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London School of Economics and Political Science London School of Economics and Political Science

Address: Houghton St, London WC2A 2AE

Description London School of Economics and Political Science (Лондонская Школа Экономики и Политических Наук)

The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the top three universities in Britain. London School of Economics and Political Science is the best university for training specialists in financial and political science. In addition, the school is famous for the high quality of education in public administration. This university is taught by leading professors from several rating universities. Lectures on political science, government management of students read the leaders of many countries. In the conference rooms of the London School were Bill Clinton, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Dmitry Medvedev, Nelson Mandela and others.

The London School of Economics and Political Science today unites 9,000 students. The contingent is represented by citizens of 140 countries. The teaching staff of the university is also multinational. Teachers from 45 countries work at the school.

The educational institution offers applied specialties in finance, economics, social policy. The LSE has 19 research centers. The work of scientists and students of the university in the field of political science, law, economics are of international importance.

The LSE diploma is recognized by employers all over the world. Graduates of the university have a competitive advantage over other specialists of a similar profile. London School of Economics and Politics is an alma mater of many managers of international banks, insurance groups, stock brokerage structures. Graduates also hold high positions in large legal, commercial, media, HR, marketing, transport, engineering companies.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in London School of Economics and Political Science (Лондонская Школа Экономики и Политических Наук)

Program name
07.09.2015 -10.06.2016
from 4 850 £ / term

Short information. The program of basic higher education, designed for 3 years of study (theory - 2 years, specializations and practice - 1 year).

About the program. The undergraduate program is available at each of the faculties of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Students receive a degree by studying finance, accounting, economics, economic theory, international history, government, statistics, actuarial work, ecology, law, sociology, social psychology, political science, philosophy, management, foreign languages ​​and international relations. The emphasis is on theoretical training. At the end of the second course, the learning vector is changing. The third year of bachelor's degree is practical-oriented.

Students age: 18+

Start dates: annually.

Requirements for enrollment: School certificate or A-level certificate, Fondation (successful passing the internal test of the school), IB (minimum 38 points), AP (minimum 5 subjects of group A), graduation after the end of the first year of the university (average score not less than 4, 8); Academic recommendations, motivation letter, IELTS 7.0 or equivalent.

The result of the training: obtaining a bachelor's degree in a demanded specialty, the opportunity to continue studying in the master's program, to find a job in Britain.

Cost: from £ 14,500 per year.

07.09.2015 -10.06.2016
from 5 500 £ / term

Brief information. The program of in-depth study of core subjects for those wishing to improve their level of academic training and increase competitiveness in the labor market.

About the program. The program is designed for 1 - 1.5 years. The master's course differs in practical orientation. Students are exclusively interested in discipline for studying. The course also provides internships in real workplaces for the specialty.

The master's degree in of the London School of Economics and Political Science is available at any of the faculties. The most popular among students are the areas of law, economics, finance, social policy, public administration.

Students age: 21+

Start dates: annually.

Admission requirements: bachelor's degree (grade 4.8 and above), academic recommendations, IELTS 7.0 (TOEFL ibt 100), results of GMAT / GRE, summary, motivation letter, essay.

The result of training: master's degree in the chosen specialty, great career prospects in Britain and other countries (the diploma of the school is recognized by all developed countries of the world).

The cost: from £ 16,500 per year.

Accommodation and food

Students from the London School of Economics and Political Science are offered accommodation in private apartments and residences on campus, beyond. In total, the university has 11 dormitories in different parts of the British capital. At the same time, they can accommodate up to 3400 people. In addition, students are offered accommodation in residences with students from the University of London. In dormitories, 1 - 3-bed accommodation is possible. The rooms are offered with private bathrooms and shared access to amenities.

In private apartments, students are provided with separate, modernly equipped rooms. Facilities, kitchen, recreation area are shared.

No food is provided. Students are provided with everything necessary for self-service.

Subjects, specialties

Subjects list: Accounting and Finance BSc, Accounting and Finance MSc, Accounting, Organization and Institutions MSc, Actuarial business, Actuarial Science BSc, African Development MSc, Anthropology and Development Management MSc, Anthropology and Development MSc, Anthropology and Law BA, Applicable Mathematics MSc, Applied Social Data Science MSc, Bachelor of Laws LLB, Bookkeeping, China in Comparative Perspective MSc, City Design and Social Science MSc, Comparative Politics MSc, Conflict Studies MSc, Criminal Justice Policy MSc, Criminology BSc, Culture and Society MSc, Data Science MSc, Development Management MSc, Development Studies MSc, ecology, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics BSc, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics MSc, Economic History (Research) MSc, Economic History and Geography BSc, Economic History BSc, Economic History MSc, Economic History with Economics BSc, economics, Economics and Economic History BSc, Economics and Management MSc, Economics and Philosophy MSc, Economics BSc, Economics MSc, Economy, Risk and Society MSc, Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation MSc, Environment and Development BSc, Environment and Development MSc, Environmental Economics and Climate Change MSc, Environmental Policy and Regulation MSc, Environmental Policy with Economics BSc, EU Politics MSc, finance, Finance (full-time) MSc, Finance and Economics MSc, Finance and Private Equity MSc, Finance BSc, Financial Mathematics and Statistics BSc, Financial Mathematics MSc, Gender (Research) MSc, Gender (Sexuality) MSc, Gender MSc, Gender, Development and Globalisation MSc, Gender, Media and Culture MSc, Gender, Policy and Inequalities MSc, Geography BA, Geography with Economics BSc, Global Health Policy MSc, Global Master's in Management, Global Politics MSc, Government and Economics BSc, Government and History BSc, Government BSc, history, History BA, History of International Relations MSc, Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research) MSc, Human Resources and Organizations MSc, Inequalities and Social Science MSc, International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies MSc, International Health Policy (MSc), International Health Policy MSc, International Migration and Public Policy MSc, International Political Economy (Research) MSc, International Political Economy MSc, International Relations (Research) MSc, International Relations and History BSc, International Relations and Mandarin BSc, International Relations BSc, International Relations MSc, international relationships, International Social and Public Policy and Economics BSc, International Social and Public Policy BSc, International Social and Public Policy MSc, International Social and Public Policy MSc, International Social and Public Policy with Government BSc, Language, Culture and Society BSc, Law and Accounting MSc, Local Economic Development MSc, management, Management and Strategy MSc, Management BSc, Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation MSc, Marketing MSc, Master of Laws LLM, Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master's in Management, Mathematics and Economics BSc, Mathematics with Economics BSc, Mathematics, Statistics, and Business BSc, Media and Communications MSc, MSc European Studies (Research), MSc Social Policy (Research), Operations Research & Analytics MSc, Organisational and Social Psychology MSc, philosophy, Philosophy and Economics BSc, Philosophy and Public Policy MSc, Philosophy of Science MSc, Philosophy of the Social Sciences MSc, Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method BSc, Philosophy, Politics and Economics BSc, Political Economy of Europe MSc, Political Economy of Late Development MSc, political science, Political Science and Political Economy MSc, Political Sociology MSc, Political Theory MSc, Politics and Communication MSc, Politics and International Relations BSc, Politics and Philosophy BSc, Psychological and Behavioral Science BSc, Psychology of Economic Life MSc, Public administration, Public Policy and Administration MSc, Quantitative Economic History MSc, Quantitative Methods for Risk Management MSc, Real Estate Economics and Finance MSc, Regional and Urban Planning Studies MSc, Regulation MSc, right, Risk and Finance MSc, Social and Cultural Psychology MSc, Social and Public Communication MSc, Social Anthropology BA, Social Anthropology BSc, Social Anthropology MSc, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc, social politics, social Psychology, Social Research Methods MSc, sociology, Sociology BSc, Sociology MSc, statistics, Statistics (Financial Statistics) (Research) MSc, Statistics (Financial Statistics) MSc, Statistics (Research) MSc, Statistics MSc, Strategic Communications MSc, Theory and History of International Relations MSc, Urbanization and Development MSc, Women, Peace and Security MSc

Events London School of Economics and Political Science (Лондонская Школа Экономики и Политических Наук)

Students from the London School of Economics and Political Science are offered a variety of leisure activities, from visiting creative circles and sports sections to excursions around London and other cities in Britain. Extra-curricular program is organized by the student council. Various events take place at the university almost daily. Anyone can take part in them. The LSE encourages active social activities. Participation of a student in the social life of a higher school is taken into account when issuing academic and professional recommendations.

Daily routine

The schedule of lessons depends on the program, course, modules studied (theory / practice). Most of the students study at 9:00. After lunch they are given time for self-training, participation in social activities of the school, recreation.


  • The LSE rating university is a British educational tradition, an advanced practical experience, a powerful material and technical base for scientific research.
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science is distinguished by the high quality of educational services and the level of academic preparation Students. Among its graduates there are 16 Nobel laureates.
  • The university has a strong faculty. The latter is considered one of the best in the world.
  • It is one of the most international universities in the UK and Europe. Here the contingent is 70% composed of foreign students.
  • The institution has a developed internal infrastructure. The campus has everything necessary for effective teaching, academic development, boring leisure and a comfortable stay in general.
  • The university wins also by location. Living and studying in London, the dynamic cosmopolitan of Britain, is the opportunity for every student to become part of the international community of high-class professionals.
  • Education at the London School of Economics and Political Science is a guarantee of financial success and independence. The salaries of university graduates are among the highest in Britain.

Equipment London School of Economics and Political Science (Лондонская Школа Экономики и Политических Наук)

The educational buildings are located in the center of London. Each faculty of the school has everything necessary for the effective education of students. The audience of the university is equipped with interactive technology. Students are granted access to computers in a specialized center, the Internet (via free Wi-Fi).

The campus also has a library, sports infrastructure, recreation areas, cafeterias, shops. In residences where students of all courses are accommodated, excellent conditions for living, recreation, self-preparation are created.


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