Tours with training in England, Europe, the USA (individual and group)

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Tours with training in England, Europe, the USA (individual and group)

At present no one doubts the quality and prestige of education and knowledge received abroad.

In addition to intensive language training, foreign students receive a wide range of knowledge, improve their skills in accordance with modern requirements - and as a result, receive a prestigious diploma that is highly valued by employers in the international market. But how to get this education? Where do I start? How to prepare documents, choose an educational institution, adapt to a foreign educational system?

Educational tours will help answer many of your questions.

What is the value of the educational tour?

This short-term trip (from 1 to 4 weeks), combining training with excursions, entertainment, walks around the city, communication with teachers and specialists of the chosen field. The trip can be offered both individual and group (for example, a school class or a group of students). Tours can be arranged at any time of year: as a rule, most foreign educational institutions are ready to accept foreigners in any season, and in many even workchildren's language camps and vacation schools on summer or winter , on the autumnand spring period.

First, you will get valuable language practice: it's no secret that studying English in Russia is very different from language classes abroad. And, of course, the effectiveness of classes combined with full immersion in the language environment, constant communication with English speakers is immeasurably higher than in Russian classes.

Secondly, you will be able to objectively and impartially assess opportunities for learning in a particular country, in a chosen school, college or university. You will inspect the campus infrastructure, get experience in living in a common residence, get acquainted with a large number of students from all over the world, visit libraries and classrooms. This will help you make the right choice of the country and educational institution - you can rely not only on the reviews and general information and photos, but also on your own impressions. Dream to study in boarding schools, similar to Hogwarts, which are so many inEngland and Scotland ? Appreciate the modern equipment and technical excellence of American training centers? - tours in the USA . Do you want to combine training with a beach holiday on the golden coast? Interested in the culture of distant countries and always dreamed of visiting Australia, New Zealand orIreland ? The educational tour will help to choose the direction for training in accordance with your wishes.

Thirdly, of course, it is an unforgettable experience and experience of living in another country. Completely immersed in the linguistic, everyday, traditional, educational culture of the host country, the students become more independent, think wider, learn to defend their point of view and respect someone else's opinion. The experience of traveling abroad will help you in the future to quickly adapt to longer life and learning in another country.

Ask for advice to professionals

The best educational tour according to your wishes is organized by Smapse specialist. We will listen to all your requirements - which countries you prefer, what language you want to study, what do you appreciate in the cultural and leisure program, what goals do you want to achieve exactly - and choose the best option for your trip. In addition, often the problem becomes registration of documents (student visas, etc.) - our specialist will help you with enrolling in the chosen school or course, with obtaining the necessary documents and a problem-free trip. Also, we are always ready to give you useful advice and recommendations that will help you quickly settle in an unfamiliar country, overcome the language and communication barrier. We cooperate with schools directly, which facilitates the organization of the trip and makes prices more affordable, without overpayment to intermediaries. Many years of experience working with educational institutions around the world helps us to create the best educational tours for you, taking into account all wishes and preferences.

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