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Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento summer camp Leonardo da Vinci Cilento

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Description Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento summer camp Leonardo da Vinci Cilento

Leonardo da Vinci Summer School Cilento for children and adolescents 11 to 16 years in the picturesque region of Italy Campania is a great place to spend a vacation with learning Italian. There is a combined program "training + rest". Studying of the Italian in summer camp Summer School Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento passes in the active, fascinating form. The communicative method makes it possible to practice Italian from the first lesson.

The International Camp annually receives children and adolescents from more than 50 countries. Here, in an intercultural and multinational environment, every child will be able to find new friends. The camp is also attracted by the location. It is located in the Cilento National Park in a warm climate zone with stable weather. The heat in Cilento is softened by constant sea breezes.

In the summer camp of teens, interesting lessons are awaited, a complete immersion in the culture and history of Italy, a country where more than 50% of the world's historical heritage is located. Study and active leisure (tourism, sports) in the Italian oasis is an excellent opportunity to pull up the Italian, get healthier, swim in the sea, make friends in different countries of the world.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento summer camp Leonardo da Vinci Cilento

Program name
01.07.2018 -14.07.2018 15.07.2018 -28.07.2018
from 1 500 € / 2 week

Brief information. A two-week vacation course, which allows you to combine learning Italian / English with a holiday at sea in the rich historical monuments and natural attractions of Campania.

About the course. The program provides 40 lessons of Italian for 2 weeks. In the classroom, students develop language skills (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening). The emphasis is on conversational Italian. In addition, under the program of summer courses, students are offered lessons:

  • Italian cooking (2 classes);
  • art: painting or ceramics (2 classes),
  • sports (aqua aerobics, dances, etc.),
  • archery (2 classes). ]
  • Students' leisure is organized by professional animators on the territory of the camp.
  • Students age: 11 to 16.
  • Requirements for admission: Italian / English - at A1 - B2 level.
  • The result of the training: the improvement of language and the development of communication skills, a huge amount of impressions of a rich excursion, excellent tanning, acquiring new friends
  • Class size: 8 - 12 people.
  • Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Tuition fees: 1500 Euros (includes everything except flights and visa costs).

Accommodation and food

Students of summer courses in the camp are offered accommodation in cozy 4-bed bungalows with shared facilities (full bathroom) on a full board with three meals a day. It is also possible to choose other accommodation options (individually).

Subjects and sport

Subjects list: English, English for the summer, Intensive English, Italian language, painting
Events list: Aqua aerobics, archery, dancing, Italian Cooking

Events Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento summer camp Leonardo da Vinci Cilento

The extracurricular program is represented by recreational activities (parties, regular and beach discos, quizzes, etc.), sports (archery, volleyball, tennis, football, basketball, swimming, active rest on the water), excursions to the Cilento Park , The town of Ashea Marina and the region.

In the camp of students awaits an unforgettable beach vacation, hiking tours, horseback riding. Fans of excursions will also have something to do at leisure: in the vicinity of Ascea Marina there are several places of archaeological excavations, here you can see traces of history everywhere. The program of summer courses provides two one-day excursions to those located near the resort of Paestrum and Velia. The latter is considered the cradle of one of the ancient schools of philosophy. Excavations of the city are open to tourists. Paestrum is an archaeological antique complex of incredible beauty. He bears the title of the most beautiful ancient Greek city. The Paestrum has a special atmosphere. Here you can not hear the city noise, on the walks of tourists accompanied by sun glare, smells of myrtle and pine-pines, aromas of southern colors. Antique complex - a place where you can make a journey in time, as if by magic wand in ancient Greece.

Part of the extracurricular program in the summer camp are tours to the Cilento National Park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is rich in fauna and flora. Of particular value in it are fragrantly smelling plants: rosemary, myrtle, many others. The air in the park is saturated with spicy aromas. The rocks in Cilento are worthy of special attention. They are in the immediate vicinity of the sea water grow unique lilies.

In addition, children and teenagers in the summer camp are waiting for acquaintance with the classic Italian olive groves. Trees that grow in Campania are a symbol of the region. They give one of the largest olives in the Mediterranean.

Daily routine

Summer School Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento is flexible and comfortable for students. On the day, students attend 4 lessons of Italian or English. Classes end at 12:30. The rest of the time is reserved for beach recreation, entertainment, excursions.


  • In the summer camp, children and adolescents are offered a combined program that combines language learning with active, beach, excursion recreation and entertainment in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.
  • A summer school in Cilento offers a study Italian, English (to choose from).
  • Parents can study at school with their children (according to a special family program).
  • The camp at the Leonadro Da Vinci School uses a communication-oriented, modern, flexible and effective teaching method.
  • Highly skilled motivated teachers and educators work with children and adolescents in the camp.
  • Students of summer courses during the program are supervised by the school staff 24 hours a day.
  • Lessons are held in small classes (maximum 10-12 people), which allows the teacher to devote the necessary amount of attention To each student.
  • The warm, welcoming atmosphere and intercultural environment in the camp contribute to the development of the communication skills of children and adolescents.
  • Competitive prices determine the availability of a summer vacation program in the camp in Cilento.

Equipment Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento summer camp Leonardo da Vinci Cilento

The infrastructure of Summer School Leonadro Da Vinci Chilento is represented by an educational building with modern classrooms, bungalows for accommodation of students and their parents, restaurant, private beach. Free Wi-Fi is available on site. The camp is guarded around the clock, it is closed (children and teenagers can not leave it without accompanying adults).



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Official representatives. Submission of documents and admission free of charge
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