children go through two years, the world culture - one course.

07.09.2017 -24.06.2018
from 58 000 $ / year

The successful passage of the program provides for the receipt of 24 credits that meet 24 annual certifications. The academic program consists of Advanced Placement subjects, optional (on interests) and attestation subjects (Honors courses). Four years in high school are courses in mathematics, social science and English. Three years of study of Spanish or French (or two years of any subject in a foreign language). Three attestations are provided for in physical, biological and chemical directions. Socially useful work requires 100 hours of employment, and computer programs are studied for 1 trimester. Over the course of 6 trimesters, students study art, technology and prepare a final album. Two terms of physical education classes can be replaced with dances, and the basis of medicine is studied for one trimester.

Advanced Placement: mathematical analysis (levels AB, BC), physics (B, C), analytical course "government and politics", art history, world history, economic geography, English literature and language (Plus 2 essays), statistics, economics, political science and history courses in the USA, economic theory, chemistry.

07.09.2017 -24.06.2018
from 58 000 $ / year

In high school, a two-year pre-university program is possible, giving a chance to enter any university in the world. The program is focused on research activities, it is based on 6 sciences. It is necessary to prepare an analytical work of 4,000 words and attend classes on the theory of knowledge (methods and principles of scientific work). The CAS subject provides 150 hours of useful employment for the society. The academic program is focused on a high level of knowledge and the desire for self-training. You can select a standard or reinforced level (Higher Level).

Six groups of subjects are studied at International Baccalaureate: languages ​​(English A1 + foreign), social science, research, mathematics, computer science, art criticism. From each group, children choose one subject. Instead of a creative (sixth) group, one can take an additional study of the necessary academic discipline. Three sciences are studied intensively (240 academic hours), and three - in a standard format (150 academic hours).

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